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  1. Shadowdancer

    A Daft Statement

      'nuff said.
  2. Shadowdancer

    Language Builder IDE

    Technical aspects aside, "Colorizing"? Wouldn't "Colors" do it? ;-)
  3. Shadowdancer

    Underwater scenes

    Use caustics sparingly, they are mostly a shallow water effect that gets lost with depth very quickly. A lot of ambience under water is from the very specific light filtering, as well as floating particles and audio.
  4. Shadowdancer

    The Downward Spiral

    I totally agree with you Mike
  5. Shadowdancer

    48 Hours Later - Moving Forward

    The ads smacked inside the forum thread view need to go. It's not quite as bad as allowing "posting ad bots" on the forum, but it's still untenable that advertising content gets mixed inside (more or less) contiguous user-generated content.<br>
  6. Vacation over, back in office, looking forward to once more work with one of the ugliest development frameworks on earth.
  7. Updating an old web framework to use new support libraries is fun.
  8. Shadowdancer

    My member benefits

    As per request: or something
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