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  1. Sir Asksalot


    By essence,all file types can be read has binary files right?( in C++).
  2. Sir Asksalot


    Yeah.I had already done that search before posting this.It seems big,so i just wanted someone to help me narrow it down.
  3. Sir Asksalot


    Just heard of this language called hsdl or something like that.Anyone know where i could learn more?
  4. Sir Asksalot

    A Few Questions!

    Yes for the money part.But for the rest its not quite that.You see skill and experience make it so you see the end of it.But without the hope that one day you'll finish this and without you thinking about that day everytime you get down to coding,you wont get anywere. I dont know about you,but without that,i dont think i ever would've finished a single one of the programs i set out to make.
  5. Sir Asksalot

    A Few Questions!

    An mmorpg.Its quite a wild idea.But if you want to do it,do it.You probably wont complete the game,but it'll keep you motivated to go further.I dont think its good to tell people who start out in programming that what they intend on doing is wrong.It kill what keeps a project going:HOPE Plus,if you do have knowledge in programming,go ahead.Its hard and nearly impossible if you're alone but stay focused on it.Very soon enough you'll see for youeself if its worth continuing or stoping Any book is worth picking up for learning the c++ basics.Thats all they mostly teach.From there its by experimenting that you'll learn this and that.Thats the reason why people recommend starting out with something smaller,so that you can master the language.I dont know of any mmorpg books,but like it was mentionned earlier,the networking is the big part in this type of game.I would suggest trying to make a RPG tha you then modify to be mmo
  6. Sir Asksalot

    Spooky, Creepy or scary

    The reason why iloved the ring (jap version havent seen the americain one yet) is because it freaks the hell out of you with music and words.Nothing violent.No million dollar blood effects.Just a story and wacky music.The rings 2 and 3 are also good but not as good as the first one( in my opinion.)Anyways,I believe all horror movies to come should take example on this movie.Blood isnt frightning.It doesnt scare you.The only thing that makes us get scared is our own mind,our imagination.Ring played on that level.Thats why i thinks its so ggood
  7. Sir Asksalot

    Math problem help.

    I dont understand.Isnt your problem solved at this point?I mean if you can extract the smaller exponent,then you're done.The extraction is the problem and the x^-3(x^8 - 5) is the answer. Explain more.I dont really understand what you really mean.
  8. Sir Asksalot

    Math problem help.

    this comes from the fact that 1/a is also equal to a^-1.Dont try to understand it,just apply it ( like my math teacher always used to say ;)). So you get x^-3 equal to 1/x^3.This is not really important though for the answer but for simplification matters it might be useful.
  9. Sir Asksalot

    Math problem help.

    hum,is this a program you're asking for or just the maths behind it,because if its the math not only are you in the wrong place,you're also in big trouble if you dont know how to do this. ;-)
  10. Sir Asksalot

    a question on files

    I know the file position pointer indicates the number of the next BYTE in the file that is either read or written,but is there a way to make that the next BIT?Is there a way to do that?
  11. Sir Asksalot

    error with functions

    Yep thnaks,its indeed because i wasnt using a console application.For the main part,the int isnt necessary.Like tronk3k said,int is assumed.Thanks for everything.
  12. Sir Asksalot

    error with functions

    hello.Here's my problem.I run my programs under msvc++ 6.0 and all goes fine.That is until i try to use functions then i get an error.I dont understand where it blocks.I dont think i made mystakes.Below you will find an example of code that wont work for me ( yes its very simple!) and what i get in my build window. code: #include<stdio.h> void comeon(int); main() { int a; a=20; comeon(a); return 0; } void comeon(int h) { printf("%d",h); } the build window: Deleting intermediate files and output files for project 'a - Win32 Debug'. --------------------Configuration: a - Win32 Debug-------------------- Compiling... p.cpp Linking... LIBCD.lib(wincrt0.obj) : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _WinMain@16 Debug/a.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals Error executing link.exe. a.exe - 2 error(s), 0 warning(s) SEE WHAT YOU CAN MAKE OF THIS.THANKS
  13. Sir Asksalot

    they never work right

    It all works now.I just had to make changes in the project settings.Thanks to you all
  14. Sir Asksalot

    Why dont these things ever work right?

    Thanks a lot.That did it.Its all running fine.thanks
  15. Sir Asksalot

    they never work right

    Ok.Got problems getting SDL to work.I did wht i was supposed to do and put all the folders where they where supposed to go( the lib and the include).Whatever follows i cant do because i have MS VC++ 6.0 and that the tutorial is made for visual \.So anything i must chang to make them compatible please tell me ( because i though they where the same.....)
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