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  1. Well, i like HeroCloud, but the initial cost for indie is too high (5000$ is alot of cost for a initial project that "might" crash and burn). UDK has no initial costs (and it CAN be used for MMO, using DLL link and UC among other things), and it also comes with Scaleform (not with HeroCloud), SpeedTree (extra cost for HeroCloud) and more. And later on, rumor has it that CryEngine 3 is going to do a UDK look alike project. So while some may find HeroCloud to be a okay engine, i find it sadly to be way outside a budget for indie market game creation, where, sadly alot of projects fail during developement or gets canceled. I'd rather have it be 99$ pr seat (pr year even maybe), after release its okay if its $995 +15% royalty for updates and hosting ect, since it does come with hosting and so forth, but atleast give people a chance to try and fail before putting out the big bucks (a chance other engines provide). About support, it should just have a user forum (if it does not), where you can share experience for free, like most engine's have. But thats just me :)
  2. Quote:Original post by Nik02 Your last image depicts the Blender node editor, in material edit mode. Blender is open source, so you can take a look how it was made - however, extracting the functionality could represent a considerable amount of work. In general, this type of user interface is called a "node graph". Im just interested in a 3rd party addon that does this for C# (and i know, alot of editors use this) but i need it for my own editor. Blender is not C# though, and i need it for C# and not C++ :).
  3. Anyone know of any free or commercial library's that can make these (see picture links) kind of graph, that can have multiple choices, images, dropdown... ect ect and can be connected like shown on the images ? I have been looking like cracy, i just seem to not be able to find any, maybe im searching using wrong words though (im unsure if its really called a graph editor). Any help would be appriciated. Thanks :)
  4. Unity

    There is also this one: http://www.esenthel.com/?id=news Really awesome c++ engine, 0$, 200$ or 1000$, depending if you wish to use custom shaders and or sell the game. Some even says its better then gamebryo ect.
  5. It took me 15 mins top from start to desktop installing Windows 7. Takes me far longer to install vista, but i guess it can be my hardware or something is more compatible.
  6. Khendys.Controls.ExRichTextBox rtb1 = new Khendys.Controls.ExRichTextBox(); rtb1.Rtf = rtb.Rtf; rtb1.SelectionStart = 0; rtb1.SelectionLength = rtb.Lines[0].Length + 1; rtb1.SelectedText = ""; rtb.Clear(); rtb.Rtf = rtb1.Rtf; seems that works :) thank for the idea ^_^ finally i can continue hehe
  7. Khendys.Controls.ExRichTextBox rtb1 = new Khendys.Controls.ExRichTextBox(); rtb1.Rtf = rtb.Rtf; rtb1.SelectionStart = 0; rtb1.SelectionLength = rtb.Lines[0].Length + 1; rtb1.SelectedText = ""; rtb.Clear(); rtb.Rtf = rtb1.Rtf; seems that works :) thank for the idea ^_^ finally i can continue hehe
  8. Actually, i think i know the problem. Its a Rtf text control, Rtf text is colored, fonts, ect ect info in the rtf text, and you simply cant remove 1 line. excample of text --------------------------- {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1030{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0 \\fnilArial;}{\f1\fnil\fcharset0 Microsoft Sans Serif;}} {\colortbl ;\red255\green165\blue0;\red59\green59\blue59;\red255\green255\blue255;} \viewkind4\uc1\pard\cf1\highlight2\lang1033\b\f0\fs16 - Welcome to the xxxxx Chat.\par \b0 - For help, Type /help, to change room, use the list in lower right cornor, and enjoy your stay.\par \par \pard\cf3\highlight0\lang1030\f1\fs17\par } --------------------------- thats the Rtf output with colors ect. the .Lines[] is plaintext the .Text is plaintext the .Rtf is rtf formatted text. If you try to remove some plaintext, you only remove the text and not the fomatting i think (and i tried to manually remove a rtf formatted textstring by just removing the string, and application crashed). this is just speculation tho, since i still didnt manage to get it to remove a line.
