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  1. rcarey1

    Bask in the glory that is me

    Balloons? All this time I thought they were pies.
  2. rcarey1

    more on organization

    Dangit, when you waid "Moron Organization" I though this was going to be another post about RadioShack. Also, the orbiting icons are cool, but it makes it very hard to clicl on them when they're spinning around like that. ;-)
  3. rcarey1

    Pretty new page

    Quote:Original post by johnhattan Quote:Original post by Kazgoroth The Game Over Conditions text for Shi Sen still appears to be incorrect. Well help me out then. As it stands, the game's over when you get down to zero tiles or you give up. What am I missing? I think he's saying that the TEXT is wrong. Just finished Shi Sen and didn't see anything wrong personally. Perhaps it's when there are no more moves available? Rick--
  4. rcarey1

    More RSS musing

    Once you've got the script written to generate the xml you should be able to just add the script to the cron file on the server and set it up to run once a day. Not sure who you're hosting with, but you should have access to a cron file or equivalent for your account. EDIT: check this out and see if it helps: http://www.scriptwiz.com/tutorials/cpanel/cronjob.htm Rick--
  5. rcarey1

    New stuff on top

    I think I can see your ego from here. Yup! There it is climbing reunion tower with Jennifer Anniston in its hand.
  6. rcarey1

    Thanks for the dialog

    My first suggestion would be to build a dummy score file that would simulate a full table so you could see just how much of a hit it would be (assuming you haven't already done that). If the file is definately too big to handle in a reasonable about of time, you might consider breaking it down into more manageable chunks. If 100,000 games were more manageable, have separate files for games 0-99,999, 100,000-199,999 etc. 10 separate files could contain all 1,000,000 game records. Then you'd just need to load the file that the current game would be found in.
  7. rcarey1

    I must know

    You need HDTV because it's good for you. So sayeth the computer. The computer is your friend. Oh, and ... "Resistance is futile!" Rick--
  8. OK, so I needlessly complicate things. To me, it seemed that putting the cards in order (ala solitare) would be the natural expectation. Oh well. Rick--
  9. rcarey1

    Open packaging question for the readers

    I wouldn't expect to see a $5 product in a DVD case. Because then I'd likely get the impression that all the money was put into packaging instead of development and the producer was trying to make you think you got more product than they can actually deliver. However, a well designed piece of software can usually turn around those expectations, but I really can't remember the last time I saw a well designed piece of software for $5. Likewise I wouldn't expect to see a $20+ product in a paper sleeve. Then I'd have the impression that the producer doesn't really care anything about delivery or that they went for the cheapest packaging option in order to keep more of the $20. The packaging should be appropriate to the price point. A cheap package or demo version is OK to ship in a paper envelope. But if I paid a reasonable amount of money, I'd expect a keep case (jewel case minimum) and at least minimal printed instructions.
  10. rcarey1

    Movie night

    Independant films are nuthin but gay cowboys sitting around eating pudding!
  11. rcarey1

    My weird life

    OK, here's the scoop. fOx news wanted him because they wanted to expose his crumb cake recipe. They had this full expose' planned and were going to ambush him in the studio. "And the secret ingredient is... PEOPLE!!!! IT'S MADE OUT OF PEOPLE!!!!!" He got invited on a reality show and found out they were going to have a beer drinking contest. At first he was all pumped about it but then found out that they didn't have any Schlitz so he backed out.
  12. rcarey1

    Oh yeah, that's closure

    Tell me that doesn't sound like a scripted reply. "I'm [name.random] with Customer Care. We realize it can be [customer.complaint.emotion] when you do not receive the service you expect, and we are [bestbuy.emotion.patronizing] we did not meet your expectations when you had your [computer.type] serviced at our [store.location] store." Blah blah blah
  13. rcarey1

    Much mirth fills me

    I got my first two in today!
  14. rcarey1

    The healing hand of addressing

    OK, I'm confused. Why should you be expected to bring up the movie? More importantly why would it make you a heel for not? Are my social skills so completely non-existent that I can't see this or are you trying to be funny and I'm just not getting it? As a counter to that, I certainly don't bring up Duck Tiles or Super Dozer Xtreme Hyperforce Monkey Feces or whatever it's being called whenever we get together. Does that make me a heel and I just don't know it? I've been accused MANY times of being an insensitive prick. (the most shining example is when our gaming group made gurps characters for each other based on our real life personalities and the character they handed me had the disadvantage of No Feelings) So I'd certainly understand if I'm completely out of touch here and up to my eyeballs in the cooling river of cluelessness. On the other hand you could simply be jerking me around. It's so hard to tell in the electronically printed word. And with you either option is certainly possible. :-)
  15. rcarey1

    Cheap phone deal

    How do you manage to come up with this stuff? You should give lessons.
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