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    Legend of Fae Launches

    Endless Fluff Launches Legend of Fae First commercial release mixes action, puzzles, and RPG. Feb 22[sup]nd[/sup], 2011 – Endless Fluff (http://www.endlessfluff.com) is very pleased to bring you their first commercial game, Legend of Fae. Legend of Fae takes the classic matching puzzles game as the battle mechanic of an RPG, then, to add their own twist, removes the turn based format. The result, an action packed RPG that will require you to keep your wits under fire. The Island of Sea Cross was a fairly peaceful place, even during the war. However, when Claudia's uncle goes missing, leaving behind only a note and a strange artifact, the peace the island once knew is torn asunder. Creatures called Fae have begun appearing in town and are causing all kinds of trouble. With the power of this strange artifact Claudia calls upon four elementals to help guide her to her uncle and, she hopes, some answers. Legend of Fae features over 50 levels and 30 upgradeable skills for your elementals. The combat is fast and dangerous as Claudia explores deeper towards the Faery Gate. The loveable elementals and the innocent Claudia make an adorable quintet of adventurers that are sure to resonate with young and old players alike. Two difficulties allow you to pick the speed of your enjoyment. A free demo of Legend of Fae is available at the Endless Fluff website at www.EndlessFluff.com. Stop on by! ABOUT ENDLESS FLUFF Endless Fluff Games is an NYC based independent developer that provides fun and challenging games that are easy to get into. Our goal is to deliver a rich and deep experience through our strengths in art, character and setting. We aim to explore many genres and game design possibilities to offer diversity to our fans. http://www.EndlessFluff.com ### Screenshots: Demo: http://www.endlessfl...gend_of_Fae.exe
  2. So funny I almost posted AT because I didn't see the one you posted first SMR :) Should make that puppy bold! -Joe
  3. vgsmart

    How do you generate revenue?

    The only question you asked which has a "not 100 page answer" was are flashing ads neccessary. Answer: No. We removed them from the entire ArcadeTown network in fact because we hate them too :) Flashing ads actually pay less, in general, but they display more frequently and display to international visitors (who are generally worth less also). Suffice to say, if the ad company doesn't have a "real" paying ad to run, they run a crappy ad - like those flashers. Sure you'll get less money from removing them, but hey... sometimes you gotta step up and draw your line in the sand ;-) -Joe
  4. vgsmart

    Effective Internet Advertising???

    Maybe I will make my next article about advertising. There isn't much I can say about it though. The simple fact is good visitors cost good money. It isn't necessarily a question of how many visitors can I get for my dollar, but WHO those visitors are. If the rates found on google, yahoo, adbright, or the CPM rates on website X are "too high" then your first problem is you're not targeting the right audience yet. If you ARE targeting the perfect audience and its STILL too high, the answer is your product isn't good enough. Sometimes you have to come to that conclusion, that your product doesn't sell well enough on its own for ads. There are ways around that, like having more than one product, or making the game better. In your case I dont really see a direct revenue model, so I am not sure what you are measuring. So, there's your answer. I have plenty of experience but the fact is I can't tell you anything beyond "If your game is good and you put an ad in the right place for the right price, you can earn a profit."
  5. vgsmart

    The long story and questions...

