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  1. Hi, I just installed the Feb'05 DXSDK and the meshview tool no longer shows multiple AnimationSets! The previous one did show them in the Animation menu, for example using their "Tiny" model: Loiter, Walk, Jog, Wave. Now it just shows one and calls it "Filler". Anyone else notice this? Do most of you use multiple AnimationSets in your x-files, or just display specific frames by number in your application? Thanks, Dan
  2. Mesh won't load-- DX unknown error

    I found the problem through (much) trial & error... and I can't believe it! Apparently you can't name a frame/mesh 'sword'. I changed the name and it works fine. I guess its reserved, meaning shortword or something. Sheesh. -Dan
  3. Hi, I have a simple mesh of a sword (was part of a larger biped mesh). The larger mesh wouldn't load into DX and I traced the problem down to the sword. I can view the sword using Deep Exploration but my DX app (as well as meshview) gives an "unknown error" (not very helpful). I have looked it over many many times. Would anyone be willing to review this mesh via email (it's only 25kb textual x-file). Thanks in advance! Dan English danenglish2@gmail.com
  4. DirectX 9.0c - X files won't load

    DX90c seems to be more intolerant for xfile errors. After much wasted time, I finally noticed my xfiles exported from Milkshape had unbalanced {braces}. I deleted an extra closing brace at the end and it loaded! Seems like a bug in the Milkshape exporter. Hope this helps.
  5. Animation Looping Hiccup

    Figured this one out, it was a problem with the timing keys in my exported x-file from 3DS. Time to look for a better exporter...
  6. Exporting animation from 3DS Max

    Thanks, good idea to create multiple scenes. Do you know a simple procedure for deleting unwanted time frames in the duplicated scenes?
  7. What is the best way to export an animated mesh from 3DS Max 5? I have the xskinexp source from the SDK Extras, but I have no way to compile it because I have only VS7? I found an older compiled version but it seems buggy. Also in 3DS, my character has multiple animation sets (idle, walk, run, etc). How can they be exported separately? I couldn't figure out how to delete animation frames in 3DS before export. Any hints appreciated. Thanks.
  8. DirectX Summer Update 2004 is out

    I am getting an error compiling my AllocateHierarchy subclass... it keeps complaining that CreateMeshContainer is not implemented properly, but it is as far as I can tell. Anyone else getting this? I am using C#/VS7. Dan
  9. Hi, I am animating a custom character mesh exported from 3DSMax5. My application is written in C# and uses the DX9 AnimationController. The mesh animates fine, but when it reaches the end of the loop (say walking for example), there is a short pause before it loops back to the beginning. It seems to do the same thing using the MeshView utility, so I suspect it's a problem in my X-file. I also noticed my mesh animation is super fast, and needs to be dramatically slowed down (compared to the tiny.x). Any suggestions, maybe something I can tweak in my X-file? Thanks, Dan
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