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  1. Keith P Parsons

    3D Exponential Shadow Maps

    Does any one have a working demo of exponential shadow maps? I'm working on some back scatter code and I need a quick way to generate soft shadows in the volume. With my current implementation of exponential shadows I'm finding that blurring the exponential shadow buffer decreases the size of the shadowed area but isn't creating any soft edges. Found a link to the original implementation by Marc Salvi but is seems to be broken.
  2. Keith P Parsons

    dx11 api dx12 implementation

    Yeah. This is it. Got the impressions this was just for passing buffers back and forth. Thanks all!
  3. Keith P Parsons

    dx11 api dx12 implementation

    Sadly no. What I'm looking for is a directx 12 wrapper with a directx 11 interface.
  4. I seem to remember seeing a version of directx 11 sdk that was implemented in directx12 on the microsoft website but I can't seem to find it anymore. Does any one else remember ever seeing this project or was it some kind off fever dream I had? It would be a nice tool for slowly porting my massive amount of directx 11 code to 12 overtime.
  5. I'm looking at the follow paper which describes low res particle rendering in Destiny. The paper mentions rendering a separate buffer besides particle color that contains the start and end depth at which a pixel goes from transparent to fully opaque. Getting the start depth is just a matter of getting the resulting depth buffer since I'm rendering particles from back to front. What I'm not sure on is how to get the depth value for full opacity. Is there a generally accepted way of rendering this value? I'm wondering if i would need to use some kinda of UAV buffer operation when rendering particles to get the final depth value.
  6. Keith P Parsons

    Converting image filter in fourier space to image space

    Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I was looking for.
  7. Say I have an equation for a low pass image filter that is applied in Fourier space ( exp(-f) ) . How would I go about determining what this filter would look like in pixel space? Is there some way to come up with a sample pattern using a discrete inverse fourier transform?
  8. I'm trying to create a  C++ unity like plugin system where a user can define a class derived from a standard bass class (think MonoBehaviour) and add class variables to an inspector style menu (think public class variable). I can't pass along a pointer to a member variable from a undefined class so I'm wondering how the main program could be made aware of the dll defined class members. Is this even possible in C++?  
  9. Keith P Parsons

    Tessellated ocean with no culling artifacts.

    The wireframe view is just to demonstrate that the image is of a ocean surface. The second image is were I'm having the issue. I'm not culling either side of the ocean triangles but  from above I shouldn't be able to see any backface pixels (red) which should only be visible under the ocean.
  10. I'm trying to determine which parts of my ocean surface are are under or above water from the camera view. My geometry is created from tessellated quads and SV_IsFrontFace is used in the pixel shader to see if I should use  underwater fogging and other effects. The problem is that even well above the ocean surface some pixels are being flagged as back faces when they should not be visible. Does anyone know what might be causing this?   The back faces are rendering in red in the images.   [attachment=33692:ocean2.png]   [attachment=33693:ocean1.png]       float4 OceanMaskPS(bool front : SV_IsFrontFace) : SV_Target {     if (front)         return float4(1.0 ,0.0, 0.0, 1);     else         return float4(1.0 1.0, 1.0, 1); }
  11. Keith P Parsons

    Footware at work

    A lot of incite here. This cropped up cause someone stepped on something and got their foot hurt. At least I hope it's not the smelly socks thing.
  12. Keith P Parsons

    Footware at work

    Thanks for the incite. If there is no support for sock wearers I guess I'll have to pick up some sandals.
  13. Keith P Parsons

    Footware at work

    I work at a smallish simulation company that just instituted are requirement to wear footwear through out the office. I usually take off my boots when I get in, sit Indian style at my desk and will occasional walk to the microwave in my socks. Just wondering if the footwear requirement think is common thing for software companies?
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