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  1. Rattenhirn

    What is with the freemium games on android?

    The best practice for this is to have a free app and then have advanced content unlockable via IAP. If you make two apps (demo & real game), any store ratings, rankings and reviews won't be shared, which can only hurt your exposure. It's also what Nintendo did with their Mario mobile game.
  2. Rattenhirn

    What is with the freemium games on android?

    You are asking if a game that appeals to a wide audience and is free to play will be more likely to be successful than a game that appeals to a core audience and requires up front payment. On Android. When phrased like this, I think the answer is quite obvious. However, you are missing an important aspect: marketing. Nobody will play game number 1, or even know about it, unless it is heavily advertised and featured prominently on the Play store. I guess you don't have the money or influence to achieve either, therefor you actually have better chances with a niche game that might get a decent following through word of mouth and reviews.
  3. I don't know anything about the PS4 pro's checkerboard upscaling, but I think it is highly unlikely that image quality would be improved by connecting a higher res display. Checkerboard upscaling might look better than regular upscaling, I believe that. Using checkerboard upscaling combined with downscaling might improve AA on low res displays, but then they would be doing that already. Get a cool soundsystem! ;)
  4. Perforce is free for up to 20 users and handles binary data very well.
  5. Rattenhirn

    Color vs 1px Texture

    In principle, avoiding the texture would be better. In practice it will not make a difference, because all shaders have a certain minimum execution time, based on the length of the execution pipeline of the GPU. I personally don't use a texture for drawing solid color objects.
  6.     I have used many build systems and tools based on cygwin in my career and it has always been an unpleasant experience. I'd rather cobble together an arcane cmd batch script than enter the world of cygwin.   However, with the Win10 anniversary update, MS has added bash on Windows (turn in on in "Optional Features") which seems to work great and almost seamlessly, despite being a beta version. It basically gives you a familiar debian/ubuntu based CLI and has managed to run everything I have thrown at it so far, with the exception of "screen". Another caveat is, that integrating "bash.exe" with other script is made a lot harder by the fact that "bash.exe"'s stdout and stderr can't be redirected. This can be worked around, but it is an annoyance and will hopefully be fixed.
  7. The most complex part of a humanoid are usually the shoulders, which has is evident by the use of HUGE shoulder armour pieces to mask any problems there. Equally or more difficult  would probably be the hip / thigh area, however most games get away with a small range of motions there (walking, running, jumping). But when your character is supposed to do Yoga poses, then these areas will become critical.
  8.     As others already have explained, this is fine. Just as a comment, I use myPtr.get() instead of *myPtr for extra clarity.
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