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    Must buy? Lost in Blue, Trauma Center, Ace Wright, Mario Kart, Electroplankton... I could go on. It's such an awesome system. -IV
  2. TraderJack

    Happy Fireworks Day!

    I call your elephant... Jack -IV
  3. TraderJack


    Where do you get the cash for all of these CDs? -IV
  4. TraderJack

    IVAN the Terrible

    That's an e-leet robot... but which game is it for? -IV
  5. TraderJack


    E-leet video, man. And slammin' editor. Keep up the good work! -IV
  6. TraderJack

    Back again

    Gamedev, First, I'd like to say, thank you to all of you who responded to my last entry (and especially to Mushu). I guess I had known that all along, but had dispairigingly forgotten what was important. It's good having you all ere to remind me. So anyhow, it's Sunday night, and I've made good progress with the design of the second to last level. Not much to say about it, it's really all more of the same. Well, I mean, there's innovation in the design, and I'm always offering unique and origional environments, but let's face it, I've been drawing these damn graphs on and off for about a year. I'm a little tired of rulers, graph paper, and mechanical pencils altogether. But on a happier note, I got around to some gaming today. I've been trying out different MMORPGs to see if I can actually find one to suit my needs. Tried a free one called Flyff. Loved it at first. Interface was great, loved the graphics (even though they were kinda cutesy). It was fun to play, level, and guess what... you can fly! Worlds first fly-compatible MMO, with floating islands to explore and everything. It's nice and big, and lots of people play it. Problem? It's just levelgrinding. The quests basically completely suck, and have no depth. After you fly at level 20, there's nothing to encourage you beyond that (besides new equipment and the prospect of being... higher level?). I just wasn't motivated at all to keep playing. Oh, and the community is aweful. Everyones a complete ***hole, and the communication interface sucks, which doesn't help the situation. Went back and looked at Ultima Online. First MMO I ever played (I was something like 9 or 10 years old). Didn't download it again, though, cause I figure that ol' horse has been beaten to death over the years, and it's probably a dead game by now. I also downloaded Ragnarok Online. Only had to play it for about an hour to realize that A) the interface sucks, B) the combat is unbalanced, and, C) No one plays it anymore. I can't really find an MMO to suit my needs, which is unfortunate. I just want a game that plays smoothly, has a strong community, and motivates me to keep playing. I remember WoW. It had everything! I progressed in levels, I met new people, I was constantly motivated, it looked great, it played well, and it was rewarding. And then I got to end-game, and fast. I realized that the progression stopped. There was no more leveling, nothing new. Beyond that, I was a paladin, so a well-rouned character that was respected by all quickly became an unwanted buff-bot. I figure this: I go and buy a console game, and I pay x amount of money for x amount of content. If I'm paying constantly, I should be getting good hard content constantly. It shouldn't stop at level 20. And in games where you can (like in WoW) reach level cap in 1 or 2 months, it shouldn't even stop there! Ugh, whatever. I'm going to go get work done. Keep it real. -IV PS: While playing Flyff, I ran into a character called Mithrandir... could it be?
  7. TraderJack


    LMAO That's e-Leet. -IV
  8. TraderJack

    How this Programmer Takes a Break

    I love the style you did the human character in. You should hold onto that. The PSP looks great, too. Hell, it's all good. Nice work! -IV
  9. TraderJack


    Nice. You'll have to give impressions on Sonic, I was wondering about that one. -IV
  10. TraderJack


    What API will you be using for the project? -IV
  11. TraderJack

    Mua Ha Ha

    Gamedev, So I've finished the graphing for level 7. pwn3d. Only 2 more to go, and I'm so done, which is e-leet. 7 is one of those sidescroller levels where the screen scrolls upward at a constant rate and you have to battle your way to the top of the level (and if you fall below the bottom margin of the screen, you die). It was super hard to design, cause it's rough not making a verticle decent redundant. But once again, I've pulled it together. And now, a quick paragraph about my personal life. It's summer, and I have not much to do. My girlfriend is in Louisina where she's doing reconstruction work, and she'll be back in a few days. Also, I'll have alot of new time to work on the project. My hair is in a fohawk, and I can play a mean guitar now. You know what's really depressing? I've been looking around at the other programmers who are either my age or who have been programming as long as I have, and you know what? They progress so much faster than me. You know why? Cause of this damn project!! It's holding me back. I can't move on until I'm finished. You know what, though? I made a dedication to finish this thing, so that's what I'm going to do. But I've got to do it now, cause I feel like I'm being left in the dirt. I know 1 language, 1 API, and a small library of code structures. That's nothing. All of the other guys are working on new demos, projects, new APIs, things like OpenGL... I need to be able to move on. Going to bed now, it's getting late. Oh, and I'll have teh p1kt4rz up soon, cause I wanna keep up a reputation of lots of images on teh j0urn4l. Peace. -IV
  12. TraderJack


    No, but there's always Bonsai Kitten! -IV
  13. TraderJack


    NOOOO!!!! -IV
  14. TraderJack


    pwn3d No, but really, that's screwed up, man. How are you going to take care of that kind of thing (financially)? -IV
  15. TraderJack

    Nothing too new

    Elite. -IV
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