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    Strauss Lighting Model

    Noob guess Specular reflection: theta_i = theta_r For a perfectly smooth material, there is only specular and no diffuse reflection, and unless the camera is at theta_r to the horse, no light hits the camera. Raises an interesting question about where the horse is, what with the blindingly-white background. What colour is the wall behind the camera?!
  2. Neex


    I don't think there can be any denying that MasterQ is somebody's character account. The question is, whose?
  3. Neex


    I don't think there can be any denying that MasterQ is somebody's character account. The question is, whose?
  4. Neex


    Quote:Original post by Evil Steve EDIT: OH GOD I HATE YOU, CODEWARRIOR. Code Warrior is the only compiler I know of where you can crash the IDE by dereferencing a null pointer in the code getting debugged. And it crashed last time I closed the lid on my DS devkit. And Nintendo have decided to use Code Warrior for Wii development too. WHY DO THEY HATE US SO MUCH? Hah. I've been working part time at an embedded software company while I've been at uni (CodeWarrior is also focused on embedded dev these days). I was porting a demo application that runs on many different microprocessors to use a new processor and use CodeWarrior. Building is all done on the command line using SCons, so I have no reason to use the CodeWarrior IDE, which should be fine because they provide a command-line compiler. Except, it opens a window for every file you compile, prints information to the window, then closes the window when it's finished compiling. So you get no feedback on warning/errors or anything. Oh, except errors from the most recent failed compile will be in the file 'EDOUT'.
  5. Neex

    E3 booth babes

    So much for "no booth babes" this year... so much for the games industry growing up :(
  6. Neex


    Lying on their front? I hereby propose that, due to the singular being 'pixie,' the plural should be spelled 'pixys.'
  7. Neex

    Moved my journal

    I would like to highlight this post again. This was an hour long TV documentary, you can buy it on DVD. Raduprv got suspended for admitting to downloading music in a very sensible and worthwhile discussion about music piracy, but there's no problem in using the lounge as a place for actively sharing pirated TV shows?
  8. Neex

    Closed until further notice

    I must admit what I've read sounds more like constructive criticism than personal attacks. I'd find it tough to be sympathetic anyway, when you're the person that announced: "I absolutely hate the new color scheme (and the icons for that matter)." That sounds a bit more like an attack. Come back, you're a valuable member, and I honestly can't understand what's made you leave.
  9. Moof! It's a dogcow really, but I'm sure he'll still want to be your friend.
  10. Neex


    We have a large lake in the centre of campus, with many ducks, geese and other waterfowl. According to legend, any student that kills one of the university's ducks will be thrown out of the university. The interesting thing is, if I happened to murder somebody, I'd be able to return and complete my degree once I'd served my jail-term. There's also the legend of a Chinese student that killed one of the ducks and had it for dinner.
  11. Neex

    Name the film

    I've never seen it, but since my housemate wanted to get a t-shirt saying "This is not 'Nam. This is bowling, there are rules"... I have to guess "Big Lebowski".
  12. Neex

    Whee, terrain

    Looking good! If you're interested, and haven't seen it before, I believe the original paper describing GeoMipmapping was posted here.
  13. Neex


    Hey, that's ace! [cool] One question though. You're using PNGs, so why not use full alpha transparency on your sprites, rather than colour-keyed?
  14. Neex

    An Emphasis on Architecture

    I agree with what you say, but it was interesting to note that pretty much everyone I know hated our 2 compulsory Software Engineering modules. They're mostly hardcore computer scientists and they equated UML with "drawing pictures". Teaching us more Software Engineering might improve our skills but I'm not convinced we'd like it any more. There was a third module building on the previous two, but I know of nobody that chose it as one of their options for this year. That's not to say all my CS pals are just 'hackers'. A few of them really enjoyed the Formal Methods module, which could be looked at as 'software design using maths' or something like that :)
  15. Neex


    We have regular LAN parties on campus here, there's a society known as FragSoc. It was setup by computer scientists, and quite a few come, but most of the people that come are role playing geeks from the Sci-Fi/Fantasy society...
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