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  1. digisoap

    Alien - NPC Project :P

    There really isn't any detail in the texture, although the UVmapping - assuming that's not a procedural texture - seems pretty tight and I can't see any stretching in the limited images available of the model. Try bringing the texture into Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro/Photopaint, and adding in a bit of shading to define musculature. Or, just be lazy and use a bump map and/or normal map so you can get away w/ a simple texture.
  2. digisoap

    Possible to create a 3d model from a 2d sprite?

    Check out either PhotoModeler 3D (which is for general 3D objects) or a program made made a company called BioVirtual that I can't recall the name of offhand (which is geared towards human figures). Hope that helps.
  3. digisoap

    where do i get poly designer?

    What, exactly, are you looking for?
  4. digisoap

    3ds max5 with BodyPaint R2

    BodyPaint R2 ships w/ a plugin that will work in MAX5...you DO have a legal, full version, correct?
  5. digisoap


    Renders would be my guess, but nice ones at that. Either 3DSMAX or Lightwave (because of the procedural on the water, which looks a lot like a Lightwave or DarkTree procedural, which could also work in 3DSMAX, Lightwave, trueSpace, Hash - though it's definitely NOT a Hash image - or SoftImage). Regardless of the program, again, very nice job! And for those of you who aren't aware of the glory that is DarkTree, check out: http://www.darksim.com.
  6. digisoap

    Aylie - Player Character, Opinions Please

    Quote:Original post by Jiia This is Aylie, version 1.0 :) She is to star in a thriller / horror flic type game that I'm currently working on. Or rather, I would be working on the game if I hadn't spent so long working on Aylie. When staring at nothing but a single girl for 48+ hours, it's easy to lose your sense of quality and judgement. So I would like to have some opinions on what would make her more realistic, and if anything needs serious fixing. I will post more images if anyone needs more angles :) See her here. See new version after comments here. Thanks! To be honest, I'd make her lips more full, between where they are now and where they were in the original version. But then, I'm a fan of pouty, full lips, so take that suggestion w/ a grain of salt. Overall, VERY impressive; maybe some highlights in her eyes? that's the only major thing I can think of that is "wrong" with the character...and I don't even really want to call it wrong, since you've done such an amazing job on her. Out of curiosity, what engine are you using? She looks pretty high-poly. Or are you writing your own?
  7. digisoap

    Can you recommend a good 3D modelling forum?

    And how could we forget: http://www.polycount.com?
  8. digisoap

    Very specific question, Max 6

    You can try welding the points together. But no matter what you do in relation to welding points, your UV mapping WILL be effected, because you're changing the number and location of polygons. For information on welding vertices together, consult the 3DSMAX6 manual. Or, you could do some poly reduction using the built-in tools, which should allow you to kill those verts w/o changing the UV mapping, maybe. Lastly, manually selecting the points and deleting them will work for sure, though it may be a little time-consuming depending on the number of points you've got to delete. HTH.
  9. DrPizza, I've raised your warning level due to blatant harrassment of Timkin; there's simply no point to continue along the lines you're currently on, and you should have stopped it on your own a dozen posts ago. To put it simply, you obviously don't have any clue what you're talking about, and Timkin has been very, VERY patient in trying to explain copyright law and how it works (among other things) to you - something he doesn't have any obligation to do and if I were him - and lucky for you I'm not - I'd have simpy locked the thread without bothering to even attempt to help you with your ignorance. So there's no misunderstanding here: knock it off, or I'll be forced to take harsher action against you.
  10. digisoap

