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  2. I figured I would bring it up for future reference. I am currenty in communication with a rep from SCEE regarding PSP development. I will happily make the details of our communications available in here so that everyone has a little more fact to go on. I should have the details posted within a matter of days.
  3. Well, two things to address in regard to points posted. First of all the publishing department of Sony is in no way shape form the people we need to talk to about PSP. Regardless of a potential intereste from Sony Publishing, Sony Computer Entertainment North America Developer Relations is not so interested in talking to us. But we don't have to give up that easily hehe. Second point being in regard to affording the devkit. If it were figured into a budget presented to investors, and they wanted a PSP product to invest in... they would be somewhat compelled to see the investment needed. At least this has been my experience. One additional point, regarding the game. It is currently in late stages of development, and is actually nearing completion as a PC title. We are simply interested in porting the title over to PSP.
  4. Well, unfortunately, that's an all too common instance in practically any media industry. But... what are you gonna do? Idea for now being sef-publishing, which now days, if you meet up with the right investors, can be a rather profitable venture if you find a creative way to market your product, and if you can intelligently bypass the mass retail market. So, we're not talking tens of millions of dollars in profit, but if you're not spending 10s of millions, you don't really need that much to be successful. (For the uninformed Prozak and I are a common duo on the boards, you will often see our posts near each other's because we both work on the same development team.) I am wondering if anyone has had any success as an independent developer hoping to license large commercial production units like the PSP or even PS2. Well, come hell or high water, we may just have to be the first. hehe. (Knocks on wood.)
  5. Time Capsule: Bush's next Big Screw-Up !!

    In response to the picture about Kerry, I wish people would stop using his "indecisiveness" against him. Do some research. He is a US Senator... look at the records of any Senator and you will see a long-time history of swinging on issues. It's part of the job of being a senator. Also note how many senators have won the presidency, and how many times indecisiveness has been a key issue against the candidate. At least pick on Kerry for his current state on issues, not his record as a Senator.
  6. Time Capsule: Bush's next Big Screw-Up !!

