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  1. Another huge update. The missiles and water are now guided, so you can choose where to drop them. I have reduced the max population to 1000 as 3000 seems to slow a lot of people down. There is also new tooltips that appear to display the prices of things as people couldnt remember what each one costs :P More updates to come so stay tuned. Thanks to everyone on various threads for their ideas and bug testing :)
  2. ["You should really look for a team to work on some nicer looking version with more features and better balance. "] I am actually creating in for the xbox 360 live community games with XNA. It is way smoother and i can have as many features as i like. But i think i have maxed out the current greenfoot platform i am using.
  3. I used the latest but that sites uses the previous version. Both work fine in my browser and thousands of others peoples so the problem is probably on your end. Perhaps try upgrading the java plugin? I have heard the opera browser has trouble with that site.
  4. Thanks Z. I feel pretty much the same way about it. It is a balancing act trying to control the population in a fun way that isnt too easy and i dont think i have found the right variable yet as far as weapons, taxes and cures go. If anyone has any ideas on how to make this concept more playable and more challenging then please let me know :) Thanks again.
  5. Oops Knew i forgot something :P Here it is: Thanks guys
  6. Hello, I finally finished an actual game with an original concept that I have wanted to do for ages. It is just a little 2D java applet game that you can play online so nothing to download. I was hoping some people would be kind enough to try it out and see if there are any bugs that i never found and maybe some comments on what you thought of it. If you have any suggestions on how i can make it more fun then please feel free to post it. If you like the game, it would be a huge favour if you sign up to that site and click the "I like it button" so I can get more hits :P Thanks all for your time. I hope you like it. Here it is: [Edited by - one mind on November 12, 2008 6:13:38 AM]
  7. Hello, Does anyone know a good 2d game engine for java that is camparable with HAAFS game engine? Thanks
  8. Hello, I have a simple little problem that i cant seem to solve. I have a list of numbers, which are players scores. For example, a list of integers: 2 5 3 9 1 6 9 It is quite a simple algorithm to find the player with the highest score by assuming the first score is the largest then iterating the list and replacing it with one larger than it. However, i run in to a problem when 2 or more players draw. Ie They all have the same highest score like in the above example, players 4 and 8 both have the highest score of 9. Should i reiterate the list and return all players that have the high score which was found in the first iteration? How do you return more than one result?
  9. one mind

    Blender Game engine?

    Hello, I have been messing around with blender to create my models and noticed that it has a built in game engine. The reviews for it look pretty of on the engine database site. Anyone here used it? I know a little python so i will start learning it to try it out. Are there any major flaws with it i should know about? Thanks for any info :)
  10. one mind

    Best C# engine?

    Hello, Does a complete engine that is capable of releasing a game that lets you code in C# exist? I have seen a couple of open source C# game engines but they are seriously lacking and i doubt the are capable of making a finished product. Thanks for any info :)
  11. Hello. I have a game idea and i want to make it a reality but dont want to take 3 years to do it. I dont want to write my own engine or use a really difficult one. I am a half decent programmer and can model with 3d studio max so i am not starting from scratch. At first i considered gamestudio and downloaded the 30 day trial. It seems to be a pretty good engine. It has the level of graphics i require, not cutting edge but good enough and is pretty simple to use. The only thing that frustrates me with it is how my models get demented when exporting and importing. I am considering ditching it and going with panda. Has anyone here used it? I dont know pythin but peole say it is a pretty easy engine to use. Either that or torque. If anyone else has any suggestions to help get me started i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks :)
  12. one mind

    Gamestudio forum always down?

    Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong forum but i figured some of you guys might use gamestudio. Is it just me or are the forums always down? Can someone please check the site to see if its not just my ip address thats getting blocked: Thanks
  13. one mind

    Any Flash gurus here?

    Thanks guys. I have given up on transparent png's. I have only did one country so far and my swf file is nearly half a megabyte :) I have come up with a strange work around. Basically, i just make the countries bmp's and import them into flash. Then i go to Modify->Trace and turn it into a vector. The vector isn't a perfect match, slightly smaller but it will do i guess plus the file size is real small. If anyone knows a better way to make countries out of a world map that fit exactly over the original map i would love to hear it :) Thanks again.
  14. one mind

    Any Flash gurus here?

    Cool, i was actually doing it that way just before i read your post :) The trouble i am having now is, i am using png image file for the country overlays which are transparent outside the country. When i use these images for the HIT keyframe of the button, it rollsover the transparent part as well. Is there a way to exclude the transparent part of png files from rollovers? Thanks :)
  15. one mind

    Any Flash gurus here?

    Hi, I am new to flash and was hoping for some help. I am making an educational geography game that names a country and the player has to find it on the map. I was wondering if anyone knew how rollover maps are made? I want a country to change color when the mouse pointer rolls over it. Is there a tutorial on how to do something like this as i have seen tons of rollover maps online and figured there may be a standard way of making these. My google searching has come up with not a great deal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
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