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  1. Terlenth

    MMO Elitism - A Major Problem for the Industry?

    Quote:Original post by Cambios Quote:Original post by Terlenth I think the crux of the position on hardcore players versus casual (and the perspective of there being snot nosed elite players) is that there is content that "casual" players want to be able to access. However they don't want to put the time in. And, really the time doesn't need to be all at once like it used to have to be. No, that's not the crux. First of all, these are games we are talking about. "Putting the time in" is a work concept. Second of all, why should these "casuals" have to run the same set of dungeons 20 times each just to have the gear to be able to enjoy the other new content. For a lot of people, 1 or 2 times through the same dungeon is enough and then they want something new. Hard core players (like myself, honestly) don't mind 10+ runs of the same dungeon to get the Cloak of Super Critical Hits. As I said before, it's the HOBBY concept. I have yet to meet ANYONE who does not "put the time in" for their hobby. And, if you don't think that. Then name a hobby you don't put the time in for? I'll list my hobbies: -Running (4-5 hours a week) -Ultimate (6-8 hours a week) -Working out (6-8 hours a week) -Gaming (this one is the variant) And, for the same activities I'll do the same thing over and over again. Everything in life requires you put some time into it to do it. That's how it is.
  2. Terlenth

    MMO Elitism - A Major Problem for the Industry?

    I think the crux of the position on hardcore players versus casual (and the perspective of there being snot nosed elite players) is that there is content that "casual" players want to be able to access. However they don't want to put the time in. And, really the time doesn't need to be all at once like it used to have to be. The issue that "hardcore" raid groups don't want "casuals" is due to the attitude from the "casual" players that they deserve to be dragged along (and I do mean dragged as the vast majority of "casual" players tend to make the small mistakes that cause a 2 hour run to be an 8 hour run). No one "deserves" anything in this world. You got to work at it. And I think most "casual" stick around because there's enjoyment still to be had out there. Just in different ways. Plus some even hope that they'll be the "elite" at some point or other...
  3. Terlenth

    Pop goes the speakers.

    The other option, though I'm not sure if you're experiencing this or not (I am however) are intermittent pops... It's somewhat rhythmic but will go away occasionally. It's not quick but it's about a pop a second or so. If that's the case (at least from my limited understanding of speakers and what happened the last time I experienced it). Might be time for new speakers...
  4. Terlenth

    MMO Elitism - A Major Problem for the Industry?

    I know I'm going to come off as the elitist gamer that I used to be but. Reading up on any hobby is the norm. Especially if you want to be really good at it. And that in my perspective is what gaming is, a hobby. I also play Ultimate and guess what? I read up on everything I can about throwing techniques and then I practice them. Why? So that I can be better at it. There will always be someone out there who's done it first or can do it better than you. Or even just people out there who will discuss their own points of view. That's what makes you better. In reference to WoW, yes there are people out there that want you to have read up on things. Why? So that they can play the game too. To them playing the game doesn't involve constantly restarting the same encounter countless times due to mistakes that are easily corrected. Anyone, and I mean anyone can raid as long as they put the reading in. It really isn't that hard a game...
  5. Terlenth

    Snow driving

    Quote:Original post by Mithrandir Quote:Original post by Talroth Biggest and best tip I've ever heard for driving in bad weather? DON'T No, really, if it is bad weather with hazardous driving conditions, then keep your ass home. Sorry, some of us have jobs we need to keep. Remember, this is capitalism in a recession. Workers who are too scared to come into work because of a little bad weather will have that counted against them when it comes time to do the next round of layoffs. Sucks to work where you do... As I know and have been told by my employers they'd rather I take a day off (work from home if possible) than wind up in a ditch because of some idiot who doesn't know how to drive in the snow. Last Friday there were a tonne of collisions, spin-outs and plows driving snow off an overpass onto the freeway below... Happened Sunday as well (just not as badly) and it looks like it'll happen again today as well (also not as badly). I came into work against my employers wishes because I have things to do... But, was told that I should stay home due to weather...
  6. Terlenth

