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    I've never actually done that but it sounds interesting. I'm more of a high-level programmer (actually, most of the programming I do now is in interpreted languages like Python and Scheme), but I like to do some low-level programming for fun on occasion.
  2. Roboguy

    4 x 4 ASM Matrix Multiplication

    Still, you should probably profile before optimizing. That way, you don't waste time optimizing something which really didn't need to be optimized. You can always optimize it later if it's speed is a problem.
  3. Roboguy

    4 x 4 ASM Matrix Multiplication

    Maybe, but none of those numbers sound particularly large. Remember: Premature optimization is the root of all evil [smile].
  4. Roboguy

    4 x 4 ASM Matrix Multiplication

    Do you really need to use SIMD instructions? Might look better if you didn't have to use them.
  5. Roboguy

    Getting into Windows

    I would recommend learning Python. It's easy to learn, it's pretty powerful (it even has some features that C++ doesn't have) and very good library support.
  6. Roboguy

    Getting into Windows

    That sounds a bit like OO programming. Out of curiousity, do you just do asm programming, or do you program in other languages also? And, also, if you don't want to go to Windows programming, you could look at some of the other libraries out there (SDL, Allegro, OpenGL, wxWindows, etc).
  7. Roboguy

    Happy birthday to me.

    Quote:Original post by Rob Loach Quote:Hmm, your birthday is two days after mine (I just turned 14).Actually, his birthday is about sixteen years before your birthday [smile].... Or is my math off? Depends on your definition of 'birthday'. I was thinking the month and the day of the month that he was born in, so that might be more like his 'birthyear' (at least, with my definition). Of course, you were probably thinking the day he was born, including the year. In retrospect, maybe I should have just said 'My birthday was two days ago!' [smile] On an unrelated note, why isn't there a quote button for journal posts?
  8. Roboguy

    Happy birthday to me.

    Hmm, your birthday is two days after mine (I just turned 14). Anyway, happy birthday! [smile]
  9. Roboguy

    God hates me again

    You could send a message saying that, in a fixed amount of time, the plant will reach the next stage. It wouldn't really need much data, just the message ID and the plant ID, so I doubt it'd take much bandwidth.
  10. Roboguy

    2 years aniversary

    I'm forward to the forth part of the post-mortem being published, I liked the first three. And congratulations on Eternal Lands' second anniversary.
  11. Roboguy

    Finally, the problem is fixed

    I think he has code on public CVS, if you want to look at that(on this site)
  12. Roboguy

    text input boxes

    you didn't include the full code
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