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  1. I also compile much too often. Not only that, I will make a back up of my project, it will be called "Junk" and then the project name. I will edit the "Junk" file, until I have made a fully functional upgrade to the program, and save the "Junk" file as the normal file itself, and then continue editing the "Junk" file with my next idea. Also, if the idea I am currently working on is huge and there are many things I need to implement before it is ready, I will save "checkpoint" files, as I go through the idea. Every time I complete a vital section of the idea, I will save it as "CP", which means checkpoint, and then a number corresponding to the checkpoint number it is, and then the file name. When the complete idea is coded, I'll re-save the "Junk" file to the normal file, and delete all the "CP" files. I do this so I don't have to go back to the very beginning of the idea if I mess up horribly in the middle of the idea. I am a very unconfident programmer, and fear dysfunctional code. My worst fear is having to rewrite an entire program.
  2. Oh, I used angle brackets. Oh my goodness man, it all works now with quotation marks. Thanks, I love you.
  3. Okay, so I wrote a header file and included it in the main source file of my project, but when I compile the program, it says, "Cat.hpp: No such file or directory." Anyone know why this is? The main source file and the header file are both in the same directory.
  4. So do I just install SDL or glut and they are used automatically or do I have to use them manually every time I code. Is there like a command in C++ that allows for usage of them? I have taken ALG I and II, and Geometry, and gotten A's in all of them which is good because they were advanced placement, and I'll be taking advanced placement Trig next semester as well. Cool name, Sr. Guapo. Unfortunately, mine would probably be Sr. Tonto, lol.
  5. firstly, what is SDL, Win32, and Glut, what are those? Secondly, are vectors and all that covered in regular mathematics, like calculus, trig, and precalculus, or do I need to take some special "type" of math. Because that's all I have left to take, I have taken everything else and will have it all done by the end of high school. thirdly, no, I don't want commercial quality games, I just enjoy coding and would like to make some of my own, possibly shareware, but I am not putting my expectations too high. I would, however, like to get a job in a game development company somday. Once again I would like to thank all of you for taking your time to reply to this thread.
  6. "wide" not "deep" is correct. If the openGl functions are in the C language, will that make it tougher, or will knowing C++ suffice? Ok, I will try the Nehe tutorials. Thanks to everyone who replied to this thread.
  7. actually I do have more than 2 years in programming, just not programming with C++. I have been coding in DarkBASIC Professional for 3 years, and in C++ for like 8 months. But I guess you're right, I probably should do some more coding in C++ before I go into openGL. I do, however have a slight problem... there are no more C++ coding classes available at my High School. There are 2 Java courses available which I will be taking my Junior year. If I want to further my knowledge in C++ I will have to teach myself using a book or pay for a class at TVI... hmmm
  8. oh, function calls which allow for sound and graphics? okay, that makes more sense. Thanks.
  9. I just finished my sophomore year in High School and I finished a C++ programming class and have a pretty wide understanding of it. Now I'm ready to combine it with OpenGL so that I can start writing games with graphics and sound. How does all that work? Is openGL a programming language itself? or just an add on to C++ and you are still coding in C++ with more commands that come with the openGL add-on? That whole thing is confusing to me and I am uneasy stepping into untouched territory without a basic understanding of it.
  10. Guhill

    Take the geek test

    I got a 23.5% - Geek. I'm restricted to my geekiness due to being a minor. Once I'm an adult, my parents will not be able to hold me back from being a Geek God. I think the funniest question was when they asked who knew the "dreaded blue screen of death"
  11. Guhill

    Take the geek test

    the geek test at
  12. Well, I've decided to leave DarkBASIC in the dust and move on to C++, since its the worldwide programming language. If you know it, you're all set as a programmer. Also, if I want to be taken seriously as a programmer, I have to quit this beginners language and move on to something of a higher level. I have just bought a C++ book from Barnes & Noble, it comes with a C++ compiler, and all the code examples in the book are on the CD as well. The book is called "Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours". It has 24 chapters, and each chapter has examples and such, that will supposedly each take one hour to learn. I'm finally getting into some real shit(pardon my French). So here I go, on an adventure of a lifetime, and I will break through any roadblocks that get in my way, no matter how big they are.
  13. Does anyone know of a good place to get free web hosting that allows files up to 10 megabytes in size? Because the free hosting I'm using won't allow files bigger than 1 megabyte, and now I can't upload my game. And I hate freewebs, so don't suggest freewebs. Just for referece for you guys the hosting I WAS using is at 0 Catch
  14. thanks everyone. Greatly appreciated.
  15. that's the thing, I don't know how to do that. So if someone will be so kind as to tell me the tag for creating links, I will be on my way.
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