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    Different when compiled as release code

    Yea that makes sense. I'll have a look through my code. Cheers for the help
  2. Hey While I slowly convert a lot of our engine modules over to the project I'm coming across more and more weird things. At this point the same code compiled under debug configuration and release configuration yields different results. Its just the UI portion of the engine and I'm doing small tests to see each aspect works. At the moment i'm just showing a 2D image element- all this does is at initialization loads up an image and sets its dimensions, then at the point of rendering does the following: -Sets the current texture to the one in its texture manager -disables the z buffer -renders all the vertices in its vertex manager -enables the z buffer -sets the current texture to nothing this all works well in a debug build but doesn't work when i put it over to release build- it just doesn't show the image in any way. Apart from that everything else is working ok. Is there any reason why exactly the same code should yield different results in two vastly different configurations? Cheers?
  3. Hey its been a while since I was last here... I've done my first year at uni and I'm pretty much sure I've passed the first year. Been doing lots of stuff except game programming (DJing, organizing HUGE parties and loads of things). Anyway, the entire team pretty much slacked of for the past year but here we are, back to get on with our game. Why am I here? well I upgraded to Visual Studio 2005 and am encountering problems... or rather strange behavior: 1) MessageBox(NULL, "Msg", "Msg", MB_OK) as an example, will pull up a compile error stating that the function cannot take char[3]. This never happened before when using 2003. If i try and cast them to LPCWSTR it brings up a load of random characters as if its just plucking them from corrupt memory when it displays the message box. 2) For some reason the actual handle of the window is a bit dodgey. I'm doing the normal creation of window using MFC code (the long haul code like setting up the window attributes manually and stuff, you know, the stuff you write if you enjoy inflicting pain on your inner-child). Anyway, i look at the handle in the debug window and apparently its "unused CXX0030: Error: expression cannot be evaluated" which is new to me. DX has a major issue with it and so do i to be honest. I encountered this before actually when using 2005. Long story short, the core just dies which is a huge problem since we have written a huge amount based around this core. (This could be the reason why the device creation fails when run in vista) Have things changed without me realising? Any help is appreciated /Charlie
  4. MotionCoil

    zit on eye?

    My mate gets Excema on his actual eye. He doesn't scrape it off. Just thought I'd throw that in there, eye related and all... That may or may not have any baring on your decision.
  5. MotionCoil

    Uhm. Did I make a wrong turn?

    I feel I've taken a wrong turn.
  6. MotionCoil

    Hello,I'm a new member

    A warm welcome from me to GameDev. Best of luck with your game development! Quote: Don't worry about it too much, your english is much better than most members' Chinese. Quoted For Truth! [wink]
  7. MotionCoil

    Your eyes are like the MOON!

    Is that classed as a High Dynamic Ranged photo then? Quite stunning either way
  8. MotionCoil

    Its my turn!

    My friend from years ago, 10 or 11 years ago, used to own a SNES. We would play Super Mario Brothers 3 all the time, except I never had a turn with Mario but always shunned to Luigi. This has caused a long term disgust to anything Mario related but have always taken comfort in the existance of my green clad hero. Now, when we made it to the first castle on World 1, god forbid I should enter it as Luigi and get the magic flute; if I even thought of collecting the flute there would be a tantrum and a hard reset of the SNES. Never got a turn at playing Sonic round another "Friends" house. Still bitter. Do they still have their Megadrive nowadays... OH NO!... But i do... [smile] Nothing but psychologist employment from my memories of taking turns.
  9. haha, this is awesome- NASA live. I still think its all magical.
  10. MotionCoil

    Uwe Boll's films: Excellent.

    Quote:Original post by Cold_Steel Lowtax better kick his ass or I'm never visiting Somethingawful again. Lowtax! Lowtax! The internet will never hear the last of it if Lowtax canes Boll in the ring.
  11. Not too sure if it has a name but one of my speciality salads(tm): Ingredients: some of an Iceberg Lettuce 1/2 Red onion Bit of a cucumber 3 x Spring onions Sugar Balsamic Vinegar (Optional: some fresh lemon thyme, Olive Oil) Sunflower Oil Required Equipment: bowel Saucepan Preparation time: 15 minutes, 10 if you're good Servings: 1-2 Preparation instructions: Make a bed of lettuce Cut up about 1/4 of the cucumber into small chunks Cut up the spring onions Optional: heat up some olive-oil in a pan with a SMALL amount of lemon thyme for about 2 minutes. Place in a dressing jug. Clean saucepan. Cut up the red onion into smallish chunks heat up some sunflower oil or what ever you use for frying, add a couple of teaspoons of sugar Fry the red onion in the sugar/oil mix so you caramelise the onion place cucumber and spring onion onto centre of lettuce bed Add a little circle of the caramelised red onion around the outside of the cucumber and spring onionou If you performed the optional above, place a small amount of balsamic vinegar into the olive oil. Trickle dressing over salad If you didn't perform the optional above, then just trickle some balsamic vinegar over the salad
  12. MotionCoil

    Are you emotionally attached to your computer?