    WoW: Wrath of Lich King

    Quote:Original post by NBlaine I understand where you're coming from. I don't mind discussing it or listening to other discuss it, but in moderation. I just start having a problem with it when it's the only thing talked about "around the water cooler", you know what I mean? :) I hear ya. By the way, did you hear the Naxx is uber easy... I mean... Wait wrong water cooler ;)
  7. Terlenth

    WoW: Wrath of Lich King

    Quote:Original post by NBlaine Quote:Original post by Iron Chef Carnage My pal across town pretty much fell off the radar at midnight on release day, and was out of the world for a few days. He's back to a fairly regular pattern of playing and inhabiting the really real world, but for a while he was totally unable to discuss anything else. Infuriating. I had some co-workers at a previous job that would do this. All they would talk about was WoW. And I agree that it is infuriating. I play WoW, but I consider myself more a casual player (I play primarily in the evenings after work for an hour or so and on the weekends; will take me weeks to get to 70 let alone 80 lol, I'm still in the 60's). Well again, from this perspective... It's the same as someone talking about their fantasy football league, or their woodworking hobby. People tend to talk about their hobbies with other people who share said hobby. I knew a lot of people who found that exceedingly annoying and that's because they either weren't interested in it or didn't understand it. For me it's the same if a bunch of people start going off about fantasy football or some other hobby of which I know absolutely nothing or care to know absolutely nothing
  8. Terlenth

    WoW: Wrath of Lich King

    I'm a bit of a "WoW Head". I wouldn't say I'm necessarily addicted, but I do partake in raid content and so forth. I had my wisdom teeth the day after the release (completely coincidental actually) and ended up being able to level to 80 while under the influence of Vicodin(sp?). Really, you can and pretty much do level up by completing quests. It's a heck of a lot quicker and more fun than just the grind. The expansion is really fun, and it's definitely not the same learning curve as the other two versions. There's a lot more flexibility and ease to it these days. Quote:Original post by polymorphed Quote:Original post by Sirisian Only 1 level 70? From watching my friends play the game and talking about all their 70s and such I've been told it only takes 3 weeks to get a level 70. I mean this girl that I went to highschool with started playing WoW and hit level 70 after a month of just playing casually. One thing is for sure, the word "casual" has different meanings in the real world and WoW world. I once knew a guy who considered 10 hours a day to be a sane amount of gaming time. Oh and those 3 weeks to reach level 70...that REALLY IS 3 weeks, all 504 hours of 'em. [grin] I know I'm a stickler for details, but it definitely does not take 21 days to level like that... 5 days of game time maybe 7 to level from 1 to 70. I won't say that the girl who leveled in 3 weeks was necessarily being casual about it all as that would mean about 8 hours a day... [grin] For most people, including myself, it's a hobby where you get to interact with people and have a bit of fun. yeah, our sense of fun MAY be completely messed up... But, we like it. Quote:Original post by Nytegard Honestly, I use to play WoW, and I did quit and am never coming back. Despite my feelings about the game, it wasn't WoW that drove me away. It was the community. (Nothing against the people who play it here, but it was with the people who existed on my server.) Just out of curiousity... but you didn't happen to play on Dethecus did you?
  9. Terlenth

    Podcast Webcomic

    Hey all, I figured I should ask here as this is a pretty good smattering of different styles and such (and the reason for using this forum is that I didn't really see another forum this would fall into). I've been writing this story for about 7 or 8 years now, point form mainly, going back and forth, getting busy etc. But, now I'd like to actually sit down and do something with it. What I was thinking was to do a "Radio Show" style, similar to the War of the Worlds type deal, podcast of the story. It's mainly a chronicle of events as seen by one of the characters. The main reason for this is, I haven't seen much of that out there... I'm not particularly confident in my own writing skills to be able to properly write a blog to this extent, and my artistic skills are non-existent. So, I guess my question is... In lieu of a webcomic, would people be interested in seeing the above come to life. That is, a 1 - 2 minute podcast (maybe more, just not sure really yet as to format) of someone telling a story. Thanks for the input, and if there is a more appropriate forum for this please point me in that direction.
  10. Terlenth