    Well, in response to Prozak’s topic, here is my take: First off, please keep in mind that now that Dubya's first term is over, and he has been voted back into office... there is no reason for the administration to save face, also, no reason to be conservative. Bush is a very ballsy, cowboy-esque republican who has no fear about demonstrating our country's ability to bully other people into seeing things our way. Do I agree with the war in Iraq? No. Not at this time. Timing is a key issue in my opinion on the war. If the US had simply finished its business in Afghanistan, I would be all for it. But instead we are running around the Middle East like a makeshift Robin Hood attempting to steal countries away from their leaders and deliver them safely into the hands of democracy. First of all, democracy is developed. It is not suddenly born. Slapping democracy on the face of a Islamic country in the midst of widespread dislike for western politics and civilization is like handing a caveman an abacus. Simple enough of a device to use, but without even the most basic background in math, utterly useless. I find that analogy quite fitting for this situation. Simply put, without years of political development and civil wars, no country is ready for democracy. Granted, many of these "third-world" countries have suffered numerous civil wars, but their political system is a far cry from even the foundations for a democratic system. Bush in the next four years: An analysis of the world climate and threats from “rogue” states Prozak poses the question, "Who is next?" I propose several possible answers. Possibility #1: Iran Obviously, Iran is a major oil producing country, and obviously another keystone in the Middle East. Wouldn't we love to unite the entire Middle East as one big, happy democratic union, similar to the E.U., or the United States? That aside, please considers the following. 3 days before our democratic elections, the Iranian parliament voted unanimously to resume the enrichment of Uranium. Weapons grade nuclear material capable of fueling multiple weapons of mass destruction. Honestly, this scares the living s*** out of me. Not because of their possession of nuclear materials, but because immediately after the vote took place the entire Iranian parliament began chanting in unison "Death to America." This is an obvious threat. Although not a threat to our native soil, these weapons and Iran’s growing malcontent with our nation’s foreign policy could prove to become the next big powder-keg the Bush administration will have to deal with. My fear is that Iran will open a conflict in Israel which could result in UN and US deployment to that region. This region is definitely within the reach of Iran. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Eliminate a couple million Jews, and a couple tens of thousands of American and UN soldiers in one fell swoop. Seems very logical from the standpoint of the Iranian people. Will this happen? Doubtful. It is merely an example of the potential use of these weapons. The greater concern should be focused on the simple power that Iran will have. Giving terrorist states a rather wealthy, well-stocked, haven from which they can safely conduct their nefarious acts. Syria eat your heart out, why bother with the black market when there is an active terrorist state willing to aid your cause? Possibility #2: North Korea Again, in the same way that I spoke of Iran’s threat level to the US, I do not feel as though we should raise the terror alert status. I’m afraid that this time, our malevolence toward our fellow globe-mates will not effect the American people as much as it will those people inhabiting countries neighboring these “rogue” countries. North Korea is a rather unique situation. We are dealing with a dictatorship dictated by someone who I believe to be, by all common standards, certifiably insane. Not to mention a relatively hefty power in the emerging nuclear arms race. North Korea has, on many occasions in recent and past history demonstrated a general lack of regard for global policies, especially those regarding nuclear weapons. Not only is this country able to produce weapons of mass destruction. Their fearless leader is actually crazy enough to use them. Posturing aside, I believe that North Korea is going to be rather large conflict at some point in our nations near future. Be it under a Bush baton, or, perhaps under even a different, perhaps even female democrat. (You know who I am talking about, and it’s not Edwards.) North Korea is in a unique global position as well, they are within a threatening distance of South Korea, China, and Japan, among others. These countries, with growing economies, (exception given to Japan’s booming economy,) are in little global position to stand against an up-and-coming nuclear power. (Some people will argue that North Korea will never become a “nuclear power” because they do not have the means necessary to produce weapons of mass destruction in quantity, however, I maintain the belief that it only takes one or two under the right leadership to constitute a dangerous nuclear power.) Japan, incidentally, cannot legally have an army. They have a national defense force which can act as a pseudo-functional armed-force on home turf, but is largely limited to aiding in humanitarian efforts. No country in that area of the globe is adequately prepared to deal with North Korea’s nuclear threat. I believe that in the event of North Korea’s presentation of a nuclear arsenal, that the US will attempt to intervene. In my personal, granted, somewhat limited opinion on the strategic turn of such a confrontation. I believe that North Korea would turn it’s sights on South Korea in an attempt to turn a defensive battle into an offensive battle, and yes, I do think it could come to a nuclear threat if North Korea doesn’t get it’s way. Meaning, that if the US involves itself in the unfolding threats in North Korea it is opening up the doors for a regional conflict. Conclusion: In conclusion, I believe these threats to be serious given our fearless leader’s inability to respect the global community and the decisions of the UN. UN support would have come at an appropriate time for Iraq. In the midst of an all-out “war on terror” was simply not a reasonable time to be asking the global community to support the invasion of a country who’s military involvement in the Middle East was dormant, if not non-existent. Please accept that these are my opinions, and they are based on fact. Regardless, after working for a publisher of academic titles for years, I realize that opinions can be largely ineffective without giving proper references. Therefore, I would be happy to aid anyone interested in finding appropriate citations for all of my points. I encourage everyone to also do their own research and form their own opinions regarding global matters. Please. Don’t let our government get the best of us due to ignorance. Follow world news! -Jay A. Wollin (Navarone)
  7. feedback anyone?

    Good comments, Thad Jones is a trip, on tour we did Central Park North by Thad Jones, talk about some random changes. That tune covers everything from hard on funk to ballads. Also, two more amazing references for various styles you might like, both I am sure you have heard of. Yoko Kanno and Nobuo Uematsu, two Japanese guys who really know how to get down. Kanno did all the music for Cowboy Bebop, which... coming from someone who isn't a fan of anime, is a DAMN good show, check it out it you haven't already. Uematsu is famous for the Final Fantasy 7 soundtack... and well, most of the other FF soundtracks too. Amazing use of almost every style under the sun. Well... there's my two cents. BTW, cool that you know of Thad Jones, not many do nowdays... don't suppose you have a recording of Central Park North... been looking for a while and haven't had any luck. Thanks. -Jay
  8. feedback anyone?

    The game has not been released yet, but it would be fine if you wanted to post them. Not sure exactly yet when the game is coming out yet, but I will update at some point. Just let me know if you do post them so I can make a note of it. Thanks- Jay (Nav) Wollin
  9. feedback anyone?

    Hehe, wow, thanks for the very kind words. I'm glad someone likes it other than just me. :) Thanks again.
  10. feedback anyone?

