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  1. Buck

    Need help with texture making tricks

    Photoshop can make it. by Magic Wand tool you can select needed area And then paint it by Paint Bucket tool. any other programs can make it the same way. Good Luck!
  2. Buck

    Deviding animations in max 6 into pieces

    have you trying to delete keys? just select unnecessary keys an delete them then select all keys and move first of them to zero position crop animation to last key save as... and export and that's all! good luck from buck! :)
  3. Buck

    20 free textures

    got em thanx
  4. Buck

    Bitmap Font to TrueType Font Converter

    Yeah! I agree. I do use bitmap fonts too. And if you don't want anyway - try google search. I think you're find.
  5. Buck

    Animation - model compatibily.

    Maybe someone have seen the best tutorial of correct bones arrangement. Such as
  6. Buck

    Which way is faster?

    Hi, guys! I have a building model. It consist of many meshes and two materials. First material is assigned to one part of meshes, second is assigned to another part. And I have two cases: 1. All meshes are attached to one whole mesh. 2. Meshes are attached by material. So we have two meshes with different materials. Question is: which of these cases gives best FPS? Which way is faster? Any propositions?
  7. Buck

    looking for a gif soft

    Give me your e-mail. I'll send you. File is ~6MB Or My ICQ is 144216477 if any questions...
  8. Buck

    3d tree creation for games

    I think you shouldn't break up the model. Use masking. I mean all black(0,0,0, green 0,255,0 or red 255,0,0 for example) pixels of texture are transparent. I don't know is your engine support masking, but if so, you can make a whole mesh. I hope you'll understand :)
  9. Buck

    3dsmax6 save output file problem

    Try to reinstall 3dsMax
  10. Ohhhhh I don't know it's very difficult!!! :D Just click Attach List button on the right pannel. And then click All button on the List Window that will appear. All objects in scene became selected. Click Attach and thats all!! If you don't see the Attach List Button, then your objects are not Editable Meshes. Select one of your objects, make a right click on this panel: and select Convert to Editable Mesh.
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