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  1. A lot of people were telling me that the audio commentary was too difficult to hear over the game, so I adjusted the volume levels and uploaded the improved video. Edited the original post so that it now links to the new video. Thanks for watching!
  2. Roots

    rpg dialog system

    I'm unfamiliar with Fallout's dialogue system, but I thought I'd share what I've done and maybe it will help you get some ideas. Our dialogues are all constructed in Lua scripts. I wrote a handful of C++ classes to handle the data, display, and execution of dialogues that is re-used across different areas of the code where dialogues take place. These classes are sometimes extended (via inheritence) to more advanced classes when a piece of the game needs to add additional features and data onto a dialogue. The C++ code is bound to Lua via Luabind at run-time.   Here are some files to take a look at. I won't go into detail about how everything works unless asked. But the code is farily well documented and easy to understand, so hopefully that's enough to get you by.   - Header file for dialogue classes (best source for documentation on how this all works) http://sourceforge.net/p/allacrost/code/2064/tree/trunk/game/src/common/dialogue.h   - Implementation of the dialogue classes http://sourceforge.net/p/allacrost/code/2064/tree/trunk/game/src/common/dialogue.cpp   - Example of a dialogue being constructed for use in a battle: http://sourceforge.net/p/allacrost/code/2064/tree/trunk/game/dat/battles/first_battle.lua   - Example of a dialogue on a map. This file has a lot going on, so just search for "Dialogue" and you should find the relevant parts to how that is done. http://sourceforge.net/p/allacrost/code/2064/tree/trunk/game/dat/maps/opening_scene.lua     Hope that helps you get some ideas. Let me know if you'd like any clarification on any of the above. Good luck!
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