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  1. frostburn

    Controls for FPS we use today

    Quote:Original post by Toni Petrina Does anyone use 'Shifted WASD'? Forward : E Backward : D Strafe/L : S Strafe/D : F Next/Prev : W/R Jump : Space Duck : A Q : Depends on the game Tab : ShowScores Misc : Y, X, C Zoom : T Use/Special: G, Shift I used that in my Action Quake2 days (up to 2000).. These days I usually use WSAD. EDSF is better in my opinion. It allows for more actions with the pinky. It's often easier to assign actions to QAZ than Tab, Caps and Shift.
  2. Rotating using Matrices is 6 additions and 9 multiplications. Rotating using quaternions has the following costs: Generic quaternion multiplies: 24 add, 32 mul specialized quaternion multiplies (best case): 17 add, 24 mul convert to matrix, then transform: 18 add, 21 mul (including conversion cost of 12 add and 12 mul) As you can see, the best solution is probably to convert the quaternion to a matrix and use that to rotate the vector. It's obviously slower than using a matrix directly, but as you say 4 floats is less than 9 (or 16 as the case may be) Edit: Note: be sure to check out the cost of converting from matrix to quaternion in the pdf below.. It could get pretty expensive esp. since you have to do it on the CPU. source: site: Geometric tools. link: Rotation Representations and Performance Issues [Edited by - frostburn on July 11, 2006 7:12:20 AM]
  3. frostburn

    Time to throw Santa out!

    Quote:Original post by Samith 350.4m Me too :) Quote:Original post by Starlight I found this, it seems hard to beat! [grin] That's the exact spot he ended up when I got 350.4m : [Edited by - frostburn on January 13, 2006 3:19:22 PM]
  4. frostburn

    Urgent need for GPU suggestion

    My trusty old Radeon 9600 is dying, and I need to buy a new card. My mobo's only got AGP, and I'm on a budget, so the GeForce 7800GTX512 (droool) is out of my leage, as are all Ati Cards newer than the X800GT. I'd like to get full DX 9.0c (Shadermodel 3) support, so I think I have to leave Ati for now. Maybe when I've got the dough to upgrade the entire system.. The models I've been looking at is the GeForce 6600GT or the 6800XT. Problem is I can't find any info about the 6800XT chip.. My data: Both options have: 256 bit core (but different kind.. see below) 2x RAMDAC @ 400Mhz 128MB RAM, though 256 isn't all that expensive either (for the 6600GT) 6600GT - Top of the line 6600 GPU : NV43 @ 500Mhz Core clock 128 bit memory bus 900Mhz memory clock (afaik GDDR3 or DDRIII) 16.0 GB/sec. Mem bandwidth 8 pixel pipelines 3 vertex processors? 4 Billion Texels/Sec. 375 Million Verts/sec. 6800XT - Economy 6800 GPU : NV40? @ ~300MHz core clock (though XFX ships with it pre-OCed to 325MHz) 256 bit memory bus 700Mhz memory clock (2.8ns DDR, don't know what type - probably DDRIII) 8 pixel pipelines 4 vertex processors? 22.4 GB/sec. Mem bandwidth 2.4 Billion Texels/sec. 300 Million Verts/sec. The linkys blow is about the most informative I've found: POV 6600GT POV 6800XT I'd hope to order within the hour, so any info or thoughts at all would be helpful.. I've spent the last 8 hours looking for info and didn't think about GDnet until a few moments ago... shame on me.. It seems that older versions of the 6800 can be softmodded to unlock the full potential of the NV40 chip. This means 16 pixel pipelines and 6 vertex shaders. In the hopes that this will work on the 6800XT, I think I'll go for that one. [Edited by - frostburn on November 23, 2005 3:11:31 AM]
  5. frostburn

    I love the new layout

    Yikes... I thought I'd clicked the wrong bookmark.. Had to double check it before accepting reality [smile]. Seriously, the site looks very professional, and except that I think it's too bright, I love it. I'll let you know if I get eyestrain.
  6. frostburn

    Halloween pranks

    Quote:Original post by Talroth Quote:Original post by Mushu I'm thinking about going to a party. Naked. Well, don't know if that is a better idea than one I had the displeasure of seeing once. In the front, he wore a hotdog bun. In the back, he had a hotdog,... Just remember folks, whenever you think you have the worst idea for something, someone will always top you. At the student's club I hang at, there are usually at least one naked guy each Halloween. Maple leaf and socks are among things that have been used as costumes, but they tend to disappear during the evening. Can't say I've see.... Shit.. just noticed that you said he had a hotdog in the back.. Yikes [puke] Ok.. Nothing tops that.
  7. frostburn


    I'm having a bit of trouble recognizing what songs most of the lines are from. I suggest something like this: Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" "[...]if you’re gonna play the game, boy, ya gotta learn to play it right." was heard as "[...]if you’re gonna play the gameboy, ya gotta learn to play it right."
  8. Quote:Original post by Cypher19 Quote:Original post by xMcBaiNx Quote:Original post by furby100 Quote:Original post by xMcBaiNx The universe is constantly going up. Objects without support don't crash to the ground, the ground crashes into them. That's slightly more true than you'd think. No it's not. Unless you're able to define "up" without any point of reference. [smile] We define up as the normal of the surface of the Earth. And the ground barely crashes up. Let's look at the total amount of force that, say, a 1m high, 20kg desk exerts on the Earth: ...maths stuff.... And I'm too lazy to figure out how far the Earth moves, but it'll probably be somewhere around a _QUADRILLIONTH_ of a nanometer. I actually think you're right (dunno if you were being sarcastic, but it does make a lot of sense). I used your calculations of the earths "movement (I call it expansion - it does happen at all sides at once you know [smile]) into a formula to figure out the current expansion of the universe. My result was 1.089 light years/year, and I think the only reason I didn't get 1.0 is inaccuracies in the speed of light, the universe's age, and earth's precise size and weight. The problem, of course, is objects that are dropped. The time dilation around massive objects such as planets may have something to do with it, but I'm a bit uncertain about the maths... Care to investigate? :) .... going off to write my doctorate in astrophysis..
  9. Quote:Original post by slayemin The concept of a compiler was created by a woman (forgot her name, shame on me) (edit:Prbably) Ada Lovelace (A.k.a. Ada, Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace and Ada Byron). She's considered by many to be the first programmer, and she's certainly one of the first women in computing. I'm not sure if she invented the concept of a compiler. She is mainly known for having written a description of Charles Babbage's early mechanical general-purpose computer, the analytical engine. The programming language Ada is named after her (duh!). [Edited by - frostburn on October 1, 2005 3:51:01 PM]
  10. frostburn