    Fear my simulated paint! Update: Client

    Quote:Original post by adventuredesign I think this in great. I hope you have a market channel. This is great for mom's who don't want their kids to get covered in fingerpaints. In fact, if you haven't named the product yet, and the name is not taken, FingerPaint would be a pretty good one, cause it focuses and plainly indicates value fast, two good aspects of product naming. Tie this into a touch screen the kid can digitally dabble their finger on and into, then smear all over the screen, and you've really got something for Monkey Planet. I'd go after the mom's who don't want to have stains of paint to clean everywhere and forget going after the kids, go after the moms who want their kids to have it. Remember, the customer does not want a drill, they want a hole. Good job. Have a beer if you are of legal drinking age in your state on me. Why don't you write PayBeer next? A program that spits out a credit voucher payable in beer at a local pub so you can buy somebody a beer online digitally when you can't make it there to do it yourself. Consider it an alternative to PayPal. I want ten percent, of course. In legal currency, not beer, please, that's what a good idea is worth at least, right? ;P Addy Hell, this is great for ADULTS - I can see such a product getting CONSTANT use in remote client meetings and meetings among teams of designers when brainstorming. Keep it up, and be sure to add Wacom support and layers, and you've got a KILLER product on your hands! Doesn't need filters/etc., just tools for simulation pencils, pens, airbrushes, etc.; in fact, if you could make it like Alias Sketch, but w/ the ability for multiple users to use the program at the same time, you'd have a KILLER product on your hands, one you could easily sell for $100-$150/license for "collaborative design processes." Rock ON! :)
  11. digisoap

    A Sad State of Affairs

    If I had a daughter, I'd let her wear (mostly) anything she wanted, but you can be DAMNED sure I'd have a nice, long conversation with any guy she was planning to go out with - but I would NEVER stop her from going out w/ anyone, so long as he wasn't 20 years her senior - to make sure he fully understood what would happen to him, his immediate family, his extended family...hell, even his DOG...if he ever forced my daughter to do something she wasn't comfortable with, got her pregnant, etc. While it takes two to tango, and I'd give my daughter a similar "pep talk" (though I'd still be taking out HIS entire clan, not hers, which is much more of a threat, I think, to a daughter - the removal from this earth of the guy she's currently "in love with"), the guy would definitely get more shit from me because I'd know how I raised MY children, but I don't know how his parents raised HIS. I'd also expect my kids to be reading at a fifth-grade public school level by the time they're in kindgarten, but that's a different subject; public school are so shitty these days (private schools aren't any better) and dumbed down for the lowest-common denominator, I'd probably end up home-schooling my kids after their regular school day more often than not, to make sure they'll be capable, ready and willing to make something of themselves after graduating from public school, and also making sure that all of that conformist crap that's being forced on them in school goes in one ear and out the other; conforming to society's current norms and mores (especially the politically-correct BS, and the non-confrontational "I'll do whatever it takes to make things go smoothly even if it's not what I think is the right thing, the truth, "fact," or what I want to do) is BAD. But, again, that's for a different message thread...;)
  12. digisoap

    A Sad State of Affairs

    Quote:Original post by BitBlt You can wear low-riders without giving the entire world a view of your leopard thong, which I find highly tacky (as do many men). What if it's a black thong? Hotness. :)
  13. digisoap

