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    Today I made my GPU cry. Again... :-)

    I took a quick look at your code. Code : while( S_FALSE == pVCacheQuery->GetData( &VCacheStats, sizeof( D3DDEVINFO_VCACHE ), D3DGETDATA_FLUSH ) ); Bad, bad.. :) This is might end up as an endless loop, try running it like 16 times or so, but you should never ever do things like this. :)
  2. Arex

    Shady Lake cont.

    Looks very nice, maybe you could use a bigger screensize in this game, for example 1280x1024. :) Keep up the amazing work! ;)
  3. Arex


    Sounds like a plan... ;) This is starting to sound and look very very interesting, I´ll be waiting. I love RPG´s but there hasn´t been very good ones in ages, I just love Fallout 2, Baldur´s Gate I. Good luck!
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