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  1. Go feel sorry for yourself somewhere else OP. Yes, you are obviously a bad person, not in a good way. Unless your friends are as jisjointed as you, they all think you are lame (whether or not you believe it). Not simply because you decided not to attend a party, but because I'm guessing you gave whoever invited you a 20 minute speech about how much you hate Halloween. And there are probably plenty of other similar things other people enjoy or ignore that you irrationally hate bla bla bla... I haven't done anything for Halloween in quite some time, but I see no reason to take an antagonistic view on it. If you don't feel like getting a costume together then don't and let it rest. Instead you come here to vent all kinds of bitterness you have pent up about the holiday. No one cares. This was probably a wast of time to write, but you really should stop whining.
  2. People will never be perfect, and most things designed by people are imperfect, including government. To call all governments evil is a huge oversimplification. While probably all governments have been guilty of some criminal behavior at some point in time, their overall effect is mostly for the good. Consider anarchy, a complete lack of government- far more 'evil' of a situation. The purpose of government is to provide for its citizens and keep the country safe. Most governments do the job adequately. I can be loyal to my country for the same reasons. While the current US administration has committed crimes they should be disciplined for, they have still provided for me. I'm safe, not hungry, and can more or less within reason do whatever I want. Until government can be run without emotion (greed) it will never be perfect. Is perfect government even possible with people in charge? I think your standards are unrealistic. Not to say that we shouldn't strive to continuously improve, however.
  3. This may happen to you if you use hairspray. Don't do it. It happened to my friend's nephew, we were shocked to learn he had been using it.
  4. double sided foam tape! I found a random roll of this stuff around my house, and it's been working great for posters. It's quite strong and doesn't seem to pull paint off the wall. Last time at my apartment I used scotch and duck tape for posters and tore lots of bits of paint when I took everything down. I think they must have used the cheapest paint ever made. Quote:Original post by ukdeveloper I'm surprised you're allowed stuff on the walls at all, I've spent three years in University accommodation at two different universities and it was explicitly forbidden at both. That's cruel and unusual.
  5. Hey, I liked them, they're relaxing. How far along are you on the album? 3?
  6. I haven't played the real thing, but some guys DID make a 2d version of it in flash (link). I'm on level 37, quite fun-ish. The concept works perfectly, I can't imagine it being better in 3d.
  7. Quote:Original post by _Sigma superpig, can you elaborate? I'll try... =INDIRECT(ADDRESS(INT((ROW()-StartCopyRow)/4)+StartRow,StartCol)) StartRow and StartCol are integers where the source data starts and StartCopyRow is where the duplicates start.
  8. Quote:Original post by Goober King No it hasn't. I remember times long before it was around. The past few years things have changed a bunch. Not really sure if its a good thing or a bad one but I will say the Lounge is a lot less interesting than it was once upon a time. And I would also say the lounge had changed a lot long before the down time. I was thinking mainly of the traffic itself, which has changed drastically since the downtime. How long has the rating system been in place? I agree that the lounge of late has been less interesting than it was at one time. When I registered three years ago there were ratings and the lounge seemed to be thriving and continued to for a while. I assumed ratings had been around since the near beginning, unless it has been slowly withering over the years since it was introduced. It does makes perfect sense that ratings would have a negative effect on casual discussion.
  9. Quote:Original post by load_bitmap_file I remember the lounge being pretty active before the Great Forum Reset (I don't know about page 3, but certainly page 2 spillover). After that horrible week, it took a while for GameDev in pretty much all its forums to regain momentum. Since then, I'm not sure it's back to that point again. My theory is that during that week of downtime people realized they actually could live without the lounge (madness!) and other people couldn't be bothered to reactivate their account (or had problems doing so). I noticed this also, it's probably the sole factor. Really it's surprising how much damage that downtime did to the lounge, but eventually it will regrow. For me also, I'll admit that digg filled the gap left by the lounge and I still don't visit here as often (not that I've ever been a major contributer with my ~200 posts in 3 years...). Sorry kids, your other theories are just speculation. The rating system has been in place forever. Although finding some colorful posters to provide entertainment would certainly speed things along for us.
  10. Our sense of taste was a major factor for survival in primitive times. Like Fuzztrek pointed out, taste evolved to often protect us from eating poisonous or rotting food. Also consider that foods which have pleasant tastes generally contain more energy that others. We have an abundance of food now so this quality generally works to our disadvantage, but in times when food wasn't so plentiful eating was more utilitarian. Thus we developed a preference for foods that contain more energy. Basically we probably would have starved to death if things like vegetables (low energy) were the preferred food. Junk food may be considered unhealthy now due to long term effects of it, but it used to be that whatever contained that most energy was the healthiest. Plus, average lifespans used to be small enough that negative long term effects would never surface. Evolution hasn't caught up to society.
  11. Ah yeah, I like it also. It's probably one of their best albums. After listening to the streams on the site I decided to reorder it. The ARG does create a nice atmosphere for the music and makes it more immersive, although the message is certainly politically charged anyways. NIN probably disagrees with the 'alternate' part of it ("What you are now starting to experience IS 'year zero'. It's not some kind of gimmick to get you to buy a record" ~Trent), but the concept is still interesting to consider (and maybe it's not even all that far fetched). Either way it will be interested to see how the story unfolds.
  12. It has been a while since we had one of these threads. There are always some neat projects brewing. I've been doing more with hardware over the past year than normal game programming, but the latest project I finished is a simple 8-bit game console made with AVR's (page with video). Long time in the making, but was a fun ride. The downside is having to write all the programs it runs myself.
  13. "electricity and transistor driven" I'm not sure what the idea is here.
  14. I wouldn't worry about it, sounds like you answered their questions alright. My advice is to schedule as many interviews as possible and prepare as much before hand so each individual one isn't as serious. It's good practice just in general too. Quote: i might have underestimated his age by asking this, he already told me they began this inten thing 6 yearsa go, do you think he finds this offensive? I don't think he'd find someone underestimating his age offensive. And hell, he could have started out interning at another company if not that one, different ways to interpret the question. Quote: Am I too late?? should i have called today?? You could have called today I suppose, but a day after is perfectly reasonable. I know exactly what's going through your mind though, I just recently finished up interviews at my school for co-op jobs (10: plenty of room for fuck-ups). Those same types of generic questions. I'm kinda shy sometimes so it felt like there was always a little tension during the interviews. Nevertheless, I ended up with potential offers from half of them (which surprised me, a couple of those I thought were totally gone, an example of over analyzing details) and landed a job. So really, you're probably worrying way too much about it. And after reading your other interview posts, yeah, take it easy. [Edited by - eal on April 3, 2007 12:59:42 AM]
  15. You know, we seem to get quite a few of these similar topics where the newcomer OP is scared of by the loungers and never returns.