    A Sad State of Affairs

    Quote:Original post by I Like Bread Well, let the kids wear what they want. Or whatever their parents can afford to buy them. God knows I'll try to get my kids to conform to my personal opinion of what is considered "acceptable attire", but who knows where fashion will be in those years(and how much they'll care about it). I'd also have to consider that I may have a 13-year-old daughter down the line who wants to "dress like a slut". Will I think she's a slut? Will she? No. Others might, and therein lies the problem. "The average male population" may be completely in control of his hormones, but all it takes is ONE GUY. One stupid fuck of a horny-bastard teenage kid(well, any age really) to get her in a secluded area, attempt to remove said suggestive clothing, and reduce her to a humiliated, crumpled mess. If she lives, of course. How far she was willing to go in this hypothetical encounter doesn't really factor in. I also have another point: I believe having sexual images in the media is a good thing. But I interpret these images differently than pubescents do. At that age, kids have to learn a lot about sex, relationship, responsibility, and everything else related to it. But when the sexual imagery reaches them first without the knowledge, there's no point in having free media. The idea of sex becomes empty, invalid-- without purpose or feeling. And what happens when the time comes to experience it? I know this with firsthand experience... only I was the one looking for something more, and all I got was sex. Kids shouldn't be seeking out sex(whether it's on the form of imitating pop stars or whatever) with such an underdeveloped concept of it-- doing so only leads to self-loathing and/or bad relationship experiences in general. I'm not sure what I'm saying with all this, except: I know how I'm planning on raising my kids in this regard, and it's based on the above stated. I'm also planning on being a larger influence on my children than TV and magazines, which should take care of everything. Here here; you're a RARE parent to want to, well, PARENT your kids more than mass media, and I applaud you for it. What do you think about sex ed? It seems the same people saying kids are too sexually active/appearing too sexual at a young age are, ironically, the SAME people NOT wanting kids to learn about sex and how to practice safe sex, should they choose to engage in the act at all. I'd prefer my 15yr-old, if I had one, to know how to use a condom w/ their boyfriend/girlfriend, more than I'd prefer to have a pregnant daughter/son w/ a pregnant girlfriend. Abstinence simply isn't reality, and never will be (thank goodness, because I'd also prefer my kid safely getting it on than spending that time participating in underage drinking and/or drug use), and those who say it's "the only 100% safe solution" are deluding themselves if they think that that actually matters or even enters the head of a 16yr-old boy OR girl whose hormones are on sexual overdrive during their mid to late teenage years when puberty is kicking their ass and making them feel, for the first time, all of those strange wants/needs/desires that we adults are so used to at this point.
  14. digisoap

    A Sad State of Affairs

    Quote:Original post by felisandria Wow, Zefrieg. Are you usually that insulting or did you take an extra effort just for lil ol' me? Why was it insulting? Quote: I think you have a really screwed up idea of what the book says, for one thing. The book is more about the appropriate way to react to an immodestly dressed woman to save your passion for the person who deserves it (your wife), than it is about the girls or the "wrong" reactions. No, it's not about that at all. It's about men denying nature and treats men as creatures who can't control themselves: there's nothing - repeat, NOTHING - wrong w/ looking at an attractive female, married or not; what you do in regards to that is what can cause problems, and the book offers no viable solutions or possible alternatives. Quote: For another thing, let me ask all of you, point blank. These are questions for your own edification. Answer them to yourself, with as much honesty as you can muster. Why assume anyone who answers these is going to be dishonest? That's what this statement implies. Quote: Assuming no age problems, what girl would you more expect to be willing to have sex... a girl who is wearing a midriff-baring shirt and short shorts, or a girl dressed in modest jeans and a sweater? What someone wears has got nothign to do with their sexual promiscuity - catholic schoolgirls are notoriously more sexually active than an average girl of the same age in public school. Not just speaking of the well-known stereotype, but from person experience; they've got more to rebel from. They're also more inclined to start smoking younger, having sex younger, and trying drugs younger/more often. Quote: Which girl would you probably take a second look at, just for your own personal enjoyment? The girl in the short shorts and the tight shirt, or the girl who is, again, dressed modestly? I've seen unattractive girls dressed in revealing clothing just as often as I've seen attractive girls wearing jeans and a t-shirt; it's got WAY more to do w/ the appearance of the actual girl in the clothes than the girl themselves, and I think most guys would agree with that. A good-looking chick can make a pair of jeans like WAY more attractive than an ugly cow wearing short-shorts or a miniskirt can. Quote: Which girl would you think is using her body to get attention from complete strangers? The girl in short shorts and the sports bra, or the girl who is, again, dressed modestly? And why is a girl using her body to get attention from complete strangers a BAD thing? Both guys and girls do this, and I don't see one thing wrong with either sex doing it. Quote: Now, is it really a good idea, in general, for a girl to want to create that sort of reaction in men? Is it fair for either party? Is that sort of attention good for the girl or is it just an indication of her lack of self esteem? Is that sort of temptation good for the guys, not to mention the basic assumption she makes in wearing that stuff... is that really respectful of the male psyche? Try to look past your personal desire to see 13 year olds in short shorts and really consider that. Someday you might have a wife, and will it be fair to her if you can't keep your mind on the conversation at the mall because you're spending too much time letting your eyes wander from bosom to bosom? "Is that sort of temptation good for guys?" What, we can't control ourselves? Because we're tempted to do something, we automatically HAVE to do it, and have no choice in the matter? Give me a break. And not ALL women/girls - I'd bet not MOST women/girls - are wearing what some would consider "revealing" clothes because of low self-esteem; they're doing it because they look good, they KNOW they look good, and they want OTHERS to know they look good. Everyone - at least, every normal person who is willing to admit it to themselves and not bogging themselves down with out-of-date "rules of behavior" established by people who simply never got enough - likes getting checked out. I'm a guy, and when I'm wearing a suit or dressed up, I WANT people, especially girls, to look at me. Not only for the purposes of getting laid, but so I can mentally say to myself, "yeah, that's right, I KNOW I look good, now YOU know I look good; what are you gonna do about it?" And, of course, if I'm interested, maybe put out a come-hither look in their general direction, or in ANY direction in general if I happen to be somewhere where there's a lot of potential future dates. I, like Zefrieg, do truly feel sorry for you; you've obviously lead a sheltered life, probably due in no small part to the influence of your parents when you were younger. It's really too bad; there's a lot of people out there that are really very interesting - even among those who wear short skirts and tank tops, or those who wear all black, dye their hair black, wear black lipstick, or those w/ multicolored hair and big baggy pants and shirts - and I'd bet money your social interaction with these people through your life has been a bare MINIMUM, if any at all. People who look "normal" are usually pretty unexciting and exceptionally uninteresting; it's the people not afraid to strut their stuff and/or look different that are the people I prefer to be around. And miniskirts and tanktops will ALWAYS be more attractive than a pair of slacks and a boring shirt w/ happy-happy butterflies and flowers on it; deal.
  15. digisoap

