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    Orcish Armageddon!

    Finally, after a long two years, my small real-time strategy game, which was previously known as Knights vs. Orcs, is starting to get ready. The game has been created with zero budget, which was one of the goals and a big challenge. I will write about how did I do it and what tools I used in my blog when the time comes. So, I have unleashed our marketing and sales person who opened a website for the game. He will be blogging there about the game itself and how it is marketed, sold and results from these both. Go and see beta video material! We will be doing the actual beta release during the next weeks, so stay tuned for news!
  2. Damn, why haven't I bought an iPhone yet! Looks and sounds amazing! heh.. "Fifty years ago, a group of video game veterans.." - good one. :) I wish you the best luck!
  3. Arex

    Knights vs Orcs - New Release

    It is 2D and the technology is fully my own, not using GPU nor any third party library like SDL for rendering. Everything is done on CPU as I wanted to go back to my roots doing software rendering. SDL is there for sounds.. when I get some of them. :) Currently I'm targeting the game for Windows, but I already have existing Mac port so it is very likely that I'll release it for Mac too.
  4. I have released second alpha of my small real-time strategy game: Link To News Knights vs. Orcs Download All feedback is more than welcome! Have fun! Screenshots:
  5. New version available at: Download Zip Changes: - Fixed some bugs related to melee fighting. - New enemy wave comes after you have killed the current one. Gives some time to regroup. - small changes.. Again, all feedback is more than welcome!
  6. Khado & Eagle11, thanks for the feedback! This just confirms I have listened the feedback right. I'll be releasing a new version soon that will change the orc waves system so that the player has to finish up with the current wave before the next one comes. This will give some time for the player to regroup and think about new slaughtering strategy. :)
  7. Thanks for the feedback! Hmm.. so the your troops don't attack to the enemy if you select them and then right click to a enemy unit? Good point on the levels/waves, I'll definitely add a feature like that.
  8. New version: Download Zip Changes: - More blood! - GUI help texts - Berserk mode - Experience attribute for units (they get better at weapons or tactics skill) - Bug fixes - Score points after the battle is over Let me know how high scores you got! ps. I'm still looking for artist to join in to the project.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it. The goal is to survive as long as possible. But, this is still work-in-progress and I'll have to figure out more depth to it. Hehe.. it is great to hear that you liked the AI. One of the challenges of this has been to create good pathfinding & AI as it is based on fully free movement -> it doesn't contain tiles, just images with bounding areas. :) Technology: My own 2D sprite engine. It doesn't use GPU at all, everything is done on CPU. I have port for Mac and planning to do it for Linux also. I use SDL for sounds currently, but I had to disable them from the public version as the SDL seems to be crashing on Vista for some reason.
  10. Hey all! This is a small real-time strategy game I have been working on for 1.5 years now on my spare time. Currently the project goes by the lousy name, knights vs. orcs. :) Let me know how it works out: Download Zip All feedback is welcome! Edit: ps. If you are a concept/2D artist and would like to work on this project for free, please contact me. I really need some help with some of the art. [Edited by - Arex on May 16, 2009 3:30:38 PM]
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I already fixed the bug, I hope it was the same you guys had.. we'll see that next time. ;) I'm currently working on improving my pathfinding algorithm, it gets stuck too easily on bigger obstacles.
  12. Yeah, I found that crash today also while testing one other level. Currently investigating.
  13. First of all, thanks for the feedback! There is no real reason for the time limit there. I just thought it would be good to have in alpha release as it is still so unfinished product. Overwhelmed quickly : It is there for a reason in this release as I wanted to show the real power of small RTS engine : loads of units.. and.. heh.. it's pretty cool too. What was the best kill count you guys got? Did you try buying new troops? Pathfinding (units get stuck, etc) still needs a lot of work to do. I'll release a new version today which will make it better. Also notice that I cannot make it 'perfect' as it would cost too much processing power as the game logic doesn't use tiles. Thanks for informing the controlling problems, I'll see if I can find out what is causing it - if you have more specific information available how it happened please email me : arto.ruotsalainen@gmail.com. Also all gameplay ideas and improvements are more than welcome! :)
  14. I have been developing this small fantasy RTS under the 'knights vs orcs' codename for about a year now on my spare time. The game is based on a free movement (no tiles at all). Original blog post at my site : Post Download Screenshot : All feedback is appreciated. Also feel free to email me : arto.ruotsalainen@gmail.com
  15. Arex

    A few questions (C++/DirectX 9 related)

    1. Well you'll have to check that anyway, but better way to do it would be using some kind of state system. For example having a class or struct called StateCache which contains your matrices and calls to send matrices, e.g. if the matrix has not been changed it won't be updated. Also you should have Render and Update - functions. :) 2. Well you could have a own class or struct for the called MouseVertexBuffer which contains your vertices, but well, it might just make things more complex than they are needed. Think about it like this : do you need a more abstract and dynamic system for handling the mouse vertices? If it works for you I don't see any reason for changing it. 3. Ah, void *pVertices - points exactly where you want, void **pVertices is pointing to pVertices pointer. By using void **pVertices yourself you would still need to point to the vertex data in order to handle it *pVertices.x = x_Pos .. and so on. 4. Yep locking buffers that are in GPU memory is slow as it stalls the GPU for the time the buffer is locked. You should use normal PROJECTION and MODELVIEW matrices that are passed to DirectX instead of transforming the vertices by yourself in the code. Check out : DirectX Tutorial - there is also other good tutorials that you should check.
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