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  1. NCSURedstorm

    Yet another music composer desiring feedback

    I like, I wish I could get my songs sounding like that.
  2. NCSURedstorm

    Anyone interested in making a music critique group?

    I personally think tracking the number of songs a user critiques, and then based on that allowing him to post his own song or not is the best. The honor system won't work on the internet, have moderators try to keep track of it will eventually not work once it becomes too popular. I really don't see another way to go about it, unless you just let it run free.
  3. NCSURedstorm

    Anyone interested in making a music critique group?

    It wouldn't be too hard to keep track of what everyone's rated. Each person would have a field in the datebase for their username, and it would just need to be incremented whenever they critiqued someone, then checked when they try to post a song.
  4. NCSURedstorm

    Anyone interested in making a music critique group?

    Theres nothing wrong with a yahoo group. It's free, if you keep it moderated and watch your members then you won't get spammers, you have file space, it's easy, where's the downside?
  5. NCSURedstorm

    Music For Games Here

    I liked those, what did you use to create them?
  6. NCSURedstorm

    Anyone interested in making a music critique group?

    What about a yahoo group?
  7. NCSURedstorm

    Anyone interested in making a music critique group?

    I think it's a great idea and would like to help.
  8. NCSURedstorm

    Hollywood-style music :)

    Very good job. You do great work, now if I could only get my stuff to sound that good, but then again, I did just start out. Good job :)
  9. NCSURedstorm


    I'm fairly new to the home recording studio, so forgive me if I sound like a complete n00b. I posted a few weeks ago the first song I tried to do on the computer, and in the post I stated that I had to do it all by hand because I didn't have a keyboard yet. Well, I'm able to buy one now, but I'm not really sure what I'm looking at. I would like to only spend around $200-$300. I went to Sam Ash and looked at their keyboards, alot of them are too pricey($1000-$3000), some of them were too cheap(sub $100, no touch sensitivety, no MIDI In/Out), and then right in the middle of the two were things like the Yamaha PSR292 or Casio WK-3000. They had all the stuff I need, and were in my price range. But then in the back of the store they had the home audio center with all the MIDI controllers for just as much or more than the keyboards I mentioned above, but they had all the cool little buttons and stuff. Basically my question is this: Why would I invest in a MIDI controller instead of a keyboard? It seems to me that a keyboard would be better since I can play it without having to hook it up to the computer, like I would the controller. BUt, the controller did have all the cool little nobs, but you can do all that in the software program. Thanks for any help. Current setup(I know, needs upgrading, but I'm a poor college student and this will work for now ) : AMD Duron 800 256 MB RAM 40 Gig HD Been using Reason 2.5, but a friend of mine Recently gave me his old copy of Cubase SX(said he didn't need it anymore but I didn't ask any questions). Which one do you guys prefer? Thanks
  10. NCSURedstorm


    Thanks man. I just wanted an opinion on it so far, didn't want to keep working on something that sucked. About it building up, I had a couple of ideas early on about it building up to something, but it never sounded right. I think it was more of my lack of ability in Reason, than it not sounding good, or maybe the samples and stuff I was working with. I'll finish this one, and hopefully by then I'll have gotten good enough at Reason to make something better. Thanks :)
  11. NCSURedstorm

    New musician looking for work?

    I liked the first one, thought it was good. The third one I thought had a cool intro, but then it kinda fell apart at about 0:27 into the song, after the thunder. The drum part kinda ruined it for me, and the guy going "hoy" or whatever it is. I think if the guy wasn't there talking, and the drums weren't so techno maybe, a little deeper, like a bass drum and floor tom. The other parts of the song are cool. Just my opinion though.
  12. NCSURedstorm


    http://www4.ncsu.edu/~bajackso/firstsong.mp3 As you can tell by the song name, it's a working title, this is my first song. As everyone else does, here is some background info: Piano lessons for about 9 years Gave piano lessons for a while Taught myself the guitar Have a drum set, though I don't play it that often This was my first song on the computer. Used Reason, wrote notes in by hand cause I don't have a keyboard yet and nobody, that I know of, has an adapter for an upright acoustic grand to midi connection :(. Computer Science major and NC State, intersted in game development. The song is nowhere near complete, in fact, in kinda just ends abrubtly. I think it could be better, alot better, but first song I wrote on the computer while trying to learn how to use reason, and not to meantion I don't have a midi keyboard which I'm assuming would make this about 1000x easier. Anyways, go gentle :)
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