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  2. stormrunner

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back ! Quote:Tao.PhysFs.PhysFs is what it is right now, should it be renamed? Yes. To me, Tao.PhysFs.Fs is a lot easier on the eyes than Tao.PhysFs.PhysFs. Whenever I see the latter, I always wonder if the namespace/extra indirection was really necessary.
  3. stormrunner

    ## Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

    Heh, for a moment I thought Firefox had been hacked by an elf .. and then there's Evelyn's avatar. But yes, Christmas is my favorite holiday also, for the food as much as the good spirit.
  4. stormrunner


    Well, as of yet I haven't tried this (it's on my to-do list), but the most logical way (imho) would be to use a transparency composite and update the alpha value (increase or decrease depending on which operation you're doing; fade in or out) as a function of time. Example transparency source; composite function taken from here. // relevant includes go here ... public class DrawTransparentText { // the composite generation function // this simply tells Java2d how transparent // the render of the subsequent drawing calls // should be private AlphaComposite makeComposite(float alpha) { int type = AlphaComposite.SRC_OVER; return(AlphaComposite.getInstance(type, alpha)); } // random "timer" variable private float m_fade = 3.0f; public void drawText(Graphics2D g2d, String text, /* other stuff ... */) { // again, you need to save the old composite value // because you have to reset it, otherwise // all drawing operations to this graphics context // will be transparent (which is bad ..) Composite saved = g2d.getComposite(); // just an example ... g2d.setComposite(makeComposite(m_fade * 0.1f); // set up the color, font, ect // the color is now transparent // (with the selected alpha value) g2d.setColor( ... ); // draw the string g2d.drawString( ... ); // reset the composite g2d.setComposite(saved); } } Hope that was somewhat useful.
  5. stormrunner

    What could this be?

    It's obviously a Protoss pylon. < /geek >
  6. stormrunner

    Demo is up!

    Everything ran just fine on my box. The only issue I had was that it (the program) would blank out (turn white) and then at some point begin working again. To clarify, it wouldn't draw the onscreen contents - the program still ran fine, as you could see the mouse cursor and interact with it. That's probably due to my video card, though. Logging and mouse scrolling worked perfectly as well. Keep up the excellent work. Arch Linux (0.7) ATI Rage 128 Pro (yes, I know, I'm working on it ;P) Pentium 4 uknown amount of RAM (probably 256Mb)
  7. stormrunner

    So, me.

    Quote:I don't normally buy into this mass-hysteria for large franchises, but this one game has everything an RTS should have I agree completely. And even if it didn't, I would still play it if only to hear the Riders of Rohan (tm) trample small creatures.
  8. stormrunner

    Official GDNet desktop wallpapers anyone?

    I like it. Nice and simple.
  9. stormrunner

    The Linux, Reloaded

    Quote:You see, somehwere along the line, somebody chose to make it hard to include and build source from multiple folders. Within the confines of this Linux IDE that is. Yes, I'll admit I've never had much success with Anjuta. Just getting it to work took ages. Out of curiosity, have you tried MinGW Studio ? I've personally found it a great IDE, not only because it's made for both Linux and Windows but it's extremely simple.
  10. stormrunner

    My first entry!

    Indeed, welcome to teh journals. Remember to post many random pictures. Rate++.
  11. stormrunner


    Quote:I'm trapped in the middle of the age old war between C++ & Java; and whenever I think I've made my choice, the other beckons me to reconsider it. Heh, I had that same argument with myself a few weeks ago (and went with Java because I had previously said I would ... in a rather heated way [rolleyes]). My personal suggestion would be to have a project going in each language simultaneously. Sure, there's one project you'll be working on more than the rest, but the point is to not bind yourself to one specific language just because it's a game. The general mechanics of game programming (animation, timing, game loops, ect) can be applied anywhere, only the language specific implementations differ.
  12. stormrunner

    In so long...

    That's awesome. I like the color contrast (even though it's just filler, right ?) Keep up the good work !
  13. stormrunner

    Boolean Express

    No objection, Your Honor.
  14. stormrunner

    4E4RTS !!!

    That looks awesome. Keep up the good work !
  15. stormrunner

    Smile meetings?!

    Those are some nice shots; lightning is truly one of the more impressive of nature's forces. *glances outside* A desert storm be brewing tonight so maybe I'll get some here. As for the ratings, don't worry about them too much. Here's some ratings++ for camera coolness.
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