    World of Warcraft Players Unite

    Galirn - Lvl 70 Alliance Shaman, Dethecus Galirn - Lvl 60 Alliance Paladin, Argent Dawn And various mini-alts that I don't spend too much time playing. Don't have many stories either... Played since Open Beta, taking breaks here and there.
  11. Quote:Original post by Promit Personally I always thought sleep didn't take up enough of my time.Quote:now: 12 hrs work 8 hrs off 4 hrs sleepSo...game industry stays exactly the same? They'd remove time somewhere ;)
  12. Terlenth

    Show Your Cooking Skills

    Quote:Original post by Moe I'll have to remember to post my pizza dough recipe. It's brain-dead simple, and seems quite difficult to screw up. Would be nice, kind of made a huge mess when trying to pull it together... Though me and flour don't seem to like to mix too much... lol
  13. Terlenth

    Show Your Cooking Skills

    Quote:Original post by programmermattc Quote:Original post by Terlenth Also made a homemade pizza with Alfredo sauce, chicken, mushrooms, onions, feta cheese, spinach and garlic. That sounds awesome! Do you make your own dough or buy pizza dough? The recipe I'm making next weekend is basically a sort of pizza and has a recipe for my own dough but I'm wondering if it'll turn out. It requires a standing mixer (which I don't have) to add certain ingredients slowly as it's being mixed, I hope I can just work the dough as I add these items... Made the dough... that was tough... though you can make it both ways really.
  14. Terlenth

    Interviewees wanted: Race and Videogames

    Quote:Original post by PlayMag Quote:Original post by Daaark You want to see racism in games? There is a guy who released a game a few years ago where you run around shooting black people who make ape noises. Thank god I don't remember the name of it, but, it might be something you would want to consider in your article, if it's not just interviews. Ah yes, that's Ethnic Cleansing, I'm quite familiar with it! Charming game. Out of curiousity, which area of games are you looking at. The Dev industry or the games themselves? Are you looking at consoles? Or are you looking at PC? These questions will also probably have a bearing on your article that you may or may not expect.
  15. Terlenth

    Show Your Cooking Skills

    Few of my favourite recent recipés would be: Paprika Chicken Chicken with Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic Also made a homemade pizza with Alfredo sauce, chicken, mushrooms, onions, feta cheese, spinach and garlic. If you can't tell, the fiancé and I like garlic and mushrooms lol
  16. Terlenth

    Anti-Virus that doesn't kill performance

    One thing I'd like to point out for this is that all Active Scan Antivirus programs will cause issues if your computer has memory/processor issues. It's just one of those things. I can remember one of my parents computers running Guard Dog and McAfee Virus and basically having to kill all processes in order for any game to run (this was quite a few years back, but principle is still valid). The only other thing I could say is that maybe you have a memory leak somewhere or yes spyware or malware that's jumping on the backbone of another process.
  17. Terlenth

    Interview (Assessment) for QA tester, need help!

    Since you're going for a testing position, they'll probably ask you about the pros/cons of both White and Black box testing. But other than that, you'll definitely want to know the history of the company you're going into and what they've done to impact the industry.
  18. Terlenth

    NY Times 'Troll' Article

    Anyone else find it funny that the guy is suing him because Fortuny has shown to the public that the guy was cheating on his wife and therefore is getting a divorce? [Edited by - Terlenth on August 6, 2008 12:34:16 PM]
  19. Terlenth

    Communism creeping into our future?

    Quote:Original post by Silvermyst From the link: -Children in father-absent homes are five times more likely to be poor. -Teens in single mother households are at a 30% higher risk [of drug use] than those in two-parent households. -Fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school. -A study of 13,986 women in prison showed that more than half grew up without their father. Effect, not cause. Intriguing, just goes to show that people don't parent as well as they should no matter what then. Personally, I wouldn't hold the father being absent as the reason the children end up where they are. It would be poor parenting skills on behalf of all parties involved. Because I've known way too many families with both parents present which have turned out this way and far too many families with only one parent which does otherwise. Perchance would it be possible that the reason that these fatherless children turn out this way is that the parents tend to lean towards not providing actual parenting?
  20. Terlenth

    Communism creeping into our future?

