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  1. Richard Phipps


    Back to work now you slacker! :P
  2. Richard Phipps


    Oy! Muppet!! Stop playing WoW and do some work.. :P ;) Hehe! :D
  3. Richard Phipps


    Starbucks already do a gingerbread latte here.. oh, and we want a.. Demo! Demo! Demo! ;)
  4. Richard Phipps

    Laserbeak update

    Chris, as well as trimming the TMS sprites have you thought about using one of the PNG libs to compress them afterwards?
  5. Richard Phipps


    TMS! TMS! TMS! :D
  6. The transforming render looks great! It's cool to see how your blending skills have improved since you started TMS. :) Good job!
  7. Richard Phipps

    Say, friend, and read entry

    Sorry to hear about the work situation Chris. I know from experience that work politics suck.. :( Oh, and thanks for the breakout board! ;)
  8. Richard Phipps

    Alright already

    Demo! Demo! Demo! :D
  9. Richard Phipps

    Actual post!?

    How long till it's done now Chris? :) You've seen my game, I want to play yours!
  10. Richard Phipps


    Work you Slacker! :) Rich.
  11. Richard Phipps

    I've been hiding something

    I'm still reading.. Fool! :P Good luck with the article, hope you have no problems with getting a copy of it in print (or the money).
  12. Richard Phipps

    Um ... w00t?

    I'm just wondering why you didn't want to use bitmasks that's all? :)
  13. Richard Phipps

    Um ... w00t?

    Chris, are these bounding boxes primarily going to be used for collision detection? oh.. steals slice of pie! Yum! :P
  14. Richard Phipps

    A new game called Storm

    It seems the main menu effect is too slow. I'll have to fix that. EDIT: It's a strange one, I also have an old PII 300mhz and the main menu works fine at around 30-40fps. Still no behaviour like you described though. :/ You could try redefining the controls to not use Alt, and see if that stops the drifting problem? Thanks.
  15. Richard Phipps

    A new game called Storm

    Chris: :P EDI: As for your comments, I'm not sure about the menu slowdown, that sounds pretty strange.. how are the menus ingame, do they have the same problem? As for the keys issue.. I don't have a problem with the standard keys, and no one else has reported this either. Maybe it is your keyboard, so try changing the keyboard layout in the control options menu and see if this helps. Thanks, Rich.
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