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    bittorrent protocol

    Quote:Original post by Dave Why implement something that is fizzling out? I think this would be a good opportunity to research some general approaches to file sharing and then come up with something yourself. orders from above... what do you mean it is a fiasco?
  2. balla_the_king

    bittorrent protocol

    I've had trouble finding any good articles on the low-level specifics of the bittorrent protocol. I generally understand how it works but want to implement it in the real world and instead of looking through bloated code I would prefer some article that explained it like a reference. If you have any such articles to link to it would be gratefully appreciated!
  3. balla_the_king

    [.net] What database should I use? (C#)

    Thank you for your input. You got me convinced to use ADO in the end. Hope it is the right choice.
  4. Hello! I am trying to choose database for my online game server. To choose however I need knowledge about the different technologies and I don't have time to invest in all technologies to see if they are suitable. Here are my needs: 1) NO SQL - I don't want to protect myself against SQL injection 2) Just connected to a single database file on the harddrive that I can create in the program 3) Simple, easy, lightweight and fast write access - no advanced queries, just to make the world persistant I first started with ADO, but it just seems too complicated for my needs and I seem to have to use SQL for everything My next thought is DAO? Maybe better offers for just making my world persistant? I won't be reading anything from the database during the run, I will only read at startup but I will constantly write to the database to make sure that the world stays persistant in case of server crashes or updates. Thank you in advance!
  5. balla_the_king


    Quote:Original post by superpig If you can come up with a way to implement Direct3D 10's device virtualization mechanism under the Windows XP driver model, then I believe there are some people at Microsoft who would be interested to hear from you. There is no 'lost device' under Direct3D 10. (There is a 'device removed,' but that only happens when the graphics hardware is physically removed from the machine). At the API level, that's a pretty simple change - it's the removal of a return code and a couple of functions. At the design level, it's a very nice improvement - handling lost devices is a pain in D3D9. At the driver level, it's huge. It's possible under D3D10 because of the new virtualization and multithreading capabilities in the driver model. You no longer have 'exclusive mode' on the video card; it's shared with all other applications, just like most other system resources. So, your game can no longer have the rug pulled out from under it by another app claiming the device for itself. Quote: The D3D9 and D3D9.L, as you've subsequently mentioned, are living example - they are basically the same API implemented in different driver models. Yes - they took a less powerful API (D3D9) and implemented it on top of a more powerful base (LDDM/VDDM). That's doable; but taking a more powerful API (D3D10) and implementing it on top of a less powerful base (XPDDM) is not. Could you give a more specific example? I have trouble grasping how an API could be impossible to implement on an OS despite changes on driver level being huge?
  6. Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ You'll need a combination of EnumWindows, EnumChildWindows, and GetDlgCtrlID. Note that GetDlgCtrlID may not be reliable depending on how the target application creates the window and control in question. Also, you will probably need to use DLL injection to insert some of your own code into the memory space of the target program; you cannot directly access the windows of other processes under Windows. Tools like Spy++ or Winspector will be invaluable as well. Thank you for your quick reply. I will perform tests to see if GetDlgCtrlID is reliable in my case.
  7. Hello! I am making an add-on to a program and on a window I must find the correct textbox of several textboxes to perform my task. I wonder how I can distinguish the correct textbox undepending on which computer my program is launched since I intend to sell my program. My first idea is to distinguish it by looking at the position of the textbox but I wonder if there is a more standard way of doing something like this? Something like a unique control id every control gets that is uniform across each launch at each computer?
  8. Hello! I am pretty new to C# and what I find extremely frustrating is finding the proper API calls and their documentation. I find it very easy finding the proper calls using google for the standard Win32 api but the .net stuff sigh... It is probably there only if I could find it among the C/C++ stuff... And, maybe it is me that is totally useless, but I just can't use msdn search if I dont know the EXACT API call already, otherwise I usually end up with irrelevant stuff. HOW do YOU reference the api???
  9. balla_the_king

    why emacs?

    I am trying to comprehend the point of emacs. Both haters and lovers of emacs are welcome! 1. Why do you prefer emacs over more modern development studios like visual studio, kdevelop etc etc (or why do you not prefer it over them)? 2. What are the advantages/disadvantages of emacs being written in lisp? 3. Why would I want to surf the internet or check my mail using my development tool? 4. why and when did you decide to learn how to use emacs? Thank you for contributing to my general computer knowledge!
  10. Quote:Original post by tj963 What you're looking for is SPY++. I think it's part of the Platform SDK. tj963 thank you!!
  11. Hello! Anyone know of a debug tool that lets you list the child windows of a running WIN32 program in a tree-like view? Ive googled with no luck and this would be very useful right now
  12. balla_the_king

    Can you KILL the task list in VS 2003

    Quote:Original post by JohnBolton Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Projects and Solutions thanks! strange place to put it
  13. balla_the_king

    Can you KILL the task list in VS 2003

    Quote:Original post by jpetrie Tools -> Options -> Project and Solutions Uncheck "Show Task list window if build finishes with errors." Really now, three years and you never thought to examine the options? :P I only have Tools->Options->Projects!? And no precious checkbox in there :((
  14. balla_the_king

    Can you KILL the task list in VS 2003

    After 3 years of swearing to that piece of sh*t... I've had enough. Is there any way to kill it? I do NOT want it to pop up every time there is a build error (My brain can keep track of such tasks perfectly by itself... I am not brain-damaged)
  15. Thanks guy. Java and eclipse not my cup of tea obviosly :D
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