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  1. DynaEmu

    Can I learn C?

    Thanks everyone! I decided to go C for now, maybe in the future ill go for C++.
  2. DynaEmu

    Can I learn C?

    I see everyday, C++ is the industrial standard and stuff like that.. but, I still see C used ALOT these days.. so im wondering if its okay if I learn C instead of C++? I know C++ is a superset... but yeah, i want to learn c because of its ease of pointer usage, speed, etc. Is that okay? Thank you!
  3. Is C# any good for MMOs? honest opinions, I know its possible, but can a GOOD MMO be made in it? By the way, I know C++ and C is prolly better but, i wanna learn C# real bad lol.
  4. DynaEmu

    best MMO language?

    C# is real good, my friend is making a MMORPG in C# and it looks REAL nice
  5. HEllo all, I want to learn C# as a programming language for games! Not only for games, but alot of other things~ The thing is, i need some resources/compilers for C#^^ Does anyone got any to share? I appreciate the help so much!
  6. Whats the difference between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Express? What cant you do in Visual Studio Express that you can in other versions? Thanks
  7. Is it true that ruby can be obfuscated? o_O Also, is it possible to pack image files, and sound files, and other files all into 1 file, but still be able to run the code? Thanks.
  8. Is it really necessary to learn two languages and use them both in the coding to make a game....?
  9. DynaEmu

    SIlly Question.....

    Does anyone know what Final Fantasy 5 and 6 were made in? Any help will be appreciated, thanks ^^
  10. DynaEmu

    C/C++ Question...

    If C and C++ are basically the same things just about... why do some people use C instead of C++, if C++ is a better C?
  11. Here is a very weird question... If you were to make your own game programming company...... would you need to go to college? I mean.... if you are very experienced already.... would you still need to go to a college?
  12. DynaEmu

    Questions about C#

    So, Express can't use DirectX? Well, what is Managed DirectX?
  13. DynaEmu

    Questions about C#

    1. What is the pros/cons on C# 2. Is it good for 2D Game Development? 3. Is it good for 3D Game Development? 4. Does it have something like an FSTREAM? 5. What is the difference between Visual C# Express and Visual C#? Thanks for answering...
  14. What is the difference between Visual C++ Standard, Pro, and Enterprise? Is python fast?
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