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  1. Depending on t project I actually use a couple of tools. At the moment I do some modeling in MAX and endup using the UV Texturing tools inside Blender. But as I get better at Blender I am swaying more towards using Blender.
  2. Mykre

    3D Models - hard to find?

    Is this model what you are looking for Dice Model
  3. Mykre

    Texturing a SkySphere

    Hello All, I have started to play around with a Sky Sphere for one of my projects, at the moment everything is working fine. What I now need to do is to clean up the texture that is being mapped to the inside of the sphere. Does anyone have any resources or know of any tutorials on texturing the sphere so that the poles are not distorted. Currently I use 3d Studio Max to unwrap the uvs and lay out the texture, but it is the photoshop or image editing part that I am having trouble, that is breaking up the texture so that it renders smooth.
  4. Mykre


    You should realy drop this in the Help Wanted forums.
  5. Mykre

    Looking for free .X files

    You can always look at TurboSquid, they have heaps of free models and all sorts of diferent formats.
  6. This is a good question, Have you posted it on the Creators site. You will find that the MS Guys will hang out there. You might find a few of them watching here but I would suggest passing the question on to the Creators site. If you have no joy there, drop me an email and I will ask the MS Guys.
  7. You will find that a game service will help a lot, with it you can define it once and use it inside the game components. This way a value will be carried across and you do not have to pass the full component across, just the interface for the service.
  8. Mykre

    Two Dumb Questions about XNA

    Here are some useful posts from the XNA FAQ Forums that might help you get started. What do I need to make XNA Framework games run on other computers? Installing Game Studio Express And yes the system will run on Vista, and to run on a computer you do need more then just the .net framework. You will need to make sure the athe XNA Runtime is installed as well as some other software and hardware req's, but those are listed in the first link I just posted.
  9. Just a quick one to note is that the Managed DirectX System is no longer being developed or supported, you should be moving to the XNA Framework or using the Native DirectX System. To help you get started with XNA and VB.Net here is a link to a post with Tutorials and some Resources.
  10. Mykre

    Spacecraft Design

    Quote:Original post by Prinz Eugn Gee, I have no idea... I like you work, I would like to see some 3d models of the fleet.
  11. I could see times when you would like to use more then one sprite batch, for example using different sprite blend modes... But in general you really only need one. In regards to the ordering of the sprites, this is done in the way that you draw them on the screen (Your spritebatch.draw calls). I have also used in some examples the one sprite batch to draw the background to a render target for some post processing, then re used the same sprite batch to draw the render target to the screen.... and finally the same sprite batch to draw the border or HUD that is not affected by the post process effect. Here is a link to the sample I am talking about. XNA Post Processing Sample - Under Water
  12. Mykre

    [.net] XNA model loading

    I would have a look at Blender, it now has a FBX Exporter that supports animation, and they do load up in XNA with out any problem.
  13. I have been been working on an idea for a shooter for a while, but a little while ago I really got stuck into it. What I have now is an almost complete 2d Shooter developed in XNA. Project - Xillian The game uses 3d models redered as sprites, a scrolling Background, Particle Systems for Explosions, and the Keyboad or Xbox 360 Controller for Input. I would like to hear any feedback on the project.
  14. This is a simular to the way that I do it in the example I posted above.
  15. I have put together a small example that you might like to look at... XNA Example - Clickable Sprite "In this Example I show you a simple method to use the Mouse (Using my Custom Mouse Pointer Game Component) to click on a Sprite. This example also uses a Per Pixel Method that will make sure that you can only click on the full sprite and not on a Transperant area."
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