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  1. I want a way to import via C++ a model of 3dstudio max's format or some others, Milkshape, blender3d, etc. I dont want a "loader" or some external bit of software, I want to write my own so that my program can load its own models as I see fit. Is there a tutorial for the popular file formats as well as descriptors for those formats ?
  2. harnacks

    Pointer Dereferencing Cost

    Well in response to both posts, its not that its too slow now, or that a single pointer dereferencing might be too slow. I've been toying around with a starcraft-like game for about 3 months now, just to brush up on my C++. Each playable 'object' in the game has between 4 and 8 pointers in it and i may have up to 300 of these in a game meaning i may have about 1200-2400 pointers active during the game loop, with 2400 pointers, would i notice a performance hit over static structures ? Also I know V-tune from intel is handy, but expensive, is there a similar tool for free ?
  3. Whats a way to calculate the performance hit im taking by using pointers as opposed to a static structure of some sort ?
  4. I'm trying to understand the fundamental differences between various pathfinding techniques. Ive studied in college Dijkstra's algorithm and Prim-Jarnik and Kruskal's algorithms for minimum spanning trees which can be used to find intelligent paths. Recently I found the A* algorithm which uses heuristics. Can someone explain to me in terms of performance and memory usage what how these methods differ, and what strengths each one brings ?
  5. harnacks

    OpenGL opengl fonts

    Turns out the position of the light can be established before I call gluLookAt(), then I push the matrix and start with glulookat. All is well, no recalculating the position after each rotation.
  6. got them both figured out, nm
  7. I understand I think the basics of drawing to a buffer. The idea is I draw to the back buffer glDrawBuffer(GL_BACK) and then call SwapBuffers(hDC) where hDC is a pointer to the device context. I don't want to use the Glut in this app. My problem is that the program appears sluggish, not smooth as DB should be. I tried putting glFlush() after it to speed things but, but no luck. I'm missing something I'm sure, I don't know what though. Also when I create a window, what window style (WS_MAXIMIZE etc) creates a window with no borders at all ?
  8. I don't know of a way to move the light though. 1) I'm not sure how the math works. 2) I dont konw how to actually set a position for the light once its been enabled in the initialization. Any thoughts ?
  9. harnacks

    OpenGL opengl fonts

    Repositioning the light each frame.. is that the preferred way of doing it ? or is that inefficient ?
  10. http://www.devmaster.net/articles/viewing-systems/ I've been reading that and the Cameral Class tutorial on NEHE and I'm just trying to understand the theory here. Basically there is a kind of matrix in opengl that defines what opengl considers up down left right near far etc. The x, y, z. Transformations, rotations and even gluLookAt all modify the world with that original set of axis in mind. What a camera class is trying to do is load a completely new definition of the world, I imagine using glLoadMatrix or glMultMatrix. Is this the proper way of understanding how a camera will work ? Ive been using some clever calculus on gluLookAt, which transforms the world properly but leaves me with something of a "flashlight view" when what I want is a kind of "world lighting" so that I will on some occasions, see the dark side of some objects.
  11. harnacks

    OpenGL opengl fonts

    Ya you've kindof got what I'm saying. My view is like im holding a flashlight or something. Thats not how I want the scene to be rendered. i want the light to be stationary so that as I rotate around these little 3d boxes and 3d text i have, that at some point I see the back (dark) side of them. Is that what the CameraClass on NEHE's site is about or will gluLookAt still work ? I ask only because I did SO MUCH work with spherical coordinates and such that I feel like I should keep using it.
  12. harnacks

    OpenGL opengl fonts

    i realize the greater problem is in fact that while my view changed using gluLookAt, the light still seems to come from the same place, when I rotate around something, i should see its dark side, and I don't. Any thoughts ?
  13. Is there a way using the nehe tutorial on fonts to draw a screen font NOT affected by lighting ? Mine dissapears when I move behind it or something.
  14. harnacks

    Thoughs on Game Engineering

    class object { ::model * model; public: float x,y,z; object( ::model * model ) : model( model ) { } Ive never seen " :: " used that way before.. how does that work ??
  15. harnacks

    WM_MOUSEWHEEL Messages

    Ive managed to print out what the value is, and it seems to go from 120 to -120, in jumps rather than increments. odd.
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