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    Very Stupid Question

    You are missing a closing bracket "}" at the end. edit: this anonymous guy is really fast ;)
  2. i suppose you could create a interface, say, Renderable, and make theses two geometries implement it. this way you can always render Renderable objects.
  3. Hi.. I'm trying to run Hazy mind tutorials on .NET 2.0 but i can't make it work. Here's the code for my vertex group class, it compiles but it generates nothing on screen. The method ReloadResources is called on initialization and Render is called between BeginScene(); and EndScene(); using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using Microsoft.DirectX; using Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D; using Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.CustomVertex; using Microsoft.DirectX.Generic; namespace ClientEngine { public class EVertexGroup : EObject { private PositionTextured[] verts; private int[] inds; private Texture myTexture; private string myPath; private VertexBuffer vb; private IndexBuffer ib; public EVertexGroup(PositionTextured[] vertex, int[] index, string imagePath, Device myDevice) { verts = vertex; inds = index; myPath = imagePath; ReloadResources(myDevice); } public override void ReloadResources(Device myDevice) { myTexture = new Texture(myDevice, myPath); vb = VertexBuffer.CreateGeneric<PositionTextured>(myDevice, verts.Length, Usage.WriteOnly, PositionTextured.Format, Pool.Managed, null); GraphicsBuffer<PositionTextured> vertBuffData = vb.Lock<PositionTextured>(0, 0, 0); vertBuffData.Write(verts); vb.Unlock(); ib = new IndexBuffer(myDevice, inds.Length, Usage.WriteOnly, Pool.Default, false, null); GraphicsBuffer<int> indexBuffData = ib.Lock<int>(0, 0, 0); indexBuffData.Write(inds); ib.Unlock(); } public override void Render(Device myDevice) { myDevice.VertexFormat = PositionTextured.Format; myDevice.SetTexture(0, myTexture); myDevice.SetStreamSource(0, vb, 0); myDevice.Indices = ib; myDevice.DrawIndexedPrimitives(PrimitiveType.TriangleList, 0, 0, verts.Length, 0, inds.Length / 3); } } } Is this the right way to do things when one's using .NET 2.0? Thanks in advance! Leandro
  4. indieboy


    correct me if i'm wrong but i think Lineage II, the famous mmorpg, uses UE2 engine.
  5. indieboy

    [.net] C# game engine

    Thanks everyone! Right now i'm learning more about Irrlicht as Rob loach suggested me. It looks very good and easy-to-use, although there are some people complaining about lack of support and documentation. Saruman, i did looked at HADDD but it requires shaders 2.0, and my video board doesn't support it =(
  6. indieboy

    [.net] C# game engine

    Quote:Original post by Enselic Did you even try? :) Yes, i tried.. :( but, i couldn't find any good game engines. For example, the first page returned on google search refers to Exoengine, and this was quoted from their site: "Just a quick disclaimer before I go too far: please remember that this is just an old one-term university project thus don't get your expectations too high." so i was thinking in something more robust. What do you guys think of Axion (OGRE based) ? is it good? is it still active? Thanks in advance! PS: Thanks Rob loach, i'll take a look, but it seems irrlitch only covers video stuff, but i might be wrong...
  7. indieboy

    Time-Based movement is jittery...

    or you could use this: Canonical Game Loop
  8. Hey guys, I've been using c# at work, for web development, and now i would like to develop 3d games using c# too ;) Is there any good c# game engine (that manages 3D, physics, sound, etc) out there? Thanks!
  9. indieboy

    Libraries for Game Development

    Free Game Development Libraries also, Free C plus plus Projects
  10. indieboy

    SQL Databases

    if you use mysql, you can embed it on your app so you don't have to bother start/stop it. Also, you can use SQLite, which is very simple and useful for simple projects. One feature you may find acttractive (or not) is that an entire database is fit on a single file.
  11. buffer overflows, here: http://www.maths.leeds.ac.uk/~read/bofs.html
  12. Quote:Original post by Fuzztrek First of all, it's pretty useless to be concerned at all with statistics. They're good for certain purposes, but as for figuring out what visitors of your site are going to be equipped with - don't bother. hey, i think statistics are a useful way to find out about your visitors.
  13. you are right! it is called when it is created. what you have to do is to create some sort of loop on ThreadProc and you will see it ir running alongside winmain. The way it is, it does nothing so it the thread dies immediatelly.
  14. on phpCalendar they have a separate table for repeats and then they calculate on php the events order. Also i'am writing a newsletter engine, on which the user may schedule the email delivery: - send one time only - daily-basis - weekly-basis (with an option to select several days on the same week) - monthly-basis (with option to select a specific day or a relative day, eg. first monday of the month) i calculate the next time a email has to be sent using php, not mysql. i don't know if there's a way to do that with queries.
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