    Just a few of my more recent samples from projects I am working on. Interested in feedback people have to offer. "Victorious Return" from the Last Great War VG OST "Normandy" from the Last Great War VG OST "Attack" from the Last Great War VG OST climax from "Main Theme" from the Last Great War VG OST "Opening Theme and Trailer Soundtrack" from Jedi:Timeline trailer sample quality drops as after the introduction (it was ripped from the wmv file, the encoding was poor I guess) "Opening Theme" from Insurgency: Modern Combat VG OST (concept only) "Basrah" from Insurgency: Modern Combat VG OST -Jay A. (Navarone) Wollin
  11. Theory of designing music

    I am currently writing an article inspired by this thread entitled: Theory of Orchestration and Melodic Counterpoint as a Thematic Device in Video Game and Film Composition. I intend to have it done in a few days and I will submit it to the review board for GameDev.net. I know there are already a lot of articles on music in the archive, but I think this deals with a very different aspect of composition that is often left unattended by newcomers. The article will discuss the use of specific instruments as emotional motivators and also the use of melodic counterpoint as a similar device. I hope that it is useful to at least one or two people. That will be up soon, until then... yay for composers!
  12. [java] Java 3d game engine?

    Thanks. I'm a n00b to java related issues, and I have never been in this part of the forums, thanks for the advice, I will look into it.
  13. ***volunteer*** Epiphany 6 Studios San Diego, CA E6 Studios has been contacted by a company interested in purchasing or licensing web-based games, flash, java, etc. This is not something we do. I figured simply that I would put out an invite for anyone interested in starting a small team of web-game developers to contact us. We do not have a web-game department, but would consider branching one out. This is not so much a help wanted but rather an invite for anyone interested in the possibility of making some extra money here and there. I am not going to BS and say that it's a sure bet, if you have anything already developed and are interested in licensing it, this is perfect, perhpas we can market it for you and get you some $ for it. No pressing needs, but feel free to contact us if you're interested. Again, please don't take this as a job opening or a n00b project. We were asked if we could supply webgames, we don't have any to offer, but before I said no I figured I would pass the buck. Thanks Jay Wollin info@e6studios.com
  14. Okay, I am not a coder, nor do I ever claim to be. I understand all the lingo, just don't know what all 'dem pretty words mean... Okay, the real idea here is I have some buddies who are graduating from school with degrees in CS and specialize in Java programming. One of them has recently informed me that they are starting their own dev. company to write a 3d game engine based entirely in Java... Is it just me or does that seem ENTIRELY whacked? Please, no flames, just facts. I am not trying to knock Java, correct me if I am mistaken, but isn't java a pisspoor choice for a 3d game engine? Again, just asking, factual explainations would be greatly appreciated as I am in fact a lead designer/developer for a studio, I just don't know jack about java. Thanks.
  15. Theory of designing music

    Well, let's see if I can lend a hand in here too. Maybe I can keep from getting banned after I told the coders in the help wanted forums that they were... well, not nice. My contribution to the theory of game design would be as follows: Music for games is never about music first of all. The music used in a situation in film, or in games in to a.) create subconcious emotions which will tie into a visual setting, or b.) as filler. Even as a professional composer, I think that music can only do so much in a film or game. Mind you if that specific project has already achieved a climax of some kind in a successful fashion, music can heighten your emotions to subconcious levels. I don't think for example that tear-jerker movie would be the same without the music in the background. When writing for a feature, of any kind, be it a game, a short film, a commercial, a feature film, (I will refer to this group henceforth as "projects" to save space and finger aching later.) it is important to truly understand not only the genre of the film, but also the location, the time period, and most importantly the pulling emotion behind a scene or project. For example: CLICK HERE listen to that sample again now, while imagining a scene where soldiers are returning to their boats to return home after world war 2 after 2.5 hours of watching those characters watch their best friends die, and seeing the look on those soldiers' faces knowing that they are returning home without them. Glad that the war is over, but remembering everything that was lost. With that in mind that sample has the power to bring a man to tears. Without it, it's some pretty brass. I will use this sample to analyze the useage of instrumentation and orchestration in scoring. IF you are interested hehe. I am not going to type the whole thing out in a forum. If you feel as though my input would be valuable in this subject please let me know via PM and I will happily write out an entire article on the subject for you with a full analysis. You can do with it whatever you would like except take credit for it :) -Jay Wollin