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    Constructional critism please.

    I think it's a great piece! I think you have your concept down and are focusing on an older classic style, which is good! However, I do think you are being hindered but not by your talent. I believe that the program you are using doesn't have the quality of sound that would express this piece and do this the most justice. I don't think it's chaotic at all. Reminds me of Castlevania music, particularly Symphony of the Night. Especially the way you are using the piano! Great work! I just think that if you had a better program, your work would stand out a lot more. When I moved from fruity loops to Reason, I immediately heared a huge difference in my work. Keep up the good work, you are well on your way!
  2. I haven't been on this site in a very long time, but I figured I'd ask you all for some feedback on my music to see what you guys think. Thanks in advance, you've always given me honest feedback and it's most appreciated. ^_^ www.reginaldlseayjr.com
  3. lyricist13gd

    Whats the Diffrence?

    Yea, and for that matter, check out Lunar - Silver Star Story, and Lunar 2 - Eternal Blue (playstation 1). They have songs with lyrics on them. So any song can be used for a video game really. It just has to fit the mood of whatever it's used for. I get wierd reactions when i say that i listen to game music. People for some reason think of the old 8 bit mario brothers music and think that this is what i listen to on a regular, like that's as far as game music goes. Sometimes i feel like getting smart with them and want to say something like "yea, i put the first mario stage music to my new 3d movie yesterday and it was awesome, and tonight, i'm gonna make love to my girl with the 8 bit princess toadstool music in the back ground." but i don't, but it's very tempting. ^_^ but in conclusion, game music can be anything, any genre, any types of sounds, whatever will fit the mood a theme can also be game music. There's a game called mugen that u can download online and customize with whatever mp3's you have. I use to mess with it in college. i use to put some of my favorite anime, rap, and rock mp3's to different stages and play for hours. it was great. So, once again, anything can be game music.
  4. lyricist13gd

    OM: Battle Theme

    Ok, You're Trying to put together a Battle Theme. You have a great start in a sense that you have something perfect to back up some really intense melodies with possibly some trumpets complimented by maybe a french horn for that hero's call type of theme. Personally, i would say that you need some instruments playing some sticcato notes to intensify what you already have, and then you need to just fill your orchestra. Unfortunately, i'm not feeling the drive by what you have so far, fortunately, it's not over yet. You have a great set up to make something magical. You have some amazing essential background complimentary sounds going, but you need to intensify your song with some more instruments. In other words, what you need now is some instruments that are going to express the clashes, horrors, and triumphs of battle. An example of my own is at this link. www.soundclick.com/lyricist13 Listen to my song called "RLSJr - First Anim. Demo Reel Main Theme". The last half of this song has a major battle scene style end. When you listen, make sure to listen to how i use various instruments to express an intensify feeling. I personally use trumpets for that a lot being that i use to play trumpet in highschool. I've found that trumpets are very well complimented by french horns for a hero's style song, But not for a dark foe's style song. These are some tips to help you to make your song amazing. Please post your song again so we can see your progress. If you have any questions, you know you can ask me or any of us on this site. ^_^ much luck and success! Keep up the good work! [Edited by - lyricist13gd on July 6, 2005 9:24:24 PM]
  5. thank you much Crispy. hadn't been on the net in a while, but thank you much. ^_^
  6. Artist name : Lyricist13 http://www.soundclick.com/bands/1/lyricist13music.htm For more information on me and what i do, please click on "Main Band Page" on the right side under quick links.
  7. lyricist13gd

    Please come in and comment on my new song...

    Hey, I commend you on your efforts thus far! only being 15, that's commendable! Now's a great time to get your creative juices flowing! Now, in order to be an even greater musician, listen to as many styles of music that u can. Soundclick.com is a great source of listenning to rare types of music as well as current popular styles. Sometimes i listen to things i normally wouldn't, just to try to understand the method behind the music and what makes it unique. This will also help your own music to grow. Just keep messing around with whatever sounds you can (even sounds you normally wouldn't use) and you'll find so many more uses for whatever sounds/instruments you may find. Keep up the good work! I look foward to hearing more in the future. Take care! Don't let anyone try to bring you down and you'll succeed. You've got the talent, now all you need is the tools and experience. Good Luck! ^_^
  8. lyricist13gd

    Please come in and comment on my new song...

    The Samples in Reason are all high quality aiff files. These are pretty much multi-layered samples that react the way the instrument would (for the most part). there's more info on aiff files in the game dictionary section of this site. But before choosing Reason, know that you'll be getting more involved into the Audio Engineering Aspect of music making and not just putting sounds together. It'll take you a while to really get the hang of it, but once you do, it'll be a world of fun. Download a demo of it from www.propellerheads.se and check it out. You can't really make your own song with the demo, but you can see how it's used. You actually don't need a keyboard for this program (full version, not demo). Remember, pressing tab will flip the whole rack so you can see the back of the units. Reason 3 comes out in a few days or so. so if you want to purchase reason, i suggest waiting for 3 to arrive. And there is an adapted version, which is a slimmed down version, but i don't recommend it. most people evntually go for the full version. Remember, making you're best musical pieces is all about how comfortable you are with what you're using. ^_^
  9. lyricist13gd

    Please come in and comment on my new song...

