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  1. stormrunner

    Do you use WMP or Winamp?

    WinAmp for audio, MPlayer for video.
  2. stormrunner


  3. stormrunner

    Programming for *nix

    Quote:Original post by I_Smell_Tuna From what I've read there are several different windowing variants depending on your unix distribution, is that correct? No, the window manager you use is simply your preference. Many distros - such as Ubuntu and Suse - pick one as their "flagship" and perhaps modify it, but that doesn't mean you can't install a different one if you felt the need. Quote:Original post by I_Smell_Tuna Can someone point me in the direction of some of the more popular windowing methods for unix systems, and possibly some tutorials on how to program them? Most Linux window managers are built on top of X, which is based on a client-server model. Coding for X can be a harrowing experience as most tutorials (like this one) will get you up and running with basic functionality, but from there you're mostly on your own as the documentation for some of the more advanced features is somewhat scarce. A better idea is to use one of the window manager libraries, such as Qt which powers KDE or GTK the backend of GNOME. Both of these libraries are well documented and far easier to use than plain X. They will also show you some cool ways of handling messages and interacting with components - you might fight Qt's signals and slots extremely interesting. As for Linux specific system programming, you might find this to be of help.
  4. Quote:Original post by jackalope I use these in lots of different Visual C++ projects. Back in my dark days, I used to use the ".h #includes .cpp" scheme. You could just combine these files into a static library and stick it in the VC library path.
  5. stormrunner

    I require spankings.

    Happy Birthday !
  6. stormrunner

    Who else is alone for valentines?

    Quote:Original post by APC Also, I'm so alone.
  7. stormrunner

    APC smash puny DRM

    Quote:Original post by AnonymousPosterChild So what the hell can I do? Eh, it depends. I'm assuming these MP3s are stored on your computer. If you have Windows XP installed, just use the tried and true (in my experience) method of reburning the music. In WinMedia, disable the "Obtain licenses for music" option, which should be on the main page. It's also a good time to set the default format (for ripping) to MP3. Using a CD-RW (so you can reuse it) burn the WMAs to it. Rip the music from the disc The new ripped music should be in unprotected format, so you can use a converter on them. Otherwise, you're screwed. I feel your pain - I've got 1.2 gigs of protected WMAs sitting on my Windows partition from years ago when I wasn't aware of what Windows was doing when I copied my CDs (for backup, oh the irony).
  8. I'll admit I don't know the specific solution(s) to the problems you're having, since almost every Gentoo install is unique and I've encountered the same problems with different solutions. However, you might find some of the following useful : Quote:Original post by pulpfist I tried to run # hdparm -d 1 /dev/hdd and got this output: HDIO_SET_DMA failed: Operation not permitted First, have you read the Gentoo hdparm wiki page, as there is a section that describes the problem you are having (specifically the "Operation not permitted"). If you're convinced that it's not your harddrive that's causing the problem, I'd advise the following : Running hdparm /dev/hda and seeing what it says Boot using the Live CD, run hdparm /dev/hda from there and compare If DMA is enabled from the Live CD (or you can enable it through hdparm -d /dev/hda on the CD ) simply chroot into your Gentoo installation (from the CD to spare a reboot), open up /etc/conf.d/hdparm and modify the settings in there. It's well commented, so it should be fairly simple. Add it to the default runlevel when you're done so the settings will always be used. Quote:Original post by pulpfist After alsa is configured and un-muted, I have sound when the dvd intro is running, but nothing after that. xmms dont give any sound at all, even after configuring it to use the ALSA 1.2.10 output plugin. Did you compile the kernel module with ALSA (in which case you need to ensure it supports your card) or did you use the alsa-drivers package ? As for XMMS, what file type were you trying to play ? Even if you included mp3 in your use flags, you will still need to install xmms-mp3cue so that it can play them. Check and see that XMMS ( and GStreamer if you use that ) supports the music types you are trying to play. Otherwise, it's purely a problem with ALSA. In your message log, I noticed this : "ERROR[ogle_audio]: prepare failed: Device or resource busy". Were you running any other applications that needed to access the sound card when you were trying to play music ? If that's the issue (and I've had that happen several times) you might want to look into dmixer.
  9. stormrunner

    Feedback needed!

  10. stormrunner

    Just for the heck of it =P

    For my development projects I use a toolbar that links to the base directory. For everything else I just arrange the StartMenu to my liking.
  11. stormrunner

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back ! Quote:Tao.PhysFs.PhysFs is what it is right now, should it be renamed? Yes. To me, Tao.PhysFs.Fs is a lot easier on the eyes than Tao.PhysFs.PhysFs. Whenever I see the latter, I always wonder if the namespace/extra indirection was really necessary.
  12. Quote:Original post by Giuoco Is this true? Yes. Iirc, as of JDK 1.3 all Swing widgets use double buffering by default. Quote:Original post by Giuoco Anyone have any experience with the idea that swing double buffers it's graphics automatically? Yes, what exactly did you want to know ? If you're making a game it's usually not a problem since you'll either use a backbuffer scheme like the one shown in that article (perhaps replacing the BufferedImage with a VolatileImage) or ensure that the widget has been double buffered by Swing and access the backbuffer directly via a BufferStrategy. On the whole, it's fine for Swing to create the a double buffer scheme for you, but what you need to do is to prevent Swing from actually updating it, which will happen every time the display is resized or goes in and out of focus (among 10,000 other things).
  13. stormrunner

    Your favorite game

    Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64 Gamespot review
  14. stormrunner

    Other sites you frequently visit.

    Gamespot, Fedora Linux, various parts of MSDN and TheCodeProject.
  15. stormrunner

    Motivation and rewards: what do you want?

    I'm assuming this is for any generic task ... Quote:5-10 minute task rewards?None. Quote:1-2 hour task rewards?Usually a small break, some food, maybe catch a TV series episode (X-Files, Firefly). Then back to work. Quote:Weekly rewards?Depends. If it's something that required a lot of hard work and is worth the purchase, perhaps a CD (this is very rare). Usually, though, my dignity and watching a movie (on the Sci-Fi channel, which is my idea of relaxing ;P) are sufficient. Quote:Monthly rewards?None.
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