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  1. Hey, you guys on DirectX 12 early access program. Now the API is public, do you know when your NDA will be lifted, so you can share your experience with us? :)
  2. Just a note for you guys on kepler. I have nVidia 650 ti. The code from backsteps previous attachment ( D3D12-TexturedUpdate4a.zip ) worked Ok for me with a hardware device, when I backed down to D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0, from D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_1, in the call to D3D12CreateDevice.   build 10041.   Edit: no warnings in debug output.
  3. Been blocked from gamedev for over a week by Avast in browser protection. Was reporting malware (HTML:Script-inf).   Just got back on today.
  4. Cambo_frog

    Rudeness in computer science?

    ApochPiQ, I would so up vote your post if it wasn't in the Lounge.
  5. Haha good point! If I can make an income with it too, I think they would be very pleased!Exactly, it's a win win situation. Now go for it and good luck.
  6. It's great that you have respect for the opinions and wishes of your parents, but you are reaching the time in your life where you need to make your own decisions concerning your future.   I don't think working towards a career in your spare time could be considered as slacking it off.
  7. Cambo_frog

    Daft new post vote buttons

    I can't see a dislike button? All I see is this:
  8. It should be. The menu item is titled " Start Without Debugging Ctrl + F5". I have pro version of VS2010, but I can't see it being any different in the express version.
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