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  1. I just wanted everybody to know which country they are sponsoring by purchasing Blend4Web commercial license.
  2. "Triumph LLC is a Russian company based in Moscow"
  3. Runion - 8-player iPad party game

    At the end of November we participated in RIGA COMM 2013 Information and Communication. This was the first time Runion was demonstrated to public and during 3 days of exhibition, almost 300 people tried it. We were also filming the whole event, see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3RDKbdfNIQ
  4. Hello!   I am working on a party game for up to 8 players. This is the first trailer of the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7-6gL-_klQ     The team We are 3 guys (programmer, artist, game designer) from Latvia with almost 10 years of experience in game development. Together we created a few small flash games and 2 years ago decided to move to mobile game development.   The game 2 years ago I had a birthday party and I wanted to entertain my friends with a computer game. The problem was that Xbox can be played by only 4 players and there are no iPad games for more than 4 players. So I decided to create an action game for more than 4 players - Runion. In Runion players play against each other by blowing up opponents, stealing a flag from them or collecting coins faster than others. For training purposes this game also has a single-player campaign.   The game will be released on AppStore at the start of 2014. I hope you like the trailer video. If you do, follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/runiongame
  5. What is this cable for?

    [quote name='SherrelE' timestamp='1354204045' post='5005331'] It looks like a connection cable for the Nintendo Gamecube controller... http://www.amazon.co...r/dp/B00006I5CO [/quote] Thank you very much! It is a cable for GameCube controllers.
  6. What is this cable for?

    I bought playstation 3 video cable on eBay, but I received wrong cable and seller refuses to return money. So I am asking, what is this cable for, so that I could sell it to others and maybe get my money back. I guess it is for some kind of console, but I can't find which one. Here is the picture of it [url="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A82zkY6CIAAalSz.jpg:medium"]https://pbs.twimg.co...alSz.jpg:medium[/url] Thanks in advance!
  7. Ok, I found out, that it is impossible to sandbox javascript. Maybe you can suggest a scripting language for Java? I googled a lot, but it seam that making a sandbox for all these scripting languages is not an easy task.
  8. Hi! I am developing a script system for my game, but can't figure out, how to bind only a few functions for using in the scripts. The example of the script would look like this (ECMAScript): var i = getSelectedCreature(); dealDamage(i, 10); Here I exported 2 functions = getSelectedCreature and dealDamage. Is it possible to export only 2 functions and restrict access to all other classes and functions so that it isn't possible to do something like this in scripts: importClass(Packages.Main); var test = new Main();
  9. Server communications

    Really big thanks for all of your replies! Windryder, you encouraged me to continue working on my simple server and implement those multi-node things only when (and if) needed.
  10. I am planning to make a multi-node game server. But I can't actually figure out, how they communicate with each other. If one node is a login server and all other are seperate "shards" (or how do you call it), the haw do these shards know that user has logged in? One method would be to store the session in database, but I don't know if it is OK. And what if multiple nodes serve the same world, how do player positions etc. stay synced on all nodes?
  11. Network Message Handling

    My MMO game is a simple chess game, so I don't need an uber cool server, and the deadline is coming really fast. So I chose Java. The chain of responsibility patter wouldn't help me too much. Maybe someone can post an example of his own message handling code? Thanks in advance! [Edited by - elvman on October 8, 2009 7:52:09 PM]
  12. Hi! I am engineering a MMO game server. I decided to use byte messages in prior to XML or JSON. The problem is that I can't figure out how to make a low coupled system. The message has the following structure: length:short, messageID:byte, data:mixed. When server receives a message, the messageHandler code looks like this: read(messageType); switch(messageType) { case login: readStringFromSocket(username); readStringFromSocket(password); tryToLogin(username,password); break; case logout: user = getSender(); tryToLogout(user); break; case ...: ... break; etc. } I have about a hundred message types, so the switch looks like a really long spaghetti. The other problem is that this code has a really high coupling. If I want to change network protocol to, for example, XML, I would have to rewrite a lot of message handling stuff. I guess it could avoid this by using observer pattern. So can you please share your thoughts about which is the best pattern/style/etc for handling messages and what do you use in situations like this?
  13. MMO Server with Java

    I have looked at project darkstar, but I am worried about compatibility with clients. It uses it's own login etc. messages. Will it be easy to write clients for project darkstar in iPhone (Objective-C)? [Edited by - elvman on October 7, 2009 7:40:27 PM]
  14. MMO Server with Java

    What do you mean with "more efficient one"?
  15. Hi! I am developing an MMO game server for my project, but my deadline is not so far. Client and server should communicate with messages, for example, client sends: login, username, password, and server responds with: login, success. So I decided to use Java and socket technologies. I would like to hear your thoughts about these questions: 1. should I create a seperate thread for each client and simply do this: while(true) socket.read, or should I better use Socket Channels? 2. I couldn't find a good protocol or library for communication with clients so I chose JSON as a protocol. Is is easy to debug and is not as "heavy" for network traffics as XML is. But I haven't found any MMO project that uses JSON for communication. What do you think of this? Thanks in advance!