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  1. evelyn


    Where's the pictures?!!...haha!. JeeWizz...I go away for a looong time and come back to...this [grin]
  2. evelyn

    First Entry

    Yaay!, first to reply so, Welcome to Journal land! here be some toast [smile]
  3. evelyn


    * Applauds * ...genious
  4. evelyn

    Game no more........

    Doing something else completely different...as in carrying on one of the skills I learned at Cavemen, payroll stuff for the local council..(sigh). It's a job but, I'm looking out for another one now as I'm really sick of looking at numbers all day! [grin]
  5. evelyn

    Game no more........

    Well, Caveman Arts is now in a coma, and likely to get worse, while the little dribs and drabs of pennies accumulate very slowly into a bank account, awaiting to be distributed to various parties interested in recouping some money back, sometime in the next future. The company folded into a pair of little cotton socks when the expected cash flow never materialised as strongly as was suggested by the Publisher. Our last game, FIM Motocross World Championship, sat in the laps of the Publisher for almost a year before being released just a few/several months ago and, it appears, from what I can see anyway, it's not as good a seller as it was expected to be (hehe). Now, being in full-time jobs at present that has nothing to do with games, we occasionally look back on the 3 years of the company's existence and weep into special teardrop buckets with dismay about how it all went downhill. There were many reasons of course but, if I were to personally put my finger on the main Culprits of Doom, it would be on a couple of uninterested directors and restricted cash-flow. I wont go into details, as it's too painful and ridiculous at the moment but, we did come out of it with a much better understanding of the mobile game development process and pitfalls. How we can use this in the future, I've no idea, as our time is taken up with other things more mundane and immediate that we cannot contemplate another crack at a game development company for a very long time, probably. Meanwhile, we are still helping our anti-drugs ensemble who took over our idea regarding helping users off drugs and is in the process of recruiting people to help with the pilot, due very soon. Again, the powers that be seem to be on a different track than ourselves because, we wanted the design used in educating high-school kids in the privacy of their own space prior to them using drugs whereas, the health service et al wanted it changed to help users already on drugs so, we did our best but, with the knowledge we've gained in this process, through meetings with drug workers, users and health officials, I find it highly unlikely it will become a successful tool but, that's how they wanted to spend the money so, it's a wait and see scenario to see what the outcome of the pilot will be. To cheer us up though, we realised that an anti-drug advert on the tv that's been shown over the past year was based on our idea for a game that was presented in front of the many, including health service people, at a conference a couple of years ago, yaay! (It's the one with the guy in his room and, as time goes on while using drugs, his possessions disappear and his room gets all dingy). So, there you have it....we tried - almost failed several times - kept going - understood how bad things were getting - decided to end company - pressure now off. Oh how I'm glad now that we have normal jobs but, we're always still looking at other opportunities....just in case it's the right one for us!.
  6. evelyn


    *Hijacks post* Happy Belated Birthday!!!, I hope it was a good one and sorry I missed it[sad]..I've been so busy at work (crappy payroll stuff for the council) and, any time now I have on the pc is taken up by, either looking around for other jobs or managing my football teams on XpertEleven!. Perhaps I'll find time over the next 2 weeks to write up my journal with wots happened in my life - depends if anyone's interested of course! [wink] [grin]...keep well!.
  7. evelyn


    Quote:I'm not dead...... SNAP!!!, although my gaming time is now primarily with XpertEleven...[looksaround] [grin]
  8. evelyn

    Hello World

    You + cars = [depressed][depressed].... [grin] Anyway....Welcome to Journal land! here be some + to keep you off the roads [smile]
  9. evelyn

    The Very First One

    Absolutely cool stuff there and, I have the need to say....Welcome to Journal land! here be some + treasure.
  10. evelyn


    Oooo!....what shade of lipstick were you wearing? [grin]
  11. evelyn

    First Entry Evar!

    Wooo!, pretty pictures on a first journal entry so......Welcome to Journal land! here be some treasure +
  12. evelyn


    There is in the ether, don't ya know!!...anyway, I wasn't there but I can imagine Laz being here, there and everywhere, what!?. [grin]
  13. evelyn


    Welcome to Journal land! here be some + for your barrel of treasure!...oh wait...hell! you want me to COMMENT?????! [grin][grin]
  14. evelyn

    Another day, another job

    Well, I've got a new job and it's nothing to do with game development. I'm now a payroll assistant with perth and kinross council, yaay! (thought I'd use the skill I picked up with Caveman [smile]) On teh development front it seems, looking at Finessemobile's website our branded game, FIM Motocross, which we finished LAST SUMMER(!), may be on the move to retailers for sale soon but, it seems highly unlikely Caveman will get any dosh because..1/ we're on our way out and 2/ even if we weren't, it would take toooo long to get any money from them. So, that was the latest news folks!..anyone up for a game of fantasy football with xperteleven? [grin]
  15. evelyn

    First Entry

    Let me be the first to say.....Welcome to Journal land! here be some + to boost yar treasure bucket. :)
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