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  1. Neyna

    Depth Test

    Oh damm i forgot to mention it ... But if is scene is static he should not have problems if he forgot it. Keep us informed if you resolv your problem. neyna
  2. Neyna

    Depth Test

    the other method is glClearDepth(1.0f); (function specifies the clear value for the depth buffer) If you dont enable blending, you don't need a blendFunc. And GL_ONE and GL_ALPHA_ONE is not the commune way for doing blending. All depend what king of blending you do ! blending is a way to melt some colors. For exemple, if you have one yellow pixel and one blue pixel one over the other, u can have a green pixel but setting blending. Transparency is a special use of blending and use the following parameters : (GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA) initialization : glClearDepth(1.0f); glDepthFunc(GL_LEQUAL); in ur draw code : glEnable(GL_DEPTH_TEST); it seems the good way of doing. How did you set the perspective? near and far plane are VERY important for z-buffer (it is in log2, so if near plane is near 0, the z-buffer has big problems with precision) hope that helps neyna
  3. So you maybe need a better 3D card. Whats ur model? ARB_multitexture is an extension for openGL 1.2 (or 1.3 maybe), it's quite "old" now. If you have a gforce3 or higher it must be good. (maybe does it work with a gforce2) hope that helps neyna --- EDIT ---- next time put a better subject like "missing opengl extension ARB_multitexture" and not "help me plz" because no one knows which subject is ur thread or which is your problem. So not many people will look.
  4. Neyna

    Depth Test

    Hi, can you post some code, to see when u set the depth testing and which function you use. (post some pseudo code plz) I don't understand why your model is transparent and with depth testing it disappears. Do you set an alpha lesser than 1.0f ? Do you set GL_BLENDING ? neyna
  5. Hi, we are many developpers ont this project. I merge with a friend which did a good cross platform application kernel with 3D sound, voice over IP, full network ( like multicast, IPv6..), custom rendering (openGL or directx)... I am responsible for the 3D part of the engine, and before i merge with him, i was using SDL for my engine. And i had a look to SDL_ttf , but i never test it. For the arial provided by microsoft, it has to be non free I think. What I need is an unicode font which is free of charge and not under the GPL licence. We still don't know which licence we will set for our project. We use only LGPL librairies as the moment like openAL or freetype2. So I will look at font at nonGnu.org (and i develop under debian ;p i have only one PC with windows to test it under this platform ) What i need is a font under a licence such as MIT or libpng. Quote: UTF-8 is a way to represent a Unicode string, you might need converters to/from ASCII/Unicode to use it in your engine. Ok i will look for one converter. Quote: However, that doesn't seem to be a concern with SDL_ttf; so you might want to give that a try. We don't use SDL anymore... I was the only one to want to use it. But now, why not only use one part of SDL ? But i think i'll look into some source code from ttf libs to see how it's possible to do unicode. But when i looked into sdl_ttf or FTGL i never see something about unicode. Thank you again for ur answer Neyna
  6. What i see is that arial unicode is for windows. But i think freetype is a standard. (I hope so) Will it work under linux too? my engine must be croos platform (and i am developping under linux) thxs neyna
  7. Hi, thank you for your answer. So i need a unicode version of arial for exemple. ok. Yes UTF-8 is for unicode. What do you mean by converter? Do i need a C lib to handle string in UTF-8 format? or something like that? (My engine is in C++, in my memory Java use unicode for the representation of its strings, whereas C uses ASCII.) I ll search immédiatly on google for converters for UTF-8. Thxs neyna
  8. Thxs for your answer. Maybe all the unicode can do 10Mb .. But i'm not sure. I have one font file (example Arial.ttf under windows or linux with openoffice) for french characters. And its not big. I think there are font file for each alphabet (latin, greek, russian, japanese, chinese ...). But i'm not sure again. Blizzard uses freetype for warcraft3 with all alphabet support. Does someone knowns how to write charaters other than ASCII ? I'd like to write some french or german words. Thank you in advance, neyna
  9. Hi, i will explain a bit more : i'd like to render character like é,è and € (euro). I mean all non ASCII characters. Unicode will be good, and iso-8895-xx will be the best. thxs for your time. Neyna
  10. Neyna

    FFT Water - Maths confusion!

    Sorry was me last poster. hope i helped u. neyna
  11. Hi all, here is a little problem I have. I follow the nehe's lesson 43 on freetype2 font and openGL, non problem. Now in my engine i can draw texts. But my question is : how to generate the unicode character, or better some iso 8859-xx ? Because with nehe's tutorial we generate the 127 ASCII characters. I looked in the freetype2 doc, but i didn't found it, and i didnt found it on the web using google too. Any help will be really appreciated. Neyna. [Edited by - Neyna on September 21, 2004 3:39:06 AM]
  12. Neyna

    weird C++ thingy

    Quote:Original post by Tobbe Like i discover that I use if then else instead of if else. or use = at comparisons instead of ==. and like that. if (..) {..} else {..} is commune to C/C++ In a if statement the operator for comparaison is == !! = is always the affectation. But u can do : if( a=10 ) {} it will be always true !! because it is equivalent to : if( (a=10) != 0 ) {} <=> if( a != 0 ) {} <=> if( 10 != 0 ) {} Theres no boolean in C/C++, 0 is false, the rest is true. neyna
  13. Neyna

    weird C++ thingy

    C++ is more powerfull than C but not for the reason you think. C++ use the object paradigm. I let you search about it. For tutorials go on : GameTutorials.com hope that helps neyna. ps : you are in a forum for beginner, continue to ask
  14. Neyna

    weird C++ thingy

    I understand it's hard. And c/c++ is not easy to begin because it's really near machine. I mean u play directly with memory. And functions are low-level. Try a more easier langage to start, like php (C-like but no memory allocation ...) or Visual basic (i hate it, but easy to learn) or even delphi (i hate it too). (i hate them because they are too simple i think, and only for windows) One advise, read tutorial on the web or buy a good book. Neyna
  15. Neyna

    weird C++ thingy

    Quote:Original post by Tobbe Btw, what's the difference between this: char blabla = 5; int blablabla = atoi(blabla); --- char blabla = 5; int blablabla = (int) blabla; The first method is the right way because atoi reads the buffer and look for an integer : buffer = [1,2,3,4,5,\0,..........] for exemple and then int blabla = 1*10^4+2*10^3+...5*10^0 if you cast it, u will have a very weird result because the byte will be read as an integer and not a string !!! for exemple : [1,2,\0, .... ] => 0x01 0x02 .... in hexa and if u cast it the integer will be 0x0102 , wich is not 12 but 1*16^2 + 2 = 258. Unnderstood ? i advise you to read a book about C/C++ programming and read carefully the representation of data in memory. Otherwise u will have a lot of problems ans you never will understand the pointers. Hope that helps. neyna --- EDIT i made things easy to understood, but '1' and '2' as char as not coded 0x01 and 0x02 in ASCII, but 0x01 + 0x30 (48 in decimal is ASCII code for 0 if my memory is good) [Edited by - Neyna on September 14, 2004 4:12:19 AM]
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