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  1. Interesting Dave

    Vector confusion

    Yeah, usually assumed to have an origin of (0,0). (1,1) & (2,2) have same directions, different lengths. Translate the origin for it to actually be useful
  2. Interesting Dave

    [C++]Loading Entity into manager

    does changing entity_list.push_back(Type); to entity_list.push_back(Entity(&Type)); do anything?
  3. Interesting Dave

    Ways of implementing "research"

    Time, money, personale. Hire scientists that progress research while you're off doing missions
  4. Interesting Dave

    Current state of cross-platform timing

    Laptops can dynamically adjust cpu freq for power saving etc, so calling it often fixes that... i think
  5. side note: ur game seems to be top down, why bother with different sprites instead of just rotating the same one? isometric sure, but top down?
  6. My psu blewup, so im suck using my phone which doesnt like the source tags, so cant read more than the first few lines.. Some pretend code! float a = radiansstodegrees(atan2(whatever)) -90.0f; if(a < 0.0f) a = 0 + (360 - (-a));
  7. Atan2 assumes 0 rads points to the right, do you assume 0 degrees is up? .... i didnt read the whole thread
  8. Interesting Dave

    how to design a bullet object ?

    I think the Vector(1, 1) is just example values. You create a new bullet whenever the tower fires its weapon, its starting position should be where the turret is, and the vector the direction it is travelling in. Per frame u update the bullets position based off its velocity, check for collision etc - dont make new a bullet each time
  9. Interesting Dave

    how to design a bullet object ?

    A thread per bullet is a bit overkill. A class for projectiles and a container (something fast to iterate through, and adding new ones to the end) to keep them in will do. A pool of projectiles so u dont need to keep making new ones (reuse old ones) could give u better performance if u need it.
  10. Interesting Dave

    Cant get textures to draw

    Are you running in debug from an IDE (like visual studio)? is the working directory setup correctly? edit: nm, im guessing sdl_loadbmp would give an error if it couldn't find the texture. - Note: When loading a 24-bit Windows BMP file, pixel data points are loaded as blue, green, red, and NOT red, green, blue (as one might expect). glTexImage2D(GL_TEXTURE_2D,0,GL_BGR,temp->w,temp->h,0,GL_BGR,GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE,temp->pixels);
  11. Interesting Dave

    Moving before Applying for a job

    New town, new woman... *shrug* just a suggestion
  12. Interesting Dave

    Do I need a company to sell games on steam?

    Basically, the tax man is gonna come for your soul! In the UK, you'd have to be at least registered as self employeed and do annual self assessment - the more you earn the more complex that gets.
  13. I just thought of something like this (for a multiplayer game): Player's make an account (username and password), but also set a guest password. Player's can tell their friends the username and guest password which will allow friends to play the game with the account holder, as long as the account holder is online at the same time (up to a certain max of guest players - say 4). Do you think such a system is giving potential buyers an easy free-ride? (especially if they share the true password to the account), or could it help sales through word of mouth? What incentives could you give the account holder not to share the password? (assumming he knows & trusts his friends so he doesn't lose his account). Stats / progress tracking comes to mind.
  14. Interesting Dave

    3D (as in 3D TV) graphics

    Nvidia's 3D vision drivers adapt most DirectX based games to be used with the glasses (and 120hz capable monitor), and apparently gives pretty good results. You could display every other frame as the other view point, but i dunno how well that would work with a variable framerate.
  15. Interesting Dave

    2D velocities

    Use arc tan as SideWinder suggested: vel.x = cursorPos.x - startingPoint.x vel.y = cursorPos.y - startingPoint.y rotation = atan2(vel.y, vel.x) Which will give the answer in radians, with 0 (or 1 full rotation..) pointing 'east' or right. Depending on how you're drawing stuff, you might need to convert it to an angle, and maybe minus a quarter turn. rotation /= 0.017453292519943295769222222222222 rotation -= 90 (or pi/2 if working in rads)
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