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    tic tac toe network game

    I think everyone has been forgetting one important thing here. He will need something to lock the board while its not there turn so they can just check all the spots on the board.
  2. the "Massively" part means nothing he wants to know what aspect of it that is so much more complicated, I cant give you a for sure answer because im not a guru but I would say that its some part of the server software of keeping everything in line and partly because of it requires quit a bit more graphics due to its larger scale.
  3. gamerscomplete

    First Group Game Underway!!

    Quoting grim_reaper7 "Winner of Tic Tac Toe competition gets full legal version of Visual Studio." SWEET deal sounds like everyone should get in on this.
  4. gamerscomplete


    I think that the answer is ' & ! \n R # " " SP as stated above but we just gotta decifer the meaning the \n and cap R and SP is just to coincidental to not have something to do with the answer perhaps its something like from the first part (' & ! \n ) is space and ! (not) \n (newline) or something to that effect anyway im still trying to decide
  5. gamerscomplete


    I think that the + and - may not deal directly with the numbers there next to, I still havnt quite figured out what they are for but I think there may only be one number from this whole string that is used. We just gotta figure out which one.
  6. gamerscomplete

    Online RPG

    Ive been reading the forums for about the past week and I just decided to register because I think that this post needs a reply. From all of the posts there was only about 2 productive posts in this entire thread. Is this really all the better you guys have to do this forum is for people that dont know how to do stuff to just put them down instead of helping. This just brings the old saying to my head "If you cant say anything nice (well my version) then just shut up" this guy had a legitimate question he wanted to know what he should learn to make a online rpg would it have killed you guys to post some help instead of derogitory comments? Anyway to his actual post. I also have my own web-based game that I programmed in PHP and MySql called Dark-Gate.com I also am getting into making my own MMORPG (and to all the great inspirations out there flame away because really just because you couldnt do it doesnt mean I wanna hear you tell me how I cant) having a prior knowledge of PHP will help you out because some of the syntax is similar and you will have the general idea of how programming works. I went to the bookstore and looked around the best one that I found while I was there was "Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days" with the complete compiler package so that you have everything you need to start learning. That book will teach you allot of things of C++ that you will need once you have mastered everything that book has offered move onto depending on your grasp of C++ that you feel you have gotten from sams book move to either a book more geared towards learning beginning game programming some of those will teach you allot of the syntax you will use for game programming you will be doing allot of reading all together though. Once you have read the game programming one move onto a 3d game programming book to learn how to make the 3d aspects of it. This is my method that im doing im working on the same sort of thing ive realized that I dont have enough knowledge for this project and I need to get it out as soon as possible so im assembling a team right now I have 2 3d modelers and working on a 3 programmers (all prior knowledge of gaming programming and the modelers game 3d modeling) If you want to contact me if you need some help or have some more questions or whatever my email is webmaster@dark-gate.com
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