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  1. Making a cross-platform graphic engine from scratch is extremely tough to only one developer. I suggest you join an existing project such as CrystalSpace and Irrlicht or just study their architecture via reading their source code.
  2. Quote: Robert P. Crease, a member of the philosophy department at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the historian at Brookhaven National Laboratory, recently asked physicists to nominate the most beautiful experiment of all time. Based on the paper of George Johnson in The New York Times we list below 10 winners of this polling and accompany the short explanations of the physical experiments with computer animations. http://physics.nad.ru/Physics/English/top_ref.htm
  3. TimChan

    const or #define?

    ANSI C compilers only allow the dimenision of an array to be a constant. You can use #define or enum to define constants. But you can't use const to do that because variables with qualifier const are read-only data but not constants.
  4. TimChan

    Programming Challenge 1

    This isn't a good question but anyway the answer is here int i, j; int iloveseven[1024][1024]; /* Pre-increment avoids additional overhead. Assume the page size is 4kB, the original program causes 1024*1024 page faults. After changing iloveseven[j] to iloveseven[j], only 1024 page faults occur. */ for(i = 0; i < 1024; ++i) for(j = 0; j < 1024; ++j) iloveseven[j] = 7;
  5. TimChan

    Programming Challenge 1

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya Quote:Original post by TimChan So what exactly cache coherency means? Your answer is correct and expected but I think the explanation is incomplete.You should know, you're apparently the one applying for the job and using jpetrie's answers to sleaze past the interview. LOL Of course no, I'm already a paid web programmer. And I don't think such question would appear in job interview since it is about low-level stuff or OSDev...
  6. TimChan

    Programming Challenge 1

    Quote:Original post by jpetrie iloveseven[j] has better cache coherency, since i changes less frequently than j. TheUnbeliever: That's cute, I like that. So what exactly cache coherency means? Your answer is correct and expected but I think the explanation is incomplete.
  7. TimChan

    Programming Challenge 1

    Quote:Original post by Dave You could pre-increment for a start :P. Though the compiler most likely sorts that out. Your answer is correct. But there is another answer.
  8. Optimize the following code and give detailed reason. // Initialize iloveseven to an array of 7s int i, j; int iloveseven[1024][1024]; for(i = 0; i < 1024; i++) for(j = 0; j < 1024; j++) iloveseven[j] = 7; Hints: obviously the code has no logical problem. Try to think in a remote area of computer programming. EDIT: more hints: paging, int has size of 4 bytes EDIT2: Check answer on page 2 of this thread [Edited by - TimChan on August 15, 2007 8:43:17 PM]
  9. TimChan

    Do you write in your books?

    I borrow books from the public library and have never bought a programming book. So of course I don't write anything in them. But if I find some essential information, I will mark the book name and page number down in my notebook.
  10. TimChan

    My first job as programmer

    Quote:Original post by RavuyaAlso, make sure you get in the habit of keeping a log of your daily activities. You'd be surprised how many TODOs get abandoned when you have to move onto something else. Thanks for your helpful advice. I think I should convert my unreadable log into a well-organized report asap in case my boss asks for that.
  11. TimChan

    My first job as programmer

    Thanks for sharing. Quote:Original post by -justin- I went to my manager and he said to just keep learning. -_-' You're lucky dude. Some bosses are harsh and they never know how hard programming can be. So, treasure this opportunity for you to learn =) Quote:Original post by ToohrVyk My working hours are very free: as long as I have done enough serious advances by friday evening, they don't care if I'm only there two hours a day or spend the weekends there catching up. That's what I dream of. Well my current job is fulltime so I have to stay in the office for about 9 hours everday. I'm not used to coding for such long time. But I'm not willing to stop my work because my boss pays for that.
  12. TimChan

    My first job as programmer

    Quote:Original post by jpetrie This strikes me as odd. Did they hire you as a web developer or mention that it would be required during the interview or test you on your knowledge of the subject? I guess it might be acceptable in such a small company -- if you're the only programmer you're probably the only remotely technical guy -- but it's still a bit fishy to me. Actually it is a small web hosting company so what they need is just a service website and a load of hardwares. But I've never created such website so the project should be quite difficult to me at the beginning.
  13. TimChan

    My first job as programmer

    Worked for a few days, everything is fine since I'm just doing what I usually do at home except that I'm get paid =) My first project is to create the company's website. But I'm not expert in web programming and I'm the only programmer there, so sometimes I felt guilty of not satisfying my boss. Also I'm not braver enough to play computer games during working period. Anyway, I expect myself to work in a big programming team in the future. Any sharing of programmer working experience is welcome. I quite want to know how you guys spend time when working, free or under pressure? =)
  14. TimChan

    New screen device, with incredible capabilities

    Quote:Original post by JohnBSmall For real 3D volumetric displays, then who knows? John B Ya, Actuality Systems made one However, the "screen" can't change in shape so you can only touch but not grab the images. I think this limits the interaction.
  15. a good reason why smokers should stop cigarette smoking lol...
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