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  1. I know this may sound dumb, but how do u make exe's that u can use without having to use VC++ to execute them. E.g. i finished the tetris clone, but i can only play it thru VC++, how do i make it so i can give it to my friends to use who dont have VC++. b.t.w. i have vc++6.0 if that makes nay difference. Thnx.
  2. Ive gone through the tutorial teaching people how to mkae tetris and i found it good and it ran fine etc. But ive decided to take it a few steps further, so far ive changed the block preview area so its a different colour and edited on or two other things, but.... i want to add a score counter. Now i know quite easily how to count the score, but i dont know how to display it. So can someone tell me how I can make a score display piece? Thanks in advance.
  3. Quote:Original post by funvill Why not much make a mod for Warcraft 3? and use there engine, it seem to have everything you want. Well i actually have, well almost....we made the models and i done scripting, but it just wouldn't allow for what i wanted, i couldn't really edit the gui etc. Ok, thanks for the suggestion of Torque, ive heard about it and il have a look into it.
  4. Ive written a plan for a rts game which will use a free/cheap game engine. But sadly enough i don't have too much knowledge on the situation of existing game engines. Heres the deal - its an rts game which if i had to name a game it was closest to id have to say Warcraft 3 Im not too worried about graphics, altho i would enjoy semi-decent ones. Im more concerned about networking, and multiplayer capabilties. So it needs at least tcp/ip mulitplayer. Id prefer a free engine, altho i will pay up to $1000nz for one if need be. Order of importance - networking, built in world editor, easiness of use, average graphics, 3d sound, physics. Ive had a look at devmaster.net for a list of Game Engines, and ive decided that the following may be appropriate - *kjAPI *Reality Factory *Nebula 2 *Xeonx So, which one would best suit me, or is there more that i have not listed that might be better. NB - I am an advanced beginner of C++ if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance
  5. Hey, me and a friend have been making models for a game using ogre, but were not fully sure as to whether ogre supports atmospheric apparatus(s). Can someone please clear the air for us as to whether they are supported and if there are any things that we may need to know about how they work in ogre. Thanks.
  6. sgt spoon

    Where to next?

    Yea thanks for that, il try them out. Sorry i have no idea where the word basic came into it. Must be the pills im taking. Lol
  7. sgt spoon

    Where to next?

    Im quite new to programming, but i have got Visual Basic C++6, and have gone through the tutorials there teaching how to write C++. But it doesn't really teach you how to use C++ and how to apply it. It would be great if someone could give me a list of tutorials or books or something to teach me more stuff about programming. Thanks.
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