    Quote:Original post by Silvermyst Growing up without a father probably has more to do with that, and according to the US Census Bureau, 2 out of every 3 black children live in father-absent homes, compared to 1 out of every 3 white and/or hispanic children. So you're saying that growing up without a father causes children to become drug addicts, criminals, etc?
  21. Terlenth

    Communism creeping into our future?

    Quote:Original post by Silvermyst Quote:Original post by Mithrandir If he wrote the newsletters, he's a racist. It's hard for me to believe that he wrote the racist statements in the newsletters that carried his name, as in a political history spanning decades, as lenghty as his speeches and writings tend to be, there's not a single racist statement that can be dragged up that can be actually attributed to him. Quote:If he didn't write them and isn't actually racist, then he's violently incompetent to have let someone write such bullshit in his name for two decades. "His violent incompetence" is a lot different from "his rabid racist rantings". His handling of the newsletters would be more troubling to me if he were the kind of politician who wants to micromanage my life. So in essence what you're saying is that you would leave your country up to a person who lends his name to the writings of others without thought? "Here sir, this is the document putting together the extermination of all Blacks in America." "Ok..." Like, honestly now... If it's been published under his name, all credit must be given where due. He's a racist whether or not the words were actually written by him because he's the "Author" and had full capability of removing his name from it.
  22. Terlenth

    Graphics Card Issue

    Have the same issue with both cards. Finally have a .sys file to reference. Seems this problem is fairly widespread. nvlddmkm.sys So it looks like I'm just going to have to grin and bare it...
  23. Terlenth

    Graphics Card Issue

    I'm trying to figure out if this is my card, my power supply, or just Vista being stupid. I purchased a new computer about two months ago after some fairly extensive research. I ended up grabbing two of the Zalman XFX 8600 GTS cards for SLI, the Asus 750i motherboard and a 650 watt SLI Powersupply. Something to note, the XFX cards do not have a seperate power supply connection on them. When running SLI, my FPS (namely in WoW) is around 50. When not running SLI I range between 80 and 200 (from really busy to no one around). Ocassionally my graphics will do this odd thing where lines go through the rendered area and become discoloured. This normally ends with the entire screen flashing and then needing to reboot. The previous issue also tends to happen relatively frequently when I'm just playing a movie on the computer itself. I solved the problem a while ago by installing an updated version of the Asus tools, but it's back again. I've removed one of the graphics cards and while it's happening less frequently it still is occuring. Any advise or tools I can use to diagnose would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  24. Terlenth

    Graphics Card Issue

    Quote:Original post by Hedos Quote:Original post by Terlenth Quote:Original post by hogarth I have a similar card, and it will do the same thing if you really overclock it, (I mean really high). If it's not overclocked you can still try turning things down. Maybe you can list here what speeds your card is set too and what it's default is. >>Ocassionally my graphics will do this odd thing where lines go through the >>rendered area and become discoloured. This normally ends with the entire screen >>flashing and then needing to reboot. I have the same thing happen, I'm looking for the default settings... The issue is that it's been Overclocked by the manufacturer... so it should be stable... It *should* be. Note that some cards support overclocking better than other cards do, because the highest clock frequency that can be supported by a given card without side effects is random (due to the random variations in the manufacturing process). My guess is that you got unlucky with one of these cards and it passed the tests despite its flaws, because that sounds somewhat like the kind of problems that would happen when I'd overclock my video card too much. (In my case, white pixels would appear at random spots on the screen, and only when running a game) You said you tried running the computer with only one card at a time. Have you tried doing that with each of the cards? I haven't tried the second card yet by itself. But, I will do so. The really odd thing though that I'm noticing is it's ONLY happening when I'm watching movies on my computer. Never when I'm playing a game.
  25. Terlenth

    Graphics Card Issue

    Quote:Original post by Terlenth I have the same thing happen, I'm looking for the default settings... The issue is that it's been Overclocked by the manufacturer... so it should be stable... Everything is it's default settings so not exactly sure where to find the speeds you're referring to except in Bios. Also, this is only ever happening when watching videos. Even if another program isn't open... And I just noticed you were quoting the text I wrote... still half asleep here... lol
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