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  1. Unreal Modding Capabilities

    Almost all the UScript tutorials I find revolve around mutators. I already know the syntax, I just to get a betetr understanding of the class structure. With HL2, coding made no sense to me until I mapped. There, I gained a basic understanding of how the entities I was making in coding were implemented into the game. Maybe I should map first?
  2. Unreal Modding Capabilities

    This one: http://udn.epicgames.com/Files/UE2/Runtime/UE2Runtime-22262002_Demo.exe And some docs here: http://udn.epicgames.com/Two/WebHome But most of them are locked for liscensies. Where can I get good tutorials other than here for UScript that work with the runtime?
  3. Unreal Modding Capabilities

    Sweet. Is there any easy way to make UT2004 as bare-bone as the UE2 Runtime Demo? I thought about using the demo for now, but all tutorials out there are for UT2004, and start out as mutator tutorials. My game won't even have any guns, so most of the code in UT2004 is useless to me. This doable?
  4. Unreal Modding Capabilities

    I assumed I wouldn't be able to port code to UE3, but I'm sure basic skills can be obtained. Yeah, looking at all the scripts, it looks like the whole engine is here, while the un-modable executable is just a script reader. No wonder so many games use UE, these scripts are so clear and organized as opposed to Source's hundreds of seemingly useless CPP files. Yeah, I'll be using this.
  5. I was thinking about making my next project a UT2K7 mod, and wanted to get into scripting UnrealScript before then with UT2K4. However, my vision is radically different from a FPS, and I was wondering just how versatile modding an Unreal game is without a commercial liscense. My idea is something closer to Advent Rising, which I know used UE2. Would such a big difference be possible simply by modding?
  6. Ubuntu UT2004MegaPack

    Same problem. It just says it can't over-write, and anything I do to unzip directly to that folder results in no error message, but no results also. It'd be so easy if Ubuntu woudl just let me login as root. Otherwise, awsome distro.
  7. Ubuntu UT2004MegaPack

    I'm trying to install the UT2004MegaPack. I've tried several thinsg that fail. 1. sudo file-roller From there I tell the UT2004MegaPack's files to extract to my /usr/local/games/ut2004 (Where my UT2004 is installed), and it says it inflates allt he files, but none of them are there. 2. Extract the files to /home/joe/ut2004 su mv /home/joe/ut2004 /usr/local/games and I get the error mv: cannot overwrite directory `/usr/local/games/ut2004' SO I'm guessing the error in my second method is the same as the error in my first method. What do i do?
  8. Can i386 work on an AMD64?

    Thanks. I managed to dp that and get everythign working. SO far, Ubuntu looks a lot cleaner than Fedora Core.
  9. Can i386 work on an AMD64?

    Okay, now I'm trying Ubuntu, but the computer freezes and the login screen gets scratchy when I login. I had the same problem with Fedora Core 5, but it defaulted to text mode since I used text mode just to install it. How can I startup in text mode with Ubuntu to install the NVIDIA drivers?
  10. I recently got Fedora Core 5 and have been bothered by many incompatibilities with AMD64. Will the i386 version work?
  11. Scratcy Screen in Fedora Installation

    I ended up using something called Linova, which had a version of the drivers built for the FC5 kernel. Now that I installed it in text mode, it boots in etxt mode. Where can I set it to not?
  12. Scratcy Screen in Fedora Installation

    It says to check my 'ID' and check if I have package 'binutils' or something similar. I don't have it to look at right now.
  13. Scratcy Screen in Fedora Installation

    Okay, the login screen appears, but as soon as I login, the loading screen gets the same scratchness. Should I install the enw NVIDIA drivers in text mode? But don't I need the latest kernel?
  14. Scratcy Screen in Fedora Installation

    I did then it ran in text mode. I tried Fedora Core 4 a while ago and recently decided to try 5. I recall there are "run modes". It says it's in mode 3. What mode do I need for the GUI?
  15. I have the AMD64 version of the Fedora Core 5 DVD, and the installation works fine until I get to the part with the GUI. The cursor looks fine, but the rest of the screen is scratchy. It's like strips of pixils are scattered. I can make out a faint Fedora Core logo, but no buttons. I even tested the CD. Here's my system. EVGA nforce4-SLI mobo Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego 4 x 512mb Corsair ValueRam 2x EVGA 7800GTs (SLI) Audigy 2 ZS I know it's an SLI setup, but I removed the second card and had the same issue. What do I do?
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