    I suggest making sure this kid stays in school and gets through college. While in highschool/college, make some side projects (Non-MMO RPGs perhaps?) and get to know the marketplace, the hurdles, and the quantity of time all those "little" things take - art is easy. Programming is easy. Those aren't what the HUNDREDS of failures out there lack. It's a cohesiveness that transcends the parts. We all have dreams, but sometimes the best way to achieve those dreams is to approach them from an indirect angle. I've worked with several MMOs on several levels now, and I know for a fact making my own (which was my dream at age 13) is no longer something on my list... not till I retire anyway. Find out about the LAST MMO I may work with for a long while (er, that may be months?) Saga :) -Joe
  6. Grubby Games Releases Fizzball Nov 6th 2006, Grubby Games, www.grubbygames.com, is proud to announce release of its new independent game, Fizzball, available on both Mac and PC. Based on the classic brick busting style, Fizzball creates a pleasantly fresh update appropriate for all ages. Bounce bubbles, rescue hungry animals, and solve a mystery, all at the same time! Something strange has been scaring the animals that inhabit the forests on a group of islands. It’s up to Professor Fizzwizzle, and his bubble-like Fizzball to whisk them away to safety at the animal sanctuary. Watch as the Fizzball starts off small and then grows enormous enough to envelop large animals like cows and horses. Fizzball features 180 levels, 40 bonus levels, 60 adorable animal species, a special kids’ mode, and numerous trophies to unlock. The game offers frustration-free brick busting gameplay, a global high scoring competition, and a 60 day money-back guarantee. Vancouver-based Grubby Games was formed in October 2004 with a simple goal: To make accessible, polished games that are fun to play. We feel that something is being forgotten in this era of multimillion-dollar games with cutting-edge graphics. As lifelong gamers, we understand that flashy graphics are much less important than solid gameplay. We're passionate about developing games that are beautiful, easy to learn, and above all, fun. We want to provide you with games that we would love to play ourselves!
  7. Outside the Box Software Releases BlockHeads Clash! Oct 25th, 2006- Outside The Box Software is proud to present BlockHeads Clash, a smashing action filled arcade game. Gather up to four players and bust heads in 12 stages over 3 unique worlds. Play it now, free, at www.outsidetheboxsoftware.com Venture to a strange place inside cartoon labyrinths where the only weapon is your head - literally. Using your foursquare noggin, you can send foes tumbling or even break the very ground beneath them. The labyrinth's deadly hazards and obstacles present ever increasing danger, not to mention the enemies whose right-angled heads are bigger and deadlier than yours. BlockHeads Clash features multiplayer co-op play and battle modes. Gather your friends and family around the keyboard and have hours of head smashing fun. Take control of a BlockHead and run full speed at your enemies, friends, and inanimate objects. No helmet required! Play it now, free, at http://www.outsidetheboxsoftware.com/blockheads_clash_info_demo.html About Outside the Box Software: Outside the Box Software is an Independent game developer. We self-fund our own development, so we are completely free to explore current genres in different ways or genres that might be uncommon (We're also free to do derivative rehashes.). But our main goal is to provide our customers and fanbase something different with every game release. We strive to give you a gameplay experience that might be a little new (or refreshing) while making sure you have fun.
  8. Hail of Bullets Software Purchases Ferion; Launches Free to Play Arenas! October 18th 2006, Hail of Bullets Software, is proud to announce the acquision of Ferion, www.ferion.com, the deepest, most strategic and involving space game on the web. Ferion is a hugely successful browser based 4x strategy game, online since 2000. November will mark the start of the very first completely FREE arenas with absolutely no charges involved. Sign up at www.ferion.com. Ferion is a turn based multiplayer game that requires tactics, diplomacy and skill. The game is played in your browser, without downloading anything. If you can read a web page, you can play Ferion. Players start as the leader of a planetary race. The goal is to explore the universe, invent new technologies, build up new planets, design, build and manage fleets, deal with other empires, form alliances and defend against pirate hordes. Ferion distinguishes itself from other games by its incredible depth, and the many facets of game play that require a truly strategic approach to become a successful player and achieve high ranking in the game. Players start as the leader of a planetary race. The goal is to explore the universe, invent new technologies, build up new planets, design build and manage fleets and deal with other empires. Ferion is balanced on an ongoing basis to ensure these problems do not hinder the game experience for novice and veteran players alike. From its humble beginnings, the game has expanded to encompass several arenas running simultaneously, along with a community portal and other associated sites, from a newsletter to a growing number of fan sites. Nearly 400 arenas have been played with over 330,000 players signing up over time. Right now the game has several Arenas running concurrently at any given time, including Novice, Intermediate, Free for All and Veteran Arenas. Each Arena lasts around one month, and new Arenas start weekly. Independent UK game development studio, Hail of Bullets Software, was formed in 2003 by Iain Key, Sebastian Barquin, both formerly at Smoking Gun Productions ltd, and Paul Key, who has many years of management experience in other sectors. Hail of Bullets Software is dedicated to producing innovative, deeply playable and, above all, extremely fun games across a variety of platforms. Hail of Bullets Software is the entertainment software division of Pi Computer Solutions Ltd.
