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  1. dmac

    Concept art to model

    What are you looking to make ? can find cars/aircraft here http://www.suurland.com/blueprints_archive.php
  2. You will need to make a pipeline plugin to render in a viewport the only modeling app the ships with support out of the box for this is XSI maya/3dmax have directx CG plugins to render .FX shaders and such more then likely you will need the tools SDK to make something useful to you.
  3. dmac

    modelling question for Maya

    Yes maya has all the basic primitives but there is more then one way to model this with maya its a vary flexible modeling tool i can think about three or four ways to make the shape he needs just gave him two.
  4. dmac

    modelling question for Maya

    Depends if you are modeling lowpoly game model or height who caries about the poly limit model Low poly Cut a box around were you want the hole to be using cut faces tool or split polygon tool extrude in and split some more faces soothing out the shape till you get what you want. Higher poly Use a nurbs curve "circle" right click the wire select control vertex move around the dots till its in the shape of the hole you need to make. Now make a nurbs plane place the circle in front of the nurbs plane keeping it highlighted shift select the the plane the edit nurbs/project curve on surface then use the nurbs trim tool to cut the hole shape you just made in the nurbs plane Now if your modeling in polygons you will need to convert the plane with a nice new hole in it to polys by modify/convert NURBS to Polygons play with the settings i wood use Quads and a count place this new mesh with the other part of the model combine them and merge the vertices or edge's together and your dun..
  5. dmac

    Texturing help needed

    There is a face texturing tut in there http://www.gfxartist.com/features/tutorials/14033 Or cheat and use digital camera take a pic of a face side and front and merge them in photoshop map that to a head.. http://www.eurecom.fr/~image/Clonage/geometric2.html
  6. Most say having just one texture/material per mesh is the fastest way to render using DX. You can cheat and use multiple textures/materials in hypershade then placing a texture node for each material. Map each to one to a group of faces on your model making sure you also uvmap the faces "planer" map in "Y" for ground. Take it a one more step select a group of faces you just mapped a texture to and Edit polygons/Extract this will separate that group of faces making more then one mesh..I wood make your ground model in one chunk then map each part this way and then separate them. remembering to Name each part. then its up to the coder how best to load the model for fast rendering. Just my two cents for what its worth..
  7. Dude painting the mesh never turns out all that well just select your ground plane mesh you wish to paint planer-map it in "Y" (Default up) take a uv snapshot of it save as bmp,tga,jpg what ever format you wish to use import this to any paint app do the Vinie Vango thing when your dun map this to your model. the Dxsdk pipeline (August 2005)or(October 2005) exporter works fine for maya up to v6.5 7.0 is not supported yet if your a coder recompile 6.5 with 7.0s librarys there are bugs in doing that bud seems to work..
  8. dmac

    Freeware paint app

    I don't usually recommend Freeware apps but this is a exception if you like painter or photoshop give this a try. http://www.artweaver.de/index.php?en_version
  9. dmac

    Maya To 3DS MAX Conversion

    Try FBX format newer copys of max have the plugin
  10. dmac


    More here http://www.learning-maya.com/index.php?option=com_bookmarks&Itemid=36<
  11. dmac

    maya 6.5 problem

    Hi I'm not sure what you mean by a (blank box with no options) If your looking to duplicate something select it holed ctrl then "D" key this should duplicate the box then select the "W" key and move that box away from the other one. If its blank like there is no material make sure you have the right viewport setting like this pic.
  12. dmac

    maya 7 PLE problems

    Sorry to here your still having issues after reset to default settings if you have a Nvidia card this link mite help as well. http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=128410
  13. dmac

    maya 7 PLE problems

    Did you try to restore to default settings? you can also set the camera clipping in window/settings/performances/performances left side box "camera" set Near clip 0.001 Far clip 10000.000. I suggested drivers because the same thing happened to me before and a new video driver salved the issue my opengl drivers did not install properly.
  14. dmac

    maya 7 PLE problems

    Hey Try to restore to default settings go to window/settings/performances/performances on the top left click edit then restore to default settings if this don't work you mite need to update you video drivers. just for a test make a cube then hit the F_key <-- should zoom to the cube if its a camera clipping issue.
  15. dmac

    Maya 3DS exporter?

    Nope no exporter i know of But wait autodesk just acquired maya so one wood think a export plugin is in the works lol if you need to get a file from maya to max FBX works fine...http://www.alias.com/glb/eng/products-services/product_details.jsp?productId=1900004
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