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  1. This engine i am writing is software only and only uses the most basic of sdl routines. the only API i wanna use for this program is blitting and opening a window.
  2. Hey, i am a bit confused about this whole rotation thing of game programming. How do i rotate a system around an arbitrary axis. I am trying to control my system like a standard fps camera is controled. I think the only way to do this is to rotate around the "up" vector of your camera when turning side to side, and around the "side" vector when i want to look up and down. My question is how do i go about rotating a xyz component vector around another xyz component vector. I have heard quaternions might be my answer but i dont understand these very well. I will go research anything i just need to be shown the right direction.
  3. Hey, recently i have changed the compiler settings in my program only to find this error that you see in the title crop up out of nowhere. I am currently running a tiny PTC handled backbuffer and that is where this mmx.asm file comes from. If there is more information i need or should provide please ask me, thanks in advance.
  4. _Phalanx_

    mysterious fopen error!

    after changing a few compiler settings, an error in the program was revealed. Normally compiler detected errors that surface while changing compiler options represent some sort of memory problem. I suspect that is what is causing the problem. I have posted another thread about this new error called "error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Assembling mmx.asm"".
  5. okay, i seem to have a really really weird problem here: my fopen call is failing. I am sure that the specified file is in the working directory and i have tried this fopen on other files to make sure that its not the file thats broken. My dad seems to think that there is some sort of memory misfire somewhere in my program but i dont know how this could happen considering the fopen is very early on in the execution of my program. FILE *fp; fp = fopen("paul.fld", "r"); if(!fp) return 0; Those are the first 4 lines of the program (apart from calling the init function where these lines are stored). The fopen always fails and i have no clue why. If you would like more info about my problem please ask. I would greatly appreciate any insights into what the problem may be as well as how i might go about figuring out what it is.
  6. _Phalanx_

    FPS map editor

    couldnt you just load maps based on colour values, for instance the map could have 255 different heights, then your terrain could just be loaded from an image you made on paint. It would be cool to do everything yourself, lol.
  7. _Phalanx_

    Blinking Ghost

    holy, what is flash[n]? could you please just explain a bit better what all the variables in ur code sample do and what the 0.0f and 0.8f means? how does this correspond to a colour? [Edited by - _Phalanx_ on June 17, 2005 4:54:45 AM]
  8. _Phalanx_

    SDL/C++/RPG to test

    The server seems to be offline
  9. _Phalanx_

    turn orientation

    It is a bit unclear what these vectors you are talking about are, are forward up and right the components of one vector or possible the orthogonal origin for a UVN camera system? Anyways if im understnading you right you have a sequence of targets defining a path that you want an object to follow. How does this target system work, if the targets are all in an array that you access based on the value of a variable in your object (defining what target you are on) it sounds to be like you are forgetting to increment the variable in your obeject and it thinks that its on the same target again. This would explain the bouncing and spinning because of slight floating point misses on the actual target. This is a wild guess, you havent explainned how ur objects work at all really.
  10. _Phalanx_

    basic 3d math

    Anyone who is doing any programming even remotely relating to the 3D feild has to get andre lamothes "Tricks for the 3D Game Programming Gurus" This is a friggin enormous book covering so much interesting stuff including your math theory you wanted. Also i think most highschool math books will cover most of these topics even if your class did not, just take a look :).
  11. Just a quess, but the rules about cyclic quadrilaterals might help you here.
  12. Is this a job offer? if so im willing to give it a shot. This problem sounds like alot of math and coding. and it depends how in depth you want to get into it. Since you are trying to find the location of an object in a 3d world based on their sound, i would probably make simplifications to the real physics of sound and use some math to figure out what each ear will hear. I would model the sound with a bunch of homing bouncing bullets being emmited from the sound source. The bullets or "waves" would always home towards the listeners ear. The amount of homing would depend on the starting angle between the vector from the listener to the sound source, and the amount of bulets you initially emit from the source. So I would propegate these bullets in the usual manner, bouncing them when they hit a wall and multiplying their loudness by a daming constant for that particular material. I would continue them a point when it is probable that that bullet will not home towards the listeners ears or it becomes too faint. This method would work well for short sounds, but long sounds could be moddeled by sending a group of these bullets out every so often and just linearly the volume/pan of the sound between when a bullet hits the ears. Another note on the homing that i just thought of, the homing can be used to model the spreading out of sound waves, so the bullet should home at a greater and greater rate based on its distance travelled, as well as this the sound will become fainter.
  13. _Phalanx_

    Possible sales venues for small game

    I think i am just going to publish it open source on my rts clans website i will be posting a thread soon so u guys can all go and dl it :D
  14. _Phalanx_

    Possible sales venues for small game

    isnt it kinda risky to give out my adress to the masses in hopes that they will send me money?
  15. _Phalanx_

    Possible sales venues for small game

    does this actually work?
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