  9. Cash In With Cash Out, Now Available from Big Toe Software Oct 12th 2006- Big Toe Software, www.bigtoesoftware.com, is proud to announce Cash Out is now available from the Big Toe website. Cash Out combines the classic matching style game with casino and slot machine styled features. Spin a slot machine wheel for bonus points, match power tokens together to spin the board or grant a little extra bonus. Cash Out contains no betting, so it is fun for the whole family. The game design is simple. Slide rows of casino icons up, down, left, or right in order to match 3 or more of the same icon. Rack up huge bonuses by chaining together as many matches as possible. In Cash Out three modes of play grant any skill level a fun and unique experience. In Classic Mode the difficulty scales with each level and it is a race against the clock for bonuses. In Challenge Mode time works against you by locking down pieces, creating an ever more difficult struggle to survive. In Relaxed Mode there are no time triggered locks, so each move can be pondered and calculated to achieve the maximum results. The free Cash Out demo is available from www.bigtoesoftware.com, download it today and see if you can hit the jackpot! About Big Toe Software Big Toe LLC was found in 2004 as an independently owned company whose focus is developing fun and rewarding casual games. With each games release Big Toe Software cements its reputation on delivering high quality entertainment the world over.
  10. October 12th 2006, PawleyScape, www.pawleyscape.com, is proud to announce release of its new independent game FastCrawl. FastCrawl is a quick and highly replayable, fantasy role-playing game. You control a party of heroes exploring a dungeon on an epic quest. To succeed you must engage in exciting combat against many foes, find powerful items to help you on your quest, avoid fiendish traps, save another champion or two, specialize your characters abilities as they level, and carefully explore your surroundings... all in as little as thirty minutes. Every time you play FastCrawl you will have a new game experience as you explore a different dungeon, lead a different party of heroes, face different monsters, and find different treasure. An intelligent game generation system will make sure that no two games are the same. Play at the level of difficulty and duration of game that you wish; enjoy a leisurely thirty minute break in the game's pleasant environments, or face insurmountable odds in an hour of nail-biting dungeon crawling action. The game is entirely turn based, so you can easily play it in the background while doing something else. Download the free FastCrawl Demo from www.pawleyscape.com and join the online forum to discuss your successes, failures, and make suggestions for future changes to the FastCrawl landscape.
  11. Oktoberfest for RISK Players Oct, 2nd, 2006- This October holds the third annual "Luxtoberfest" celebration. It's an Oktoberfest inspired series of online tournaments in support of the RISK style computer game Lux Delux. Throughout October, there will be 17 different events including a number of "Tournament of Champions" (one for the "ladies"), team competitions, map nights, and a "Halloween Ball." The fest will also feature Lux's annual awards which will be voted on by the players. Categories include Best Host, Best Map, Best AI, Rookie of the Year, and Most Sportsmanlike Player. Full details on the Luxtoberfest, including times and how to participate have been posted online by Sillysoft Games: http://sillysoft.net/contests/ Lux Delux was a finalist in the Independent Games Festival (www.igf.com) awards in 2005. It's based on the board game RISK, but features over 200 different maps, a variety of game settings, and an active internet community with over 500 online games played every day. ABOUT SILLYSOFT GAMES Sillysoft Games in an independent developer of downloadable computer strategy games based in Vancouver, Canada. They have developed the strategy games Lux Delux and American History Lux, available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  12. Arcade Lab Releases Pizza Panic September 29th 2006, Arcade Lab, www.arcadelab.com, has released Pizza Panic, a new independent game available on both Mac and PC. Pizza Panic is a tasty pizza delivery game that combines modern casual gameplay with the unforgettable platform genre in a retro-style manner. The people of Crustville are hungry, and it's your job to deliver warm, tasty pizzas from Mr Ravioli's reputable restaurant. Get ready to race around the city, rolling and jumping your way through streets, fences, roof tops, boat decks and more. The goal of each level is to deliver all orders and collect enough coins to make Mr. Ravioli happy, while avoiding cats, dogs, tires, jackhammers, grabbing hands and other obstacles that might get in your way. If you happen to collide with one of the baddies on the streets, you will lose a coin. Be careful not to lose too many, as Mr. Ravioli will unhappy and you have to replay the stage When all pizzas have been delivered, head for the exit sign at your very right to finish the stage. Arcade Lab was founded in 2003 to create downloadable games with tradition and quality, and quickly became a hot name in the business. Take the chance to discover a new generation of casual-styled retro games, as well as popular puzzle games and thrilling arcade games. Today their games have been downloaded and played by tens of millions of people all over the world. You can download and play the trial for free, and if you decide to upgrade to the full version, Arcade Lab offers an easy, comprehensive and safe ordering system.
