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  1. kelcharge

    Calculating PI?

    I thought of a way the other day, when using integrals to calculate area underneath a curve, to calculate pi. I don't know if this will work or not though, and so far I have been unsucessful. My thinking was if you can use integrals to calculate area, couldn't you use the same method with the equation for a half circle and the double it. Then plug that number back into A=(PI)r^2 and rearrange so it's A/(r^2)=PI. I don't know if it's possible and its merely a curiousity question but any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I just found a tutorial, a few seconds ago and I was wondering if I should use it or not. It is pretty lengthy and kind of old. Windows Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer by Jim Frost Last modified December 31, 1999 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Programming Windows TCP Sockets in C++ for the Beginner By cam_07 Helps programmers new to Winsock start programming TCP sockets in C++ If anyone has any suggestions I am more than open to all idea's.
  3. Is there a compile list maybe of all the functions and uses of winsock? I feel that if I had one, I would be able to grasp how to use it much better.
  4. kelcharge

    FREE key logging software.

    Is there any? I haven't been able to find any yet and I've been looking for a while.
  5. kelcharge

    Blender help/tutorials.

    Thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to check them out ASAP. I was also wondering how I could use Blender Model's in my OpenGL apps. I haven't really looked into it yet but I will get on it and then check back here. Thanks for everyones help in advance.
  6. kelcharge

    Blender help/tutorials.

    I've recently started using blender as a 3D art program, it is my first time creating 3D art and I need some help. I've figured out how to make figures pretty well with blender but sadly I cannot make them come to life. If anyone could give me some pointers on animation in blender or point me in the direction of a good tutorial it would be much appreciated.
  7. I was just needing some advice on what some good books to read about the language or about developing games with the language would be? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. kelcharge

    Archimedes Death Ray

    The other day I was watching MythBusters and they had a show on Archimedes Death Ray. They were successful in making one work from about five feet away, but in their 100 foot away boat, they were unsuccessful. I have my ideas on how I could get this to work, but sadly I lack the materials to build it. I would like to know your opinions on if and how this would/could work. I will post my idea later as I am running late for something....
  9. kelcharge

    xbox or playstation?

    I would compare the current console situation to when the Dreamcast came out before the PS2. I wouldn't get my hopes up about the Xbox 360, especially since Microsoft might be pushing to get it out before the PS3.
  10. kelcharge

    3D Math model of a Guitar

    I was thinking of making a 3D model of a guitar so that the player, when the mouse went over the strings, they would pluck them and make a sound and the bounce back and forth. Planned for OpenGL, C++. How would I apply my math skills to each individual string so that each string has its own sound and springyness?
  11. I wanted to start a program that has one of those things with the balls, where you pull a ball back then it hits the others and pushes energy through to the other ball on the end. I know how I would draw and swing the balls, just not the energy transfer through them. Like how high the ball on the other end should go according to how far back you pulled your ball. Relp!(thats from scooby doo) ;)
  12. I was thinking for this since I am looking for a limit as a number X aproaches a certain value, that I would do something like the following... lim sin 1/x x->0 This should return nonexistent. So the program should take the aproach value and do something like this. int a; //aproach float b, c; //left and right values float d, e; //output values at the end int calc() { cout << "Enter in your aproach value..." << endl; cin >> a; b = a-.001; c = a+.001; d = sin 1/b; e = sin 1/c; } Now this is just a rough copy, not even close to finsihed, but I was wondering about your thoughts. Do you think this is a good start?
  13. kelcharge

    Give another to the students!!

    Well, a while ago I posted about some Pre-Calculus and Calculus class troubles I was having at my school. I took advice from some who posted and did not give up my battle to take Calculus this year. My school has finally given in and I am aloud to take Calculus this year, but only if I also take Pre-Calc. and stay above a 95% for an overall grade. HAHA! The students win fights sometimes... Thanx for the encouragement and good luck to those in similiar battles! ;)
  14. kelcharge

    Is this for real, or is someone messing with me?

    Reply's like mittens are the best, except they should have been a little more whitty. Not to say that Manopeosis wasn't whitty but it had to much smartness(if you get what I mean) to be the slightest bit believable, although I don't think that was your goal. I give it to mittens for the best response, as for my answer Someone is messing with me. Thanx for the remarks though, they made me laugh. ;)
  15. kelcharge

    Say Something Nice

    I think all the staff and mods, although human, can sometimes be gods. Thanks and cheers to them for GameDev.net. Hazaa!!
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