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  1. ok, Sounds good. Just changed it so there is a Main Menu at the start where it explains the game. And also I added in some difficulty modes, where u get different amounts of time. Easy - 40 seconds, medium - 30 seconds, hard - 20 seconds. Any other good ideas?
  2. good suggestion! Done - 25 seconds on the clock.
  3. This is not a game that I made up. I played it on a palm pilot once and thought it might be a cool game to try and make. Check it out and tell me what you think. Click here to download Just extract the zip to a folder and open the Bubble.jar file to run it. [Edited by - lldanll on January 5, 2006 5:53:35 PM]
  4. you have to sign the jar file containing the applet. I was having the same problem. Here is the tutorial that helped me. http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/Security/Signed/
  5. Ok, Well I was having problems with an applet I wrote to read and write from a text file. But I went through some tutorial on how to sign the jar file and some crap like that and now it works. But only if I go to the directory of the .html file on the server and then open it from there. If I try opening up a web browser and going to the URL you can see the applet, but it will not read in the text from the text files. Also if I go to the directory of the .html file and open it, then if in the same browser window I type in the URL it will go to applet and work fine. I think that has something to do with the text files being stored in the cache since I opened the html file. Hope some of that makes sense. Anyone know why it won't load the text files? Thanks
  6. lldanll

    [java] Rotating a picture

    Ok, I have the image rotating and everything. Now some wierd things are happening. I think I know what is happening but I am just not sure how to fix it. When the image rotates it does not update the player's X and Y position. The image will rotate but if I do a player.getX() or getY() it shows me the old X Y positions. I cannot get the player's X and Y to update to the new location of the image. Is there a way that I can access the image properties to obtain the new location? Also, is there a way to change the point that the image rotates around? When I have the image flip 180 degrees it looks wierd because it rotates around the top left corner of the image, so when the image flips the top left corner stays in the same spot and the rest rotates around it. So after the rotate the image is higher up than it should be. I hope that makes sense. I think to fix this I would need the image to rotate around a center point in the image. Any ideas?
  7. lldanll

    [java] Rotating a picture

    Optus- I like that a lot better. Thanks man
  8. lldanll

    [java] Rotating a picture

    I looked up some stuff but I am still not getting where I want to be. I tried doing it by just using: g2.rotate(angle, x,y); //(where g2 = Graphics2D) that made the picture rotate but so did everything else on the screen. I tried finding some info on the whole AffineTransform thing. I tried using something like : AffineTransform x1 = new AffineTransform(); x1.rotate(angle, player.getX(), player.getY()); g2.drawImage(player.getImage(), x1,null); that made it rotate around the point 0,0 on the screen. I really have no clue what's going on with this whole rotation thing, If anyone has a short sample of code or something that shows an image being rotated that would be the best way for me to understand it. Thanks
  9. lldanll

    [java] Rotating a picture

    ok, I looked up some stuff about the AffineTransform class and it seems to be what I need, however I can not find any site that shows the methods and how to use them t. A brief explaination of how this class works or a link to somewhere would be awsome. thanks a lot
  10. lldanll

    [java] Rotating a picture

    yea, im just not sure how to rotate an image at all though. I can find the angle just fine.
  11. I am trying to make a top view picture of a guy rotate with the mouse so that when I move the mouse he is always facing it. Any idea how this would be done?
  12. lldanll

    C++ help

    alright I will look into some of that stuff. Thanks for the replys! yea that Red book is pretty expensive...I will have to see if I can find it somewhere cheap..haha
  13. lldanll

    C++ help

    ok, Well I have made a few small 2d games in java and, now I would like to get into small C++ stuff. There are just a few things that are throwing me off. In Java I used JFrame and would use the paint(Graphics g) method to draw to the frame. Now I guess my question would be how would I do this in C++. I have a good understanding of the language in a non GUI way. I am using visual C++ as well. I looked up some stuff and got something about some CDC class. It sounds like it may be what I am looking for. But it is a little wierd. When I open visual C++ and start a new Win32 Project it will give the code needed to show the window. Now I guess my question is where do I continue to write the rest of the program? Do I make a main class off of this and include the class that draws the window? OR do I just put my functions inside the class that has all the code to draw the window. I hope I am wording this in an understandable way. I guess if you can understand what I am saying and have some info, or just a good site that will explain how to get started with GUI in C++, that'd be great. I pretty much just need a good understanding of whatever "paint()/draw()" method C++ uses and how to call it to draw to the window and the rest I can figure out from there. Thanks for any help!
  14. lldanll

    [java] Java FIleWriter help

    alright Thanks! I got it to work finally... I had to do what you said but instead of: String highScore = String.parseStr(score) you need: String highScore = String.valueOf(score); I was tring to convert the int to string and write it before but i could never figure out what String method to use..so i just took a guess with the valueOf(int) method and it seems to work fine... Thanks again for the help!
  15. k..I made a simple space invaders type game and i decided to put a high score display in the game.. When the game is over it will check the old high score with your score and then overwrite this score with yours if you beat it. I decided to use a simple text file to hold the score and then read in the score and then simply overwrite the file with the new score... however i have not really done anything with reading and writing in such a long time that i can not remember what exactly to do.. I can read in the highscore from the file, however i have to: int highScore = Integer.parseInt(file.readLine()); in order to get the score to not be in the string format that it is read in as.. then i have another method that checks the original highscore with the new score and if it is greater then i have: FileWriter file = new FileWriter(new File("highScores.txt"); file.write(score); file.close; This works as far as writing to the file, but it is converting the integer score into string value( ex. if the score is 65, itll write A) I can not for the life of me remember how to write the integer value to the text file... can someone help me out here. thanks alot!
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