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  1. Uhfgood

    Ballsy [WIP]

    Okay I've added a few things -- the flashpunk logo, a title screen. A pause screen that pauses whenever it loses focus. A death animation, some tweaks on the gameplay -- except from now on I'm posting it to indieflux from here on out. I still have some more tweaks to work out... And I'm going to add a "time attack" mode (I'm considering bringing back the ability to choose your barrier modes, control modes, and playfield types -- The time attack mode will have no levels, just how long can you last. I'm going to somehow get highscores into the game... And I'm going to do something special for the sounds in simon mode. So it's not entirely finished yet but I figure a week or two more and I'll be completely done. (Well then is the matter of actually putting it into a tv and 70's game system graphic to justify the low resolution -- I'm considering that... but first I need to completely finish the game itself). So without further ado -- Ballsy! on IndieFlux SuperVGA - thanks for the input
  2. Uhfgood

    Ballsy [WIP]

    Super-VGA - Thanks for the input, that's what I was looking for before. I will try to tweak it in the coming days. To be clear -- You don't think it speeds up fast enough?
  3. Uhfgood

    Ballsy [WIP]

    Basically I added some sounds (and some description to each level), and called it done, I then proceeded to create a games page and add it to IndieFlux my game review website. So hopefully that will drive traffic to IndieFlux and then maybe earn some views which will in turn get me some adds from project wonderful. I don't know if I'll make any money with this game, it's probably kind of lame, but still it was fun to essentially complete my 4th game (that was actually of my own design and coding). I'm going to continue to work on the game though, and when I have polished it enough, I might take it down and put it on FlashGamesLicense -- I sort of doubt I will get a sponsor though. To play the full size version go here - Ballsy! Challenge Version
  4. Uhfgood

    Ballsy [WIP]

    By the way would anyone play it a little while and give feedback on the actual game itself. This will give me an idea whether it's worth my time to polish it up or not. Thanks, Uhfgood
  5. Uhfgood

    Ballsy [WIP]

    Ballsy - almost final
  6. Uhfgood

    Ballsy [WIP]

    Next version of Ballsy It's a flash game.
  7. Uhfgood

    What I've been working on -- Here's my latest video, basically it shows the last bits I did on the editor, which is now ready to use. Written in straight up xna/c# -- well you can really tell the gui sort of stands out at looking not very user friendly. Indeed the editor isn't really user friendly, but it's meant to be usable not user friendly. I still have tons to do on the engine, support for gamepads, sound/music, etc... but all-in-all i'm satisfied I can make games with this. primarily for xbox live indie games. Will see about porting in the future. Scripting? who knows Smile Keith
  8. Uhfgood

    My new website

    phresnel -- believe me to us native english speakers "poopoo" is not something we want to click on either ;-)
  9. Just in case anyone is interested. Written in c# and pure xna. The gui doesn't look that great because it's mostly colored rects, but now you can have animated sprites in game. Just check out my youtube channel at if you want to see how the editor started and progressed Keith aka Uhfgood
  10. Uhfgood

    Calling All Indie Game Developers again!

    Entries for the drawing are now closed, banner space winners to be announced shortly.
  11. There's only one day left in the drawing. I won't be hard with the cutoff, If they keep coming in past Friday (pacific time) I will go ahead and wait until the last minute. So if you have any finished game at all, please submit the screen shot in the post comments. Thank you.
  13. This is Keith aka Uhfgood. I've basically gotten a new domain name for Uhfgood's Game Reviews and now call it Indie Flux. It's also been slightly rethemed.
  14. Hopefully no one will be annoyed but I just created a contact form on my about page, if anyone wants a game review done be sure to send me a message there. I will consider if it fits in, and if it's appropriate, so no promises that I will review it, however, this gives a good place to do it so it doesn't get lost in my millions of regular emails. Keith [Edited by - Uhfgood on November 6, 2009 1:02:54 PM]
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