  9. okay, here is where i add code private int maxRows = 5; // for testing private void addMessage(string user, byte access, string message) { DateTime time = DateTime.Now; LimitLines(richTextBox1, maxRows); if (access == 0) // normal user { string msgtime = time.Hour.ToString("00") + ":" + time.Minute.ToString("00"); string username = " [" + user + "] "; richTextBox1.AppendTextAsRtf(msgtime, new Font("Arial", 8, FontStyle.Regular), Khendys.Controls.RtfColor.Time, Khendys.Controls.RtfColor.Back); richTextBox1.AppendTextAsRtf(username, new Font("Arial", 8, FontStyle.Regular), Khendys.Controls.RtfColor.White, Khendys.Controls.RtfColor.Back); } richTextBox1.AppendRtf( CheckSmilies(access, message) ); richTextBox1.Select(richTextBox1.TextLength, 0); richTextBox1.ScrollToCaret(); } and then ofcourse your code private void LimitLines(Khendys.Controls.ExRichTextBox rtb, int maxLines) { int OldSelectionStart = rtb.SelectionStart; int OldSelectionLength = rtb.SelectionLength; try { while (rtb.Lines.Length > maxLines && maxLines > 0) { rtb.SelectionStart = 0; rtb.SelectionLength = rtb.Lines[0].Length + 1; OldSelectionStart -= rtb.SelectionLength; rtb.SelectedText = ""; } } finally { rtb.SelectionStart = OldSelectionStart; rtb.SelectionLength = OldSelectionLength; } }
  10. Thanks, but with that code, it wont add new lines after maxlines, it doesnt remove the first line. Problem is, i dont know how to -> remove the first line <- from a Rtf textbox.
  11. Hiya all.. Not sure if this is good spot to ask this, but i have a problem thats been nagging me for a bit. Its about the "addon" control http://www.codeproject.com/KB/edit/csexrichtextbox.aspx I have made a chat that supports smilies, but i want the chat to have a maximum lenght (eg 100 lines). Problem is, i dont know how to remove the first line from a Rtf textbox. I tried tons of ways, but i cant seem to get it to work in any ways. If anyone could give me some insight or perhaps a good sollution to this, i would be really grateful. im basicly still at if (richTextBox1.Lines.Length == maxRows) { } i tried richTextBox1.Lines[0].Remove();, but that crashes. i tried tons of other ways, but all isnt working. Thanks :)
  12. Hi all. Im currently working on a chat program, where i use a gridview to display data. So i have a "time" grid, and a message grid with a "[username] says this" But, is it possible in some sort or wierd way to make it display smilies ? like, "[username] says :) this" and make :) a image. I heard it is possible in some sort of way using some GDI function or something to render the image, but im unsure on how to proceed. Anyone know anyone who has made something like this, or any idea on how to go on about this ? Thanks for any information.
  13. Let me ask another way. If you make a Xbox game with XNAGS you are allowed to sell it, but if you make a windows only game, you are not ? *hint*.
  14. Quote:Original post by MJP Quote:Original post by NightMarez They are getting scared of SlimDX ect so now they offer to pay you to use XNA. Let me get this straight here... MS did this because they're "scared" of a library that serves as a wrapper for their own API? No, they are (my guess tho based on what i read ect) scared people wont use XNAGS so they can be cross compatible with Xbox. The more XNA games made = the more content for Xbox = the more Xbox sold. Its actually a pretty normal move based on common sale strategy. Think about it, they are paying YOU to make Xbox Games. When/if SlimDX's framework ala XNA framework comes out, XNAGS might face some loss in devs (my guess since SlimDX isnt compatible directly with Xbox and you have access to hella lot more deeper directx functions and more), so how do you keep them using XNAGS ? pay them. It's that simple. Its not to diss microsoft in any way, they make good stuff, but if they wanna buy the world, get it over with already :).
  15. They are getting scared of SlimDX ect so now they offer to pay you to use XNA. No surprice there. Nah, i dont know if it has anything to say, but they wanna sell Xbox's (thats ofc totally fair) and more content = more sold xbox's, they wanna make money (totally fair too ofcourse), but i have no intentions to fall for this. Marketing is a funny game, but its not that hard to spot :) In all fairness tho, i understand why they did it :) and im sure all the XNA dudes here is gonna slap me silly for saying it, and thats okay too, wont change my point of view tho.