  13. Yarr! Pirates of the Atlantic off the Port Bow! September 27th 2006- Kristanix Studios, www.kristanix.com, is proud to announce their latest PC title, Pirates of the Atlantic. Defend your fortress from piratical invaders with the help of some lead, a cannon, and a lot of gunpowder. Blast pirate scum and keep them off your booty while upgrading the defenses to your keep. Pirates of the Atlantic features an easy to learn action oriented system of defending your fortress from invaders. With upgrades to the defensive cannons range, power, and rate of fire the enemy will have no hope of overcoming a skilled marksman. Collect upgrades in combat to further boost abilities, or end up sleeping with Davey Jones. Embark on the quest to ensure the Pirates of the Atlantic never make it past St. Kites. Battle famed pirates like Admiral Drake and many interesting enemies, from balloons and zepplins to Man-o-Wars. Download the free demo from the Kristanix Studios website at www.kristanix.com and discover the riches that the Atlantic holds. About Kristanix Studios Kristanix Studios has been making Windows games since 1999. In addition to Pirates of the Atlantic, the company offers WinSudoku, a feature packed sudoku game; Kristanix Yatzy, a game that includes traditional Yatzy plus an innovative version played with six dice; Sudoku Mini 2006, a sudoku game for PocketPC; Jungle Frenzy, an innovative action puzzler; and Word Dance, an original word puzzler. Find out more at their website www.kristanix.com
  14. DrewsGames.com Releases Dumbow & Cool for PC September 25th, 2006, www.DresGames.com is proud to announce release of its new independent game, Dumbow & Cool, a 3D platforming action game for the PC. The story begins at LLC Oil Rig. King Lecture, the owner of LLC Oil Rig is watching a presentation about his companies' profits over the year. It turns out he is not making enough money to pay for his employees wages and make a profit. To this end, Lecture orders his Stude minions to go and find some slaves to work for him.The Stude's land in Happy Valley, one of the home's to the Schmumps: cute purple guys who'd rather not work as slaves on an oil rig. Capturing all of the Schmumps in metal cages that can only be opened from the outside, the Studes take some back to LLC Oil Rig, and the rest, which couldn't fit in the Stude helicopters, are left caged where they were caught. Only two Schmumps, Dumbow and Cool, who evaded capture, remain. It's up to them to free all of their friends and defeat the evil King Lecture. Dumbow and Cool's journey will take them through snow-torn ice levels to mud-filled battlefields to high speed train top rides, and eventually, to LLC Oil Rig itself where they will face King Lecture himself... Set in a cartoony world, the game offers two playable characters called Dumbow and Cool. One can swim, the other can skate, and they must be used together if the player is to succeed. As well as the usual 3D platformer elements, Dumbow & Cool has a unique two character dynamic - the player will have to use the abilities of both characters together in order to advance. The game can also be played by 2 players in split screen, each controlling a character simultaneously. All characters are voice acted, and the game has over 8 minutes of full-screen, voice acted film in-between levels to tell the story. www.Drewsgames.com is a website where you can download and buy shareware and freeware games. Drew Cameron runs Drewsgames
  15. The Time Portal Now Available on Mac and PC September 18th 2006, Zhang Games, www.zhanggames.com, is proud to announce release of its new independent game, The Time Portal, available on both Mac and PC. The Time Portal is a game that can be played by you alone or your whole family together. Just sit down and relax. Concentrate on the pictures. Everyone can play and enjoy the quest for the hidden clues. And if you're stuck, just click on the hint-button to get help. In the darkest corner of your attic you find a letter from your long lost uncle. He explains to you that he has been kidnapped by a jealous scientist because he succeeded in inventing a time-machine. Your uncle has left you photos with hidden clues that show you the way to the time-machine. It is your task to reveal the clues, find the machine and rescue your uncle. The photos he gave you have mistakes. Find the mistakes in the photos to see which letters on their back are leading to the code. Complete the code to find the next place to go to. Visit spooky places and reveal all the clues to find the time-portal and save your uncle! Since more than 20 years, Kemal Zhang has designed games with a strong focus on fun and simple, yet innovative gameplay mechanics. You don't have to learn complicated movements or rules. You don't have to play for hours to win a level or reach a goal. You can just sit there, play and have fun. No matter if you can spend 5 minutes or 5 hours. No matter if you've ever played a videogame before. Every game can be downloaded for free with no time-limit. Try before you buy. If you like the game and register, all the missing levels and features will be enabled. And for each registered game you'll also get one of the Xtra-Games for free. Even the Xtra-Games can be downloaded for free and played for a few minutes.
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