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    So, std::vector is...??

    Quote:Original post by boogyman19946 [...]but I doubt someone would spend that much time to create a new language just as a joke.[...] There are languages created as a joke, such as HQ9+ (See the joke language list on the esoteric programming language wiki). Unless you meant as much time as they put into making the C++ standard.
  2. Roboguy

    Python bug???

    append adds a new element to the list, which, in this case, is []. So the list looks like this after the append: [[]]. That's a list containing one element; the one element being []. Also, you can use the [code] and tags in the forums to preserve indentation. Look here: GDNet Forums FAQ
  3. Quote:Original post by LockePick I'm more than happy to have less people competing with me in the flash market, anyways. I would rather be in the (web) application development market than the Flash market. Why tie yourself to one platform? What if a platform does come around eventually that is superior in some sense?
  4. I've been thinking about this project since I read your first thread about the idea. I'm looking forward to trying it, but are there any plans for Mac OS X support in the near future (I do most of my coding on a Mac and have for some years now)? Also, did you ever post anything on Lambda the Ultimate about this project? They might give some good feedback.
  5. Internally, Common Lisp uses two namespaces: one for function bindings and one for non-function bindings. This allows you to, for instance, have both an integer and a function bound to the symbol x at the same time. Scheme, which is a Lisp dialect, however, has one namespace. There is a more detailed discussion of this topic on this Wiki page.
  6. Roboguy


    Quote:Original post by XTAL256 Quote:Original post by jammerocker im using Learn C++ in 24 hours, anyone used this book? No, but i'd have to say i should think it would take a bit more that 24 hours to learn C++ [grin] Indeed. These titles always remind my of this article by Peter Norvig.
  7. Roboguy

    Guitar Hero - but with Real Instruments

    Looks interesting. Are there any plans to support multiple notes playing simultaneously (like chords)? That would probably be hard to track, though.
  8. You might also want to look into how the Icon programming language works: Wikipedia Brief introduction Overview Main site I always thought that was an interesting way to handle control flow. Basically, the whole language is designed around generators.
  9. Roboguy

    Challeng website

    Sounds like Project Euler.
  10. Roboguy

    is this technologically feasable?

    Quote:Original post by Durakken It's not just like the real world. And haven't you ever heard of Role play? Sure, but typically people role play fantasies, i.e. stuff they can't do in the real world. Limiting resources like that might make it a bit too realistic. Realism isn't always good.
  11. Roboguy

    is this technologically feasable?

    I think there is a bigger issue than if this is feasable: would there be a point? What incentive would someone have to pay a monthly fee (I assume) to use a virtual world that is just like the real world, except not as detailed?
  12. Roboguy

    C++ or C?

    Quote:Original post by CadetUmfer Quote:Original post by Telastyn Quote: But, the point is, I learned a lot about the details of how memory is stored, accessed, and what pointers are by starting with the harder way first. Which is useless knowledge. Taking some time to learn some algorithms, or how to architect programs... y'know, actually program? What? The Von Neumann architecture is here to stay, and our algorithms are based around that model. Better understanding that isn't "useless knowledge." The Von Neumann architecture is also going to become more and more abstracted until such knowledge will serve no purpose. There is already hardly any reason to be concerned with those details. Quote: Understanding the stack and function calls, and virtual function dispatch--that stuff helped me become a better programmer. It might have made you better at using C++. Frankly, I doubt it made you a better programmer. Quote: I'd take a doctor who knows how medicines work over one who can read journals and match up symptoms. And I would rather see a doctor than a biochemist.
  13. Roboguy

    Is search in Windows Explorer broken? (Thread Cleared)

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but wildcards in searches are usually position dependent, meaning that, for example, ".txt*" will match any file with a file name starting with ".txt" and "*.txt" will match any file with a file name ending with ".txt". This is how it works in every search system I can think of. If wildcards were not position dependent it would be less powerful.
  14. Roboguy

    Paper Idea

    Well, you could compare it to other programming paradigms (e.g. procedural programming or plain OOP). Quote:Original post by AndreTheGiant Quote:Original post by Gametaku Well I could do a paper comparing html w/variables and eating rope for a MMO Hockey simulator I would like to do something less overdone. Thats overdone?? What school do you go to exactly? Sounds like the school of semi-obscure memes.
  15. Roboguy

    Turing completeness

    I could, if I tried, speak code in any (textual) programming language in English. So yes, even though it does not make much sense to talk about natural languages in that context. Unless you mean something else.
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