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    What If People Were More Important Than Things?

    Are you planning on integrating Inhabited with Un-Inhabited? As a Ruined Island on the outskirts of an Inhabited World could create a 'wrong-side-of-the-tracks' type area, providing some intrigue. Just my ramblings...
  2. spacemonkeystudios

    Silly Ubuntu!

    Ubuntu... I'm not really advanced enough to create a partition and its not just my computer (i know you may say that if im not advanced enough to create a partition i shouldnt be using linux, but im scared of it!) but i have 20cd's of it! I just wanted to know if its easy to use it in conjunction with Windows, and what happens if both are installed, can you set a default (so parents dont have to change settings!) cheers -steve
  3. spacemonkeystudios


    How about making a game where there are a number of 'Alleyway' style blocks in between both players and the ball is a ravelled up snake, once you launch the snake it unravels and begins eating the blocks. Once it gets through the other side, it ravels back up, ready to be hit by the opponent. The remaining blocks could then shoot off and if they hit you, it results in a 1 second delay do the other player has time to score past you.
  4. spacemonkeystudios

    Update #7: A fitting end

    Obviously B
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