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  1. MMO games that have failed?

    3rd World.
  2. ANN: Rampant Games Releases Void War

    Mmmm. Space sim. Demo downloaded...
  3. How to get into beta testing??

    Find a game that's in open beta - when another, closed, beta comes up, you have at least one game on your "resume", when they ask you what else you've tested. Once you have at least 4-5 games tested, you'll do much better, when it comes to getting closed beta slots. The most important thing to do is look around for games that are early in development, and volunteer then. Hint: Gamedev is a very good place to look for games in early development...
  4. Circumcision

    Quote:Original post by Gourgy That's horrendous. Why? Works fine for me...
  5. What website was this?

    Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions. One of many, many mirrors. All scifi junkies worth their salt should know this site. If you don't.. shame, shame.
  6. Feature game for a new game engine

    It's going to be a bit ghey, though, since dice rolls are going to determine whether you actually hit the other car or not :/ Kinda like, oh, SWG: JTL :P
  7. strategy games

    Read on the download page. A third-party dude does native ports, roughly 1 version behind the "last stable" releases.
  8. strategy games

    I don't know about Age of Empires, but there's always The uber Civilization clone - FreeCiv.
  9. Feature game for a new game engine

    Auto Assault - and, even better, you can compete against this title, since it's bringing Car games back into the spotlight :D
  10. Das voot hichten spoot

    Quote:Original post by ArchWizard Apparently, dictionary.com and the enemy's gate both have something in common: They're both down. Ender's Game quote = uber.
  11. whats next for games?

    Quote:Original post by wilhil after how long it took me to type that up, doesnt anyone have any more points to make!? I am really intrested in hearing what other hae to say on this topic I was thinking more along the lines of "it took you a long time to type THAT out"? I mean, if it were 3000 words or something, I'd feel the pity :D
  12. The Official Post a Link Thread

    Joystick Required StrongBad
  13. Intolerance from the religious right.

    We're breaking the argument, folks. Etnu - while I'm sure you find it laudable to correct error, you're a moderator on this forum. As such, I'd expect a bit more tact, and a whole lot more subtlety. OpenGL_Guru - while I'm sure your motives are laudable, your tactics are not. You're not backing up your arguments, and you're coming across as borderline hysterical. Reasoned arguments, man. The point is not to make others ridiculous. The point is to get your point across in a way which makes it not only plausible, but logical. When you concentrate more on the aspect whereby you make others look ridiculous, you are entirely missing the point. Personally, I didn't enjoy the "lumping together" I got with Open_GL from Etnu. I'm a separate poster, and a separate person, with separate viewpoints, so kindly treat me as such. I gave my references, I cited them, yet the only response I got was a condescending note saying that the ACLU makes "silly" lawsuits, and a satirical, mocking reply that I somehow believe I'm being thrown to the lions. Should you like to actually debate the rest of the points I brought up, I'd be happy to do so - or, perhaps, even the points I brought up to support my argument? Mocking your opponent is not only poor debate etiquette, but an example of a lack of respect for your opponent. If you'd like to debate the issues, Etnu, I'd like to kindly ask you to do so. Christians are not your verbal punching bag, and I don't intend to be one. If you don't want the debate you began, kindly say so, and admit it. Pseudo-arguments don't impress me much, I'm afraid.
  14. Motherboard dead?

    Dead motherboard troubleshooting steps I use: 1. Reset CMOS 2. Swap power supplies 3. Reseat/remove RAM, one at a time. 4. Unplug components (cards, HDs, CD drives, floppies, etc), one by one. 5. Reseat CPU 6. Try CPU in a different motherboard 7. Try suspected motherboard with known-good processor If it doesn't work, through all those steps, with no beeps, no nothing - the motherboard is dead, dead, dead. I didn't include anything and everything, but those are the "basics". You can pretty much assume, that after those are followed, that the motherboard is dead.

    Boooo! Boooo! </princessbride>