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  1. jmutch


    luv ya 2
  2. jmutch


  3. jmutch

    Leveling up?

    You still playing, arch?
  4. jmutch

    Leveling up?

    Have any idea how to validate my account? PS: I think my old account got deleted. ...had a lot of good stuff on it... *sniff*
  5. jmutch

    Entry #32

    Up now. I think that my account is lost though, since I entered a fake email. However, I just created a new account with a real email. The only thing is that these are the instructions to validate the account: '/' ÀÀ¿ë ÇÁ·Î±×·¥¿¡ ¼­¹ö ¿À·ù°¡ ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ¸®¼Ò½º¸¦ ãÀ» ¼ö ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù. ¼³¸í: HTTP 404. ã°í ÀÖ´Â ¸®¼Ò½º ¶Ç´Â ÇØ´ç ¸®¼Ò½º¿¡ Á¾¼ÓµÇ¾î ÀÖ´Â ¸®¼Ò½º ÁßÀÇ Çϳª°¡ Á¦°ÅµÇ¾ú°Å³ª À̸§ÀÌ º¯°æµÇ¾ú°Å³ª, ÀϽÃÀûÀ¸·Î »ç¿ëÇÒ ¼ö ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù. ¾Æ·¡ URLÀÇ Ã¶ÀÚ°¡ Á¤È®ÇÑÁö È®ÀÎÇϽʽÿÀ. ¿äûÇÑ URLÀÔ´Ï´Ù.: /members/verifycode.aspx linky ????
  6. jmutch

    what happened?

    Right click the desktop and go to properties. Click the appearance tab and there should be a color scheme menu, I recommend the silver theme.
  7. jmutch

    Entry #32

    It wasn't just me! I heard they're changing the accounts so that you need to enter a real email adress. I really need to change my bogus adress before my account is deleted. = EDIT: oh yeah, the korean, chinese, and japanese parts of their site seems to work fine.
  8. jmutch

    I'm alive

    Did you ever kill that iron pig?
  9. How do you comment in journals? I still don't know how. :(
  10. jmutch


    I'm also level 21 right now. I asked Mushu if anyone from gamedev stunk as bad as me, and well, your name came up.
  11. jmutch


    Well, he's level 30 and played till 12:30 am. I think the Maple-Doubting Squad has nothing to fear.
  12. jmutch

    Entry #28

    Link didn't work for me either. PS: hothead, I gave you a rating++.
  13. jmutch

    Entry #28

    Sounds a lot like my life right now... oh yeah, try uninstalling maplestory.
  14. jmutch

    Entry #22.m

    [imwithstupid] That was me.
  15. jmutch

    Entry #21.m

    I'm at victoria Island, and I'm a level 10 begginer. Man, I need a lot of money mesos.
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