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  1. OMG KOL IS TEH AWESOME! I'm playing it right now, on a Teetotaler Turtle Tamer Hardcore ascension and an oxycore sauceror Msg me if you wish Robo9981 Arbitrary Alliteration (my multi)
  2. Cthulu
  3. Sorry to hear you and EDI parted ways in terms of projects, its unfortunate, Malathedra looks really cool.
  5. Looks really good for three weeks. What middleware (if any) are you using?
  6. I got a 4 on the AB... lots of questions about data structures (great since my teacher didn't actually teach them...)
  7. Count me in, Euro Golf Tour coming soon
  8. w00t gamedev.net!
  9. I am having some trouble seeing some connections between my game logic system and the graphics system. I can see how basic things are done (setting animations, models, etc). More complex things I can't find a way that fits well in any system. 1) Player->Weapon connections. Ex. when the player picks up a rifle, he puts one hand on the grip and another on the forestock. How is this represented in games? One thought I had was putting a bone/joint in each location where a hand would go and then connecting the bones together. Is this the way it's normally done? 2) First Person View I want to have a setup similar to F.E.A.R or Halo2, where you can see your body in the first perosn (look down, you see feet, etc). Would I just make a model for example the bottom half of a player and then put it slightly behind the camera so when you look down, you can't see through it? Thanks for the help, Robo
  10. eeew choclatey keys :(
  11. For all of you who play Kingdom of Loathing and are not lucky enough to be in a clan, I have started one. Name: gdnet KoL Clan Mantra: A Coder is ME!! Join, and have fun, we have a full gym ;) If you don't play Kingdom of Loathing, you should check it out, its tons of fun :) Kingdom of Loathing [Edited by - Robomaniac on August 26, 2005 5:13:53 PM]
  12. *tear* Such a happy story :)
  13. <tacky> </tacky> awesome poem! :D Can't wait for the final part
  14. Here are my votes. Burn it with Fire -> 7.5 - Good gameplay, lacking a bit in graphics, and a bit too tough/fast for me to get anywhere fun :P Endurion -> 6.0 - Intersting, but had lots of bugs with running into invisible fires and not rescuing people. Fire -> 0.0 - Could not get to run on my computer, it loaded the eSDL frame and frowze my computer (took 10 minutes to get it to exit) Fire Wire -> 6.8 - Fun, interesting, I found it impossible though, if the bar reset after you stopped, it'd be a lot more fun. Stro -> 9.3 - Tons of Fun, and very intersting idea (*thinks of office space*), i wish there were more levels though Jump or Burn -> 6.5 - Had bugs with invisible people Pirate Burninator -> 9.0 - Very fun, but teh pirates were too fast to burninate most the time Forest Fire Fighter -> 7.3 I couldn't et past the first level, the fires spread too fast and my copter flew too slowly Those are my reviews, all entries were entertaining and well done for 3 hours :)