    Quote:Original post by Laptoper All emotion is insanity. Emotional states like happiness and unhappiness are similar to pain, sensors indicating something has gone wrong with your thinking. They are there to protect you, not for your entertainment. Are you available for kids parties? Anyway, I love all my old computers and try and revive them over time. I do pillage components from them on upgrade but I do try and give them life again... run them as a server or something. So yea, I would say I am emotionally attached to my old computers.
  13. MotionCoil

    Where are you going to school? What classes are you taking?

    University of Sussex- BSc Computer Science and AI
  14. MotionCoil


    Boot.stem Like I said in my last post, I am getting the foundations to a C-Like scripting language in place as the native scripting language for the engine. There are several reasons why I decided to go head first into a making it C-Like: 1- Its easier to write scripts in since it looks a bit like the rest of the engine 2- Its easily imported into Visual Studio with the formatting 3- I wanted to make something familiar in general Anyway, heres the first CellScript stem file (insane terminology, but i'm having fun- Language is CellScript, each file is called a stem file... cell... stem... stemcell (haha)). This shot shows it happily imported in Visual Studio (and the script works which is a bonus). This script is the custom boot script that is executed when the engine runs through its boot up: Heres the joy- anyone used to C will be able to follow whats happening [grin] The language is quite basic at the moment but is progressing faster than I expected. At the moment its parsed directly but I do have plans in making it so you can semi-compile it into op-codes in the future. I'm quite pleased with it so far though
  15. MotionCoil


    Reformatted Welcome to my reformatted journal! Reformatted? It looks like my other entries. That may be true from a cosmetic point of view, however I have changed the way I view my journal- thats the reformat. From now on I'm not going to update the journal every now and then based on Nanostem developments but also from what I have personally learnt about the whole development process from experience with Nanostem but also from other sources. Yes, you may well be saying there are lots of journals on here that do just that and there are loads of developer blogs but from my point of view this is for me to look back on. Partly to see progress and also to review and re-establish knowledge. The one achievement I have taken great pleasure in retelling is the fact I changed my girlfriends view of games and their development as something that is void of creativity and results in something of a pointless nature. From that point of view (which, might I add, was almost unmoving) to a view that yes, games are an artform in themselves, in their own right. That was a proud turning point and hopefuly I will bring that, along with my fellow GDNet'ers, to a far wider demographic. I have no doubt that many if not all of us are wanting to see games respected; not from the units sold to the unwashed masses but as something as critically viewed as movies, novels and paintings. Along the same vein, I regularly discuss the latest things I have learnt and appreciate in games design and implementation with my mother on dog walks (what better place?). Recently I played HL2:E1. Then I replayed the entire thing with commentry nodes on. I really like this idea since in a small way its provocing peoples ideas of games as an artform. I learnt ALOT from the commentary nodes in Episode 1 (if you haven't replayed it with commentry nodes- Do. It.). One commentary node stays in my mind- when you come out of the subway thingy (with the missing handle to open the door) and you emmerge to a scene of apocalypse with the citadel dead centre. The node explains how nothing in that one player view wasn't postioned willy nilly. It was 'painted' to make sure the players eye gazed over the destruction, a strider jerkily negotiating the rubble it created at its feet. with the once forbiding icon of fear and endless power, the citadel, now a decaying shadow of its former self dead centre with Dr kleiners voice echoing out with messages of hope. It was instrumented so the player would see all this and appreciate what it was trying to say. That is a work of art. The thing I learnt from just that one scene is two-fold: I knew design was intense, for want of a better word, but that really brought me to a new level of what it involves. Ok, it didn't cover every avenue of design but it opened a door for me and understand a little more which can be brought onto other aspects. Many of you may be looking at that and thinking 'well yea, thats stating the obvious. Of course thats the level that design involves'. Well lets not forget- I'm using this to look back on and lets me place the ideas and theories I have learnt for later review. The other thing I learnt is if people understood how much goes into one little thing like this they will begin to appreciate games beyond the button mashing. Thats why I like the commentary nodes that Valve do. The thing I brought up with my mother on the dog walk was the fact, ok this may be a leap, that epic game sagas are a culmination of so many, if not all, forms of art. She did agree, by the way. As far as Nanostem platform is going- well I have full collision detection, a basic form of troop movement and the foundations of a relatively sophisticated C-like scripting languages (parser within the engine- I know, not the most speedy way of reading scripts). My next plan is to get a decent level of control over the CellScript language and get the rest of the team to start with content building- thats long over due [smile] Anyway, just 2 weeks worth of thoughts and about 2 months of development spat out into one Journal. Hopefully see you soon back here /Charlie
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