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  1. spacemonkeystudios

    What're You Reading?

    Just finished Patriot Games and Red Storm Rising, about to start reading Cardinal of the Kremlin. Also just putting the finishing touches to a non-fiction book I'm writing which should be on Lulu soon.
  2. spacemonkeystudios

    No A-Level topic? Let's make one!

    Stupid two-tiered college edumacation system... AS level results: C D D D Grar, and each one was let down by only one module, ever grarer.
  3. spacemonkeystudios

    I'm Gonna Stab Someone

    I'm sniffling at the moment, but can't blow my nose that often because I just have too much phlegm-type-stuff (read: snot) to get rid of, and it uses a tissue each time. Sure you all wanted to know that, but it's just not really practical to blow every 2-3 mins.
  4. spacemonkeystudios

    Student faces expulsion for Web post on xanga...

    Well, that guy from Sony got fired because he posted on a forum or blog that the PS3 sucked. (But then again, I think he gave some secrets away, *I think*).
  5. spacemonkeystudios


    Hi, I've recently found an old £10 webcam at the back of the draw, and would like to do something different with it. I've used it as a security cam, using the basic preview software provided, but what other things can be done? What languages would you reccommend for doing things with the output, and how to actually display and record this output. Cheers Steve
  6. spacemonkeystudios

    Gaming forum

    I know this is a game dev forum and the main OfT talk would be games, just giving people an option.
  7. spacemonkeystudios

    Gaming forum

    Hi, couldn't quite but notice that this forum is always full of gaming threads and I wanted to know whether any of you would like to sign up to our new gaming forum over at: http://forum.gaminghours.com/ Cheers [Edited by - spacemonkeystudios on April 2, 2006 3:36:04 AM]
  8. spacemonkeystudios

    Do you honestly believe that 2D games are dead?

    Well I am of the opinion that your opinion on my previous opinion is....wrong. Yes.
  9. spacemonkeystudios

    Torn Up Gaming Web Magazine

    So this is like a copy of the IGM?
  10. spacemonkeystudios

    Do you honestly believe that 2D games are dead?

    I think there is still a market, as long as the game can engage the player, and make them use both hands (a la an FPS), then it could hit it off. Some dev make the mistake of making a 2D game that doesn't utilize the mouse. In my opinion, the mouse is the greatest joypad of all time.
  11. spacemonkeystudios

    Public Wiki for our Game's Design?

    This is what I'm hoping to do for my new project, get a wiki set up so people can see how it's going and the ideas. Sounds good, as long as you monitor the modifications it will be great.
  12. spacemonkeystudios

    DVD-R with DVD+R

    Hi, I own a DVD recorder which says DVD+R but not DVD-R. However, I've been told that DVD+R is backward compatable with '-'. Is this true? (It's a TV recorder rather than a PC one....it's LG) Cheers
  13. spacemonkeystudios

    One for children

    I know, the titles probably wont be in that form on the final release. Also: HERE is another little ditty.
  14. spacemonkeystudios

    One for children

    Yes. Nah, its just a little 'teaser' (heh), for what the series will do. It will have title's and a voice track so kids can follow the action.
  15. spacemonkeystudios

    One for children

    And you think I'm joking.... [HERE] I'll take my bow....
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