    I got mugged.

    Quote:Original post by Talroth Only thing I've never really gotten is how the clips work in it, do they twist at the end, or drop and turn a bullet one at a time? The cylindrical thing at the bottm, rearmost part of the magazine turns the round before it enters the chamber. IIRC it's basically a curved path that turns the round 90 degrees as it's being pushed by the spring (that's pusihing the rounds toward the back).
  11. frostburn

    I made a game!!

    I proudly present my first complete game: Minesweeper! linky How to play: find all the mines on the board. Left-click opens the cell under the pointer, right-click toggles the flag on the cell, and double clicking opens up all cells surrounding a numbered visible cell. A corrosponing number of flags must be placed for it to try. NOTE: I have only tested it on Maxthon 1.3.3 and IE 6.0 SP2. It may not work on any other browser. The game is made completely in HTML/javascript with some PHP for setting the size of the board and to place the cells. Currently it's set at Expert (though that may change at any time). I'm planning on adding a way of using html GET statements to select board size at load/link time. I started the project on Wedensday evening and coded and drank wine until I had to leave for the party. I continued on Thursday, and got it finished that day except for the image counters and the visual style. I took the Friday off and continued today. Total time spent on the project was probably about 15 hours. I think I may have been sober for about 3 of those [smile]. The hardest thing to code was the flood-fill algorithm used when the player clicks on a cell with no neighboring mines. I would have used a recursive algortihm, but unfortunately javascript doesn't protect it's variables. After trying to do it by storing the temporary values in an array, I gave up and made a non-recursive 4-way flood fill algorithm with edge detection to find those annoying corners that would otherwise go undetected. It works, but it's pretty slow. On my computer it takes a couple of seconds to flood fill a 30x16 board with 1 mine. In normal games such as 30x16 it's fast enough not to be noticable though. Sometimes it doesn't catch the clicks, and especially the right-clicks, but apart from that it looks and acts exactly like the Minesweeper included with Windows XP. So much in fact that I probably will have to change the graphics to avoid being sued by Microsoft for stealing thier pixels [smile]. The left+right click combo for opening all surrounding fields wasn't possible AFAIK, so I did it with a double click instead. Unlike MS Minesweeper, the number of undiscovered mines isn't visible in the counter until the player clicks. I tried to fix it, but even OnLoad tries to call the function before the ID of the DIV is set. I can fix it by "hard coding" it, but I haven't done that yet. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes, so by the time you read this I may already have fixed it. Lessons learned: javascript is very badly suited for recursive algorithms that include for-loops. Events in HMTL/javascript is not 100% accurate. It sometimes doesn't recognize all clicks. Coding while drunk isn't any harder then when sober. For me it's actually easier as I don't spend unnecessary time trying to get everything 100% perfect.
  12. frostburn

    Beauty or Frankenstein

    Quote:Original post by Zorak Unfortunally the articles I read was in a swedish newspaper. :/ Do they have internet editions of the articles? I for one can read swedish..
  13. frostburn

    So let me get this straight...UE3 is godly, right?

    Quote:Original post by Cypher19 You know, one thing that just crossed my mind: Did Epic ever publicly release the UE1 source code, like what iD does for its source? Nope. Unlike iD who constantly rewrite their engine, Epic only has one engine that they're constantly working on.
  14. frostburn

    Hangover cures

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel ...but when was the last time you had a horrible, splitting headache and severe nausea from being thirsty? Last monday (though the nausea was caused by the headache). Dehydration and getting hit on the head are the only things that's caused me to have headaches as far back as I can remember. That said, while drinking lots of liquids might cure the headache, it won't cure the rest of the symptoms such as upset stomach and nausea. Quote:Original post by Battagline I've noticed that Claratin seems to work really well the next day. I have no idea why, I just noticed my hangover ended quickly one day that I had both alergy issues and had been drinking too much the night before. Ever since then, I've popped a Claratin in the morning if I have a hang over and it seems to clear up the problem. I was going to suggest this.. I've been told that antihistamines are very good against hangovers. Pop one before you start drinking (or during the night) and one when you wake. DISCLAIMER: I'm not a medical professional. I have no responsibility iff you follow my advice and it causes harm to you or anyone else. If you do and it does work, send me a check :)
  15. frostburn

    Researchers Creating Life From Scratch

    Quote:Original post by Diodor In this case, I believe the ethics paragraph is just of the boasting speciation. Similar with AI researchers "worrying" about the ethical implications of creating machines of super-human intelligence (since the rise of Microsoft such fears have sadly been largely put to rest).[looksaround]ROFLMAO![lol] On topic: I'm for genetic research. Unless some nutjobs decide to use the technology to wipe out the human race such as in Rainbow Six etc., the potential benefits outweigh the risks of accidents. And nutjobs trying to bring on the end of days won't bother with laws and ethics anyway, so stopping research or making it illegal won't help anyone.
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