    First thing's first, You've got a world of "Great Ideas". I personally think that you need something of higher sample/sound quality. It sounds like early snes music (but come on, legend of zelda still rains as some of the best) because it is basic sounds but not a lot of depth (and the sound samples used/ need of chords).I think if you had something with better sounds, whether it's a program or better keyboard or whatever, then all of your ideas will come out so much better. Right now, it seems to me that your trying to get more quality out of something that is not going to exactly give you what you want. My personal journey was on a PC going from fruity loops to Reason. but that was me. You may have a different path that you want to take, and there's nothing wrong with that. But back to you song, keep it up!!! You're doing well so far! The only thing to do now is to keep generating ideas, try to find something of higher quality, experiment, and go for it! Check out a few of mine. I would have never been able to do these without switching programs and growing as a musician. Im telling you, once you get that magical device (or program) that takes away all limits, you're going to soar! http://www.soundclick.com/bands/1/lyricist13music.htm
  10. well, i have absolutely no game programming experience and i don't have much understanding about what all goes into programming a videogame. i've got 3 goals finished in my quest for game knowledge (3D animation/music/writing) and now it's time for me to embark into my final goal in the learning process. What is it that i need to program a videogame? What programming system is best to sart with? What's the most universal program? what books might help? Many questions, i know, but please take a little time to point me into the right direction (cuz i'm lost.......reeeeeeeal lost ^_^).
  11. lyricist13gd

    Teach Me Everything :-)

    if you're looking for a program to make music with, i do have a suggestion. I personally started out making music using fruityloops 1, then moved to 3, now i use Reason (yes he went there lol). that was my personal journey. I recommend fruityloops because it taught me how to put basic sounds together. unfortunately it is very limited in what you can do, but it's a start to learn just the music creation part so that your ear and mind become better at putting sounds together. There are newer versions of FL that have expanded a lot more, but i don't personally look at fruityloops as a proffessional digital studio. that's why i moved to Reason. little did i know, using reason strengthens your ear for such things as audio clipping (engineering term for distortion) and allows you to do anything you want and also join it together with other programs using a feature called rewire that is built into it (but this program does cost a pretty penny - www.propellerheads.se). there are many programs to use out there for music generation actually. i suggest downloading demo versions of many programs and see which one fits you (and your style(s) of music) best. You could also probably download FL through a share program (not that i reccommend that, but it's possible). back at college it seemed like everyone and their grandmother had FL. finding reason through a share program, well, you have a better chance at saving a gay whale. but it's really up to you and what you would like to do. i've just recently been enlightened to something called a tracker program. i've never used them, but maybe you might find some use for them. but make sure you're having fun while doing it in whichever program or media you choose (believe it or not, some people forget about having fun with their art). So there are my suggestions and i wish you the best of luck.
  12. lyricist13gd

    Instruments and the moods they create....

    Propellerhead user update 1 user: EditEd4TV There's as few that I use on a regular basis, and some that I always fall back on now and then, so here are a few of those, in no particular order: Rhodes: with substantial chorus and reverb, for a very lonely and melancholy feel. Dang I just realized a song I wanted to show you is not on my SoundClick page... I'll make an MP3 of it and post it there within a few minutes... look for "Were You The One" (see link below) - it's a decent example of how I love to hear a Rhodes make your heart spin. Hammond A3/B3 with distortion is powerful, but you gotta know how to play it right, from choppy funky percussive slap fills with your left hand as your right hand does the chords, to fat chromatic rushes up the keys prior to the downbeat, and mushy dives down the keys after a big powerful section. Go back to the late 70's / early 80's work of Eddie Jobson with "UK" to hear who I considered the best at this, especially the "Danger Money" album, the last song called "Carrying No Cross"... LOVE that song. Accordian: wacky fun, bouncy polka on A minor, love it. Glockenspiel: add's a bit of clarity to a melody line lost on a soft pad, just to accentuate the notes and bring them forward. Analog strings: a nice warm pad sound hidden behind an NNXT with authentic strings can add the warmth that digital samples sometimes lack. You know, I'm realizing that I'm talking more technical use than mood use. Perhaps I lean more towards using any instrument for any mood, but modify it to fit the mood I need. For example, a flute can be a jazzy sort of thing, but it can be soft as well, but soft in different ways. I have two songs that use flute in different ways... "Lunch at the Salton Sea" uses a flute, and so does "The Moon Behind the Clouds", but they both convey different moods. Different flutes, but still a flute, and different moods. Both on my SoundClick page if you wanna hear. user: MRMRKELLY My music is usually more drum orientated than melodic, so i tend get a "Im gonna kick your butt" type feel in most of my songs. I do find that synth (pad) sounds normally create a very "open minded-ness" and lonely/cold type of feel. I could go on, but there are endless amounts of sounds which set off certain feelings and emotion in me. Generally, i just think that a lot of care and attention should be paid when selecting more than 1 instrument for a song.
  13. What are some instruments that you use in your music composing and what moods do you use them for. For example, French horn - i use it to set the mood of a hero. Sometimes i use it as a triumphant lead with trumpets backing it up. Piano - Universal; any mood you want is perfect on the piano. Trumpet - great for intense action. I use it to highten the mood of the song. Violins - great for passion/mornful type moods. So this is a few examples of what i use myself. Please pitch in so that we all can learn and get new ideas from eachother on this road to our dreams. Feel free to post as much as you want. it's all very well appreciated. i'm gonna try to put the same post on the propellerheads users forum and copy and paste back and forth so that both communities can converse.
  14. lyricist13gd

    Is anybody writing Tracker music?

    ok, this'll probably sound real dumb, but. What the heck is a tracker program? What do u mean tracker? yup, now wasn't that a stupid question. so please reply lol ^_^
  15. Hey everbody at gamedev. i was on here once before asking for feedback. well life's been real busy, but i managed to tweak out and expand on some things of the song i was trying to strengthen. Please check it out. it'll probably sound familiar to the people that have visited my little site before, but trust me, the changes make this song a lot better. thanks again for the feedback to those that gave way back in august. (looong time ago ^_^) here's the site again. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/1/lyricist13music.htm in the future i plan to post more songs, so please occasionally visit. one more thing. What the heck genre would the style of horror music fall under. it's killing me to find out. lol
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