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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. The reason I was going for an "academic" book is simply because to me, what I am looking for looks more like theory than practice, and most of the "teach-yourself" books that I use/am familiar with are about actually doing things, not discussion and theory. I will look into these.
  2. Background: I do this C++ programming contest for a high school organization called Business Professionals of America (BPA). I've won Illinois state two years in a row now, but this year the entire contest was changed. Before, the format was one took a multiple choice test that focused on C++/programming contest, and made a program based on a scenario. This year, however, the program is to be done ahead of time, and the majority of the points have been shifted to the multiple choice, which has been changed to be generic programming questions. The Question: I need a general programming theory book (or website/download), like something that covers, in abstract terms, functions (or "modules", as the contest refers to them), classes, objects, and in addition, topics like the design process, UML, psuedocode, etc. I am not a newbie by any stretch, but they changed the contest so radically i cannot help but feel that I need some help to be successful. If anyone has used any books/resources like these in the past, I'd be more than thrilled about it. Thanks in advanced.
  3. ender7771

    coding help

    Read the faq. Using [ source ] and then [ / source ] (without the spaces) formats your code nicely so everyone can read it without explosion of the head.
  4. ender7771

    2D game and clipping

    Left, right, bottom, top is how directx defines its rectangle coordinates. Some apis, like SDL, use left, right, width, length, but directx uses the other one to define the size of a rectangle.
  5. ender7771

    2D game and clipping

    Sounds like GBA programming in one of the latter modes??? By clipping do you mean only drawing a selected portion of your sprite image, like to do animation or something? To me, that seems only a question of some fancy for-loops.
  6. Maybe you turned debugging off/on or some other options off/on. Reinstalling it might not help, unless you do a clean, full reinstall, because visualc++ may save some of your options, but delete the entire program. Also check your task manager for anything fishy or anything hogging the cpu cycles. It's possible you got some baddie on your computer.
  7. Download newest non-beta version of Dev-C++. Tools->Check for updates, download newest version of SDL through that and install. Go to libsdl.org and make sure you download the newest sdl.dll and place it in your system32 folder (devc++ might do this for you, might not). Retry doing what Lazy-Foo wants you to do (Im not sure if this is what he told you to do or not, just making sure, because its teh "right" way). Be sure to make sure you are linking what you need to link. If it doesnt work, check cout.txt (or whatever its called) for the error message, and post your code. happy hunting.
  8. ender7771

    SDL-platform game gravity

    How much physics have you taken/are comfortable with? Inertia is really just momemtum, and momentum is mass times velocity; when you jump, you could retain their horizontal velocity, and then they would "drift" in the jump. If they pressed it the other way, you could either take into account acceleration or fudge it by simply subtracting the same amount from velocity.
  9. ender7771

    getting graphic to display using classes?

    First things first: "SDL_Flip(render.returnScreen())": you defined a function to do this, and should probably stick with using it ("void update()"). I don't quite see where the problem is either. I'd recommend either going through it with a debugger, or just outputting "std::cout << "finished initializing" << std::endl", which is the poorman's debugger. I'd guess that your problem is something silly, like the .png not loading or you messing up the order of the destination or source surfaces. Experiment!
  10. The reason that the companies don't care about less revenue from layed off employees because these employees only represent a very small portion of the population who buys their goods. Well, if the portion was big enough, the company would care, and Im sure someone takes that into account somewhere.
  11. ender7771

    Number/Prices and currency

    Your missing #include <iostream>, as well as the start of your main() function.
  12. ender7771

    Number/Prices and currency

    Full source code? Make sure you're including iostream and such?
  13. ender7771

    C++ questions

    Quote:Original post by guzumba Can you give me an example with void in it and what it will return when compiled. But please keep it simple so I can understand it. Not all functions manipulate and return numbers. A function might do something like: void WaitForKeyPress(); Where it doesnt return anything, or deal with variables, but have another function.
  14. ender7771

    Global function Linking

    In practice, one should only put a function definition, like "int Random(int, int);" in a .h, and then the actual code in a .cpp. Try that, and it might fix your problem.
  15. ender7771

    Dynamic Array of Pointers

    I think you need to be a little clearer on what you want: Do you want one class to define an array of another? I would really, really recommend vectors, but ill help you either way ;)
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