    A Sad State of Affairs

    Quote:Original post by felisandria How much wearing hose and high heels sucks is actually a fairly common conversation among "just the girls". Seriously, go buy a pair, shave your legs, and try it. Your legs will itch for hours. And, things so tight you can't walk in them isn't comfortable for anyone. I'm just saying, that can't be the only reason they wear stuff or they'd be in sweats. Perhaps they want to look good WHILE being comfortable? Heaven forbid :). And from what I've been told by many a woman, including close friends who have repeatedly moaned to me about how uncomfortable "professional" women's clothing (and men's along w/ it, IMO) is, and they happen to find lowriders pretty comfy. Of course, they're in good shape - I'd imagine if you had a huge gut sticking out, and were wearing pants a size too small to look thinner (doesn't work ladies, you just look more overweight...and if you've got a gut, you shouldn't be wearing tank/tube topsand lowriders anyways, but I digress...). These same women also don't find SOME types of stocking uncomfortable: if you get the pricier kind (that lasts longer to justify the price, I suppose), apparently they're not itchy at all, though they know to leave at least half an hour after shaving their legs to allow them to dry off and get used to the air (you shouldn't be putting stockings on after you've just saved anyway, your legs need time to breath and get used to the atmosphere being able to get closer to their skin, especially in cities where the air tends to be "heavier" w/ more, uhm, "content" in it, and your legs need time to toughen up a bit b/c you've just shaved off two layers of protection: the hair, and the top-most layer of skin, especially if you're using shaving cream or Nair). They'd be in agreement w/ you on high-heels, though - hard to believe a woman actually invented them, isn't it? And personally I'm a fan of stockings w/ garters & a garterbelt holding them up over pantyhose, but hey, that's just me and I'm a bit old-fashioned when it comes to ladies undergarments, though not SO old-fashioned that I want to see them wearing pantaloons under 17 layers of skirts a la the